Garage Ceiling Ideas [Materials and Storage]

The garage is the part of a home that is the most often overlooked in terms of the materials used and the optimization of its storage spaces. There are many options in garage ceiling ideas for materials and storage that you can use to fit your needs and style.

It depends on your budget and your style. There are expensive ceiling materials, and there are more affordable materials. It seems that the cheapest material is drywall. Aluminum soffit is another ceiling material that is most often overlooked. Such materials are good options because while they are inexpensive, they are also attractive.

If you would like to optimize all the spaces in your home, you should get away from thinking that your garage is for your car only. The garage can serve you in many ways, and not just a car parking space. If you manage the space properly, you can use it as a secondary storage place for your other household and personal items.

Read on to learn more about the many garage ceiling materials and storage options that you can choose so that you can maximize your garage space.

Garage Ceiling Ideas 

garage ceiling ideas

Garage ceilings are the most often overlooked structural element of a garage, along with the optimal use of its space. In this regard, certain ceiling materials are not usually considered just because they are cheap.

Cheap and Inexpensive Materials

One of these materials is an Aluminum soffit. This material can be effectively used as a roof overhang. It is cheap, but it looks attractive. Another inexpensive garage ceiling material is drywall. It costs only from $2 to $3 per square foot. There are a lot more affordable ceiling materials that are available out there.

Garage as Storage Space

Regarding garage storage, we should do away with the concept that garages are only for parking cars. There are many spaces inside a garage that you can use to store sundry household and personal items.

Car owners often use their garages to keep various car-related items, such as car and tire special tools, bikes, and others. But you can also use the unused spaces in your garage to keep things unrelated to cars. 

So, you can use your garage as a secondary storage place for household and personal items. You might even use a space in your garage as an extra room. By doing this, you will not waste any available space in your garage. If you don’t want to waste this available space, you need to be concerned about the garage ceiling that you need to install.

Garage Material Options 

When it comes to the garage ceilings, you have a lot of options. The right material that you will use will depend on what’s best in your situation. For instance, if you live in the East, you need something stronger because of the weather variations in that place. 

But if you live in the West, you can use lighter materials since the weather in this location is relatively regular and not harsh. So, here are some options that you can consider if you are thinking of upgrading the ceiling in your garage:

1. Aluminum Soffit

Aluminum soffit is commonly used for the roof overhang. It is durable and also visually appealing. Aluminum offers a good light reflection. For best results, you can cover the garage floor with a coat of glossy concrete sealer. This floor finish can harmonize with both traditional and modern garage interior designs.

2. Drywall

If you want the most readily available and the most accessible ceiling material to install, choose drywall. This material is basically plaster which is layered onto a plyboard to make it look like an actual wall.

Contractors and builders use drywall in their construction projects because it is not only affordable but is very strong as well. It is also effortless to work with. You can also paint it to make it look more attractive.

3. Vinyl Beadboard Soffit

Another cheap but attractive and easy-to-install garage ceiling material is vinyl beadboard soffit. Vinyl is not as durable when you use it outdoors. But if you use it indoors, it can last longer. Its appearance is not much different from conventional soffit and siding materials.

4. Gypsum

Gypsum is the newest material used for garage ceilings. They are originally sedimentary rocks that are made into ceiling panels. Gypsum panels are commonly manufactured in smaller sizes than drywall panels. So, they are cheaper.

While they are not good for outdoor use, they can certainly hold their structure when used indoors. Just see to it that there is no water or moisture seepage in your garage.

5. Oriented Strand Board

OSB is among the most popular materials used in the construction industry. The reason is that it is as strong as plywood but is more affordable. Its most attractive quality is that it can support lighter suspended loads without using a stud.

So, this material can support bicycles that are suspended in bike hooks. It can also be used in constructing shelves in the ceiling. This material can be covered by paint or HD wallpaper coverings to give it a more pleasing appearance.

6. Cork

If you are looking for an eco-friendly ceiling material, you can choose cork. Cork is also easy to install, and it looks very nice. You can buy cork panels in different sizes in any home depot or improvement store. They come as waxed or unwaxed. Your choice will depend on how you want your ceiling to look. Do you want your garage ceiling shiny or dull?

7. PVC Tiles

PVC tiles are also a good option because they are fire-retardant. They also come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors. Tiles with a matte finish are a common choice because they look expensive. You have a lot of options because these tiles can satisfy all types of budgets and styles.

