How to Get Paint Out of Carpet – Acrylic, Latex, Oil

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So, you have spilled paint on your carpet, and you want to get rid of it fast. You came to the right place. I will provide easy-to-follow steps that you can follow to get that paint out of your carpet.

How to get paint out of carpet? The methods for getting paint out of a carpet depend on whether the paint is water-based (latex paint) or oil-based.

  • If the paint is water-based (latex paint), you can get it out of the carpet by blotting the paint with liquid dish soap and then vacuuming the paint off.
  • If the paint is oil-based, you should scrape the paint off the carpet using a putty knife. You then blot the remaining stain using liquid dish soap and turpentine. Use a carpet cleaner to remove remnants of the cleaning solutions and the paint. 

When you have spilled paint on your carpet, you need to remove it quickly. Allowing paint to stay too long will let the paint seep into the fibers of the carpet. When this happens, getting the paint out will be a harder task.

Read on to learn more about how to get paint out of the carpet, including removing acrylic paint, latex paint, and oil-based paint.

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How to Get Paint Out of Carpet

It can be challenging to clean up or remove paint, especially oil-based paint when it spills on your carpet. Your liquid dish soap may not be able to dissolve the paint and remove it. In such cases, you may have to soak the carpet first with liquid dish soap and warm water.

However, be careful not to use any type of bleach or detergent that could discolor your carpet. You wouldn’t want your blue carpet to turn white, right? Thus, remember to test your cleaning solution first in one small spot of the carpet before treating the stain.

For you to know what cleaning solution to use, you have to know the types of paints first. There are three general types of paints based on substance base: water-based, chemical-based, and oil-based paints.

Most water-based and chemical-based paints are water-soluble, while oil-based paints aren’t. So, you can use water to remove water-based or chemical-based paints. On the other hand, you’ll need an organic solvent, such as detergent, acetone, or turpentine, to clean oil-based paints.

There are other types of paints, but I won’t be discussing them as I will only focus on the properties of paint that could affect its removal from carpets.

How to Get Dried Paint Out of Carpet

If you wait for even a small amount of time, the paint will dry on the carpet. Dried paint can be tougher to remove because it will have clung to the inner areas of the carpet. Thus, the steps can be a little bit different. How to get dried paint out of carpet? See the steps below for cleaning and getting dried paint out of your carpet:

how to remove paint on carpet

Step #1 – Scrape off dried paint using a blunt knife or spatulaScrape off as much as you can, taking care not to damage the carpet. If you prefer to use a sharp knife, be extra cautious not to cut into the carpet’s fibers. A putty knife would be best for this step.

Step #2 – Prepare the cleaning mixture. Mix 1 tablespoon of liquid detergent and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar in 3 cups of warm water. Mix thoroughly.

Step #3 – Wet the paint area with water until the water saturates the area. This step would allow the remaining dried paint to become soft. If the paint is water-soluble, it would easily become saturated.

Step #4 – Pour an ample amount of the cleaning mixture. Add the cleaning mixture over the paint stain on the carpet. Firmly but gently scrub the paint off the carpet using a fine clean brush. Be careful not to pull out the carpet’s fibers.

Step #5 – Use a carpet cleaner. Using a carpet cleaner, remove all paint and cleaning solution residues. You can repeat the procedure until the carpet is squeaky clean.

How to Get Acrylic Paint Out of Carpet

So now, let’s look at how to get acrylic paint out of carpet. You could get that acrylic paint out of your carpet if you know the right steps. The following step-by-step process can help get acrylic paint off your carpet:

Step #1 – Prepare the cleaning mixture. Prepare a mixture of equal portions of liquid detergent and warm water in an appropriate container. 

Step #2 – Wet the area. Using a clean white rag or clothing, wet the area sufficiently by blotting where the stain is.

Step #3 – Pour an ample amount of cleaning mixture onto the stained area. Don’t pour all at once. Pour a little amount at a time while blotting away the paint with a clean white rag or paper towel. For faster removal, use liquid detergent to help loosen up and soften the paint.

Step #4 – Use a carpet cleaner to clean off any remaining residues. After step #4, allow the carpet’s fibers to dry. Then, vacuum off the remaining residues of water and liquid detergent. You can choose a reliable carpet cleaner from the list below.

Recommended Carpet Cleaners to Remove Paint Out of Carpet

1. BISSELL Proheat Essential Carpet Shampooer and Carpet Cleaner

The Proheat Essential Carpet Cleaner has large tanks with a capacity of 1 gallon, which makes cleaning faster and more convenient. The power cord is 22 feet with a cleaning path of 11 inches. Thus, it’s suitable for hard-to-reach places.

