Garage Wall Paneling Ideas and Tips 

Most people neglect their garage. It does not get as much attention like the living room and bedroom regarding construction and décor. If you want to elevate its looks and functionality, then you should consider garage wall paneling. 

Garage wall paneling is important beyond aesthetics. It is also effective in preventing pests, controlling climate, and making the garage soundproof, among other benefits. When installing wall panels in the garage, go for pegboards and slats if you want additional storage space. It is also crucial to choose a suitable material, add insulation, and install a baseboard. 

Read on to learn more about garage wall paneling ideas and tips. Learn from the information we’ll share, such as the best materials to consider and how to install them like a pro. 

What Is a Wall Panel? 

garage wall paneling ideas and tips

A wall panel is a single material that is often rectangular. It is used in both interior and exterior applications. The original purpose was to cover walls to provide insulation, making the room more comfortable. Today, wall panels are used mainly for decorative purposes. 

In a garage, having a wall panel offers a combination of both form and function. Besides improving aesthetics, it also provides a space to quickly drill or customize to create a space for hanging and organizing your tools. 

Garage Wall Paneling Ideas and Tips 

Clueless about the garage wall panel to choose from? This section will talk about some of the most important things to know, from the material to the installation:

1. Maximize the Storage Space 

The options for garage wall panels are endless, but they are not all the same. They are available in different types and materials, each promising to deliver a plethora of benefits. Nonetheless, one of the most important is to pick one that will make it easy to maximize space availability in your garage. 


Also called a slot wall, this is one of the best garage wall paneling ideas to consider. It has horizontal grooves or slats, often used with shelves and bins for generous storage space. 

A Slatwall is made of different materials, with some of the most common being PVC and MDF. We’ll talk about more of these materials later. Regardless, the slots can support heavy tools. 


Like a Slatwall, a pegboard is another great garage wall panel if you are looking for a way to maximize the storage space. It is a board with hole patterns that can be pegged, and in turn, you can hang your tools and other stuff in it. This is a great way to minimize clutter while making sure that everything is easily accessible. 

If you are using a pegboard as a wall panel in your garage, here are some tips that will help you to stay organized: 

  • Sort Your Tools into Two: One for those that you can hang and the other one for those you cannot hang. Place all that you cannot in a box or in a cabinet. For those that you can hang, they will be the ones to get into the pegboard. 
  • Separate the Tools into Manageable Sections: A good practice is to do this by length. Have a system for putting them on a pegboard. For instance, all the long ones will be on the right side while the short tools are on the left. 
  • Watch Out for the Weight: Consider the maximum capacity that the pegboard panel can support. If it is too heavy, you are risking that the entire panel will give up, damaging everything in the pegboard. 

2. Pick the Right Material 

garage wall paneling ideas
PVC Wall Panel

Another crucial consideration when thinking about garage paneling ideas is the material. The latter is essential as it is indicative of the overall quality, especially durability. Not to mention, it also has a huge impact on the price:

Natural Wood

As the name implies, this is made of a natural material. It has planks of solid wood that you must attach to the wall. It is often for decorative purposes, so it is not an excellent option for your garage. They are easy to paint and polish, so you have lots of options for customization. 

However, some people may not like wood because it is prone to damage from fire, water, and rot, among others. They are also vulnerable to termites unless they have been through a chemical treatment. 

Medium-Density Fiberboard 

Also called MDF, it is newer compared to other garage wall materials. It has fine-wood shavings, which are dry-pressed at extreme pressure and temperature. During heating, the wood releases lignin. 

One of the best things about MDF is that it can support a lot of weight. It is ideal if you need wall panels in your garage that can support thick shelves and cabinets. Plus, it is moisture-resistant. The material also has great sound insulation properties, making it easy to contain the noise in your garage. 


A popular cladding wall material, PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. It contains a small amount of plasticizer. Being waterproof, it is a great option for garages that are prone to leaking. Care and maintenance are also effortless. Cutting PVC is easy, so you can easily customize it depending on the size and shape of the garage wall panels that you need. 

Despite the good things, one of the common drawbacks is that it isn’t heat-resistant. Because of the plastic content, it is easily damaged in extreme temperatures. So, choose a different material if you do a lot of work in the garage that involves using tools that generate a lot of heat. 