8. Popcorn Ceilings

These types of ceilings were popular in the 1970s. But because of their asbestos ingredients, their popularity fell by the wayside. Their surfaces look like popcorn kernels. That is why they are called that way. 

But if you want this look and texture but do not want the asbestos, you can use drywall, put a coat or two of paint and then apply a sponge on the coat while it is not fully dried. Your ceiling will look just like a popcorn ceiling.

9. Plywood

Plywood is traditionally used for ceilings. So, you can also use it for your garage ceiling. It is cheap, although there are panels of higher grade that are more expensive since they can support certain weights. 

They may not be as strong as OSBs (oriented strand boards) in terms of sheer. So, be careful when using it for weight-bearing ceilings. Plywood can look good depending on the coat of paint that you will put over its surface.

10. Styrofoam Tiles

You can also use Styrofoam tiles in your garage ceiling. It is one of the cheapest materials you can use. However, it is weak when used as a ceiling material and does not have the structural strength to support even a small weight. You also have to use a ceiling framing system to hold the Styrofoam tiles in their places.

Again, what are some of the best garage ceiling ideas? The best garage ceiling idea will depend on your budget and style. Drywall is the cheapest option, while the aluminum soffit is another inexpensive yet attractive option.

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Comparing Different Garage Materials

inexpensive garage ceiling covering
Aluminum Soffit

The best ceiling materials for your garage will depend on your budget and your style. With that said, here is a table that shows the comparison between several ceiling materials. This will give you an overview of how these materials fare with each other:

Aluminum soffitLow to mediumHighly durable and easy to clean
DrywallLowSeamless, easy to repair, and not for humid enclosures. Partially durable
Vinyl SidingLow to mediumIt can be painted and partly durable
OSBLowAble to carry weight and partially durable
Vinyl Beadboard LowLight and easy to clean, and somewhat durable
PVC TilesIt depends on finish and styleCan’t bear weight, light, and partly durable
PlywoodLowVery versatile and able to carry weight. Highly durable

Garage Storage Options

garage ceiling design

The customary size of a garage makes the availability of storage space possible. This available space can be used to store sundry items aside from the vehicle parked inside the garage. In other words, you will benefit from using a storage system that can help you maximize the use of that available space.

In that context, here are some garage storage options that you can consider to help you optimize the use of your available garage space:

1. Shelf Storage Racks

Racks are the most common form of garage storage. They come in the form of overhead shelf storage racks. Usually, these racks are attached to the garage ceiling. So, you need to use weight-bearing ceiling materials to be able to install these racks.

These racks can maximize the use of available vertical space in your garage. They can be an effective way of storing your winter gear and toys during summer or summer gear during winter. 

These racks will be more effective if you can keep them updated each season. You can do this by swapping the items in and out as they are needed.

2. Sets of Baskets or Containers

Set up several sets of baskets or containers in an available space in your garage. These baskets can be made of rubber, plastic, canvass, or light wood. Don’t use cardboard boxes because they attract moisture, and develop molds, and will wither in no time. 

As much as possible, these containers must be water-resistant and airtight. Wire baskets are also effective in storing sundry items. You can arrange these baskets systematically, on top of each other, or whichever way you think is convenient and easy to retrieve the items inside them.

3. Overhead Storage Bins

For your smaller tools, crafts, keepsakes, and books, you can use storage bins placed overhead. You can place these storage bins on top of a table or top of the cabinets in your garage. In that way, you can easily pull them down if you need to get an item inside the bin.

It is better if you can use plastic storage bins. They are moisture-resistant, relatively strong, and more importantly, you can see what’s inside them.

4. Garage Ceiling or Wall Hooks

Installing hooks on the walls and ceiling of your garage will enable you to hang and store certain items in the order. You can use them to keep bicycles, gear bags, small chairs, and other sundry items in sight but out of the way.

Conclusion: Garage Ceiling Ideas [Materials and Storage]

Your ceiling material options will depend on your budget and style. Some ceiling materials are expensive, while some are more affordable. It appears that the most affordable ceiling material is drywall.

Another most often overlooked cheap material is Aluminum soffit. While these materials are maybe cheap, they are still good options because they are durable and attractive.

When it comes to garage storage, there are also a lot of options. It is very limiting to think that a garage is only a car parking space. Many unused spaces in a garage can be turned into storage places for household items that are not car-centered. 

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