Also called particleboard, its base material includes coniferous softwood, such as spruce, fir, and pine. Manufacturers of this material sometimes make use of recycled resources. The wood chips are bound using synthetic resin to form a solid piece. The binding system is highly influential on the overall quality. 

Chipboard shares many characteristics with natural wood. However, it is often cheaper and is less durable. Not to mention, it is also prone to damage from extreme temperature and humidity, so you must keep your garage dry if you are using this wall panel. 

Gypsum Board 

Aside from wall panels, gypsum board is also a popular material for ceilings and partitions. Also called drywall, it has a monolithic surface. It is famous for being affordable but without compromising quality. Some of its most notable benefits include easy installation and effective sound control. 

Again, what are some of the practical garage wall paneling ideas? Garage wall paneling helps prevent pests, control climate, soundproofing, among other benefits. Plan carefully by choosing the right material, adding insulation, and installing a baseboard. If you want to add storage space in your garage, you should use pegboards and slats.

3. Make It Waterproof 

While it does not get as wet as the bathroom and kitchen, water penetration can be a problem in the garage. There might be leaks that you are unaware of. To prolong the useful life of the wall panels, consider waterproofing them. While you can opt for naturally waterproof materials, there are also easy solutions to seal their surface. 

Waterproofing the wood panel requires making sure that they are clean and dry. Once it is ready, you can apply a water-repellent sealer. It is like paint, which you will put on the panel using a brush or roller. A good option is resin-based to be effective in combatting mold growth. 

4. Install a Garage Baseboard 

garage wall paneling cheap

Covers the Lowest Part of the Floor and Wall

Do not just focus on the wall panel to install in the garage. One thing that most people ignore despite its importance is a baseboard. A floor trim covers the lowest part of the floor and wall, acting as a joint. In most cases, it has a height of four to six inches. 

Functional Beyond Aesthetics

Using a garage baseboard is functional beyond aesthetics. It is beneficial because it can cover gaps that can be a potential entry point for rodents and other pests. It also protects against water spills and chemical splashes. 

Available in Different Materials

Like the wall panels, the baseboards are also available in different materials. The most common option is vinyl, especially for people on a budget. It is also waterproof, durable, and easy to install. Another common material is thermoplastic rubber, which has high flexibility and impact strength.

5. Add Insulation 

Insulating the garage helps in improving comfort, especially during extreme temperatures. Additionally, it can also result in significant energy efficiency. Consequently, it will have a positive financial impact. Plus, it can help in soundproofing the garage. 

Foam Board

Before the installation of garage wall paneling, make sure that there is sufficient insulation. You can choose from different materials, and one of the most popular is a foam board. It is easy to install and affordable. Additionally, it is available in large panels, so it has generous coverage. 

Batt Insulation

Batt insulation is another popular choice. It is often made of fiberglass, and you can buy it in pre-cut sizes, so you do not have to cut it yourself during installation. 

6. Prepare the Wall 

Clean the Wall

A successful wall paneling job requires thorough preparation. If you plan to make it a DIY task, make sure that the wall is ready before you proceed. Start by having a clean surface, especially if you are using adhesives.

Use a Plaster or Wallboard to Connect a Wall Panel

While there are many ways to connect a wall panel, wallboard or plaster is one of the most common. You might also need to put furring strips on the wall studs, so there is something for the panels to hold on to. You can also nail the panel directly into the studs using concrete nails and screws. 

Deal with the Electrical System

Furthermore, you will need to deal with the electrical system before installing the wall panels. Wiring can be complicated, so it is best to work with the pros if you are unaware of the best strategy. See to it as well that there are provisions for sockets and switches. 

7. Paint the Wall 

If you are unhappy with the bare look of the garage wall panels, paint it with your color of choice. Use paint that is compatible with the surface of the panels. Most materials are primed and ready for painting, minimizing the work you will need to do. 

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Conclusion – Garage Wall Paneling Ideas and Tips 

Wall panels are not just for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Even in the garage, they can be beneficial! It will enhance aesthetics, but it can also keep pests out, control the climate, minimize noise, and maximize storage space. 

Not all wall panels, however, are the same. For the design, slats and pegboards are two of the best options, which will help you to stay organized. More so, you should also pick a suitable material, making sure of its longevity. When installing the panels, consider adding insulation for climate control. Baseboards are also necessary. 

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