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Its sweep brushes could dislodge the paint and dirt from the fibers of the carpet. This mechanism speeds up carpet cleaning through vacuum power. Its outstanding suction can get rid of paint, allergens, and all types of dirt.

2. BISSELL SpotClean ProHeat Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner

The Proheat Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner is another choice you can consider. Its superb features include removable tanks that you can fill and empty easily and whenever necessary.

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Moreover, its deep reach tool can get rid of paint, other stains, and dirt that are embedded deep into the fibers of the carpet. This cleaner also features a self-cleaning mechanism that would make it easier for you to clean the machine.

3. Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner

If you want a carpet cleaner with a higher volume capacity, you can opt for the Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner. Its main difference from the other carpet cleaners is that it is more powerful with a bigger motor, larger cleaning brush, and larger tank capacity.

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It can also effectively remove acrylic or oil-based paints on your carpet. Aside from carpets, it’s also great for cleaning the stairs and other upholstery. You can be sure that your surroundings are clean and free from microbes with this reliable carpet cleaner.

How to Get Latex Paint Out of Carpet

We’ve looked at acrylic paint. Next, let’s look at how to get latex paint out of carpet. The stain coming from latex paint can be easier to remove because it’s water-based and water-soluble. The paint stain can come off with water. But, using liquid detergent together with the water would make it faster for the paint to disappear.

You can follow the steps used for the removal of acrylic paint on your carpet, as presented above. In a sense, acrylic paint is a form of latex paint–they only have some differences in their components.

The Differences Between Acrylic Paint and Latex Paint

You have to know the differences between these two paints so that you can properly get rid of them on your carpet. Although both types of paints are water-soluble, latex paint is easier to remove because it is water-based. Acrylic paint may be harder to get rid of depending on its chemical base.

Acrylic paint is preferable to use for art projects, while latex paint is more suitable for painting houses. Both of these paints come from acrylic resins, but acrylic paints typically last longer than latex paints.

The combination of these two paints, called latex-acrylic paint, can be used to paint brick walls and concrete surfaces as they are hard to crack and peel.

Thus, you can remove these types of paints by using water and liquid detergent and then finishing off with a carpet cleaner. Dry the carpet first after cleaning with water and detergent before vacuuming.

How to Get Oil-Based Paint Out of Carpet

how to get dry paint out of carpet
How to get dry paint out of carpet?

Oil-based paints are tougher to remove from carpets as they are not water-soluble. You need another substance to remove the paint completely.

Step #1 to #3 – Follow the steps outlined for acrylic paints using the cleaning mixture of liquid detergent and water. After these steps, you can proceed to step #4.

Step #4 – Use turpentine or acetone to remove paint stains that cannot be eliminated by the cleaning mixture. Apply an ample amount over the area and brush off the paint cautiously to prevent damage.

Since the paint is oil-based, you need acetone or turpentine for easier dissolution. Acetone and turpentine effectively facilitate the removal of the stain.

Step #5 – Use a carpet cleaner to complete the task. Remove the paint completely with a carpet cleaner. Before using a carpet cleaner, make sure that you use proper protective equipment because the fumes from these substances can be harmful.

Other Tips on How to Get Acrylic, Latex, or Oil Paint Out of Carpet

  • Colored products can stain your carpet, so ensure that you have tested the product first on a small spot on your carpet. 
  • Protect yourself when using acetone or turpentine because their odors can be harmful to your health. Their fumes can also cause dizziness and nausea. So, wear an appropriate mask and allow proper ventilation in the room to prevent the accumulation of these fumes. 
  • Check first the ingredients of your cleaning solution before using it. This step is important to ensure that it won’t cause any damage to your carpet.
  • You can use paper towels or clean white clothing to blot the paint from your carpet.
  • Remove the paint on your carpet while it’s still wet. Remember, fresh paint is easier to erase than dried paint. Dried paint is more difficult to remove and could damage your carpet.
  • When you have spilled paint all over your carpet, you may want to call a professional carpet cleaner for a faster and more efficient solution. The longer you delay, the harder it would be to get rid of the paint stain.

See the below video for other tips for removing paint from your carpet:

Other Home Remedies Used in Removing Paint from the Carpet

1. Rubbing Alcohol

Gently brush off the paint using rubbing alcohol. But first, you have to saturate and soften the paint for easy removal. Blot the paint until it disappears. This remedy is only useful for small paint stains.

2. Vinegar

Use vinegar to dislodge the paint. Blot the paint stain with a paper towel or clean white cloth. You can also use liquid detergent and water to get rid of the smell of vinegar. Finish it off by using a carpet cleaner (if you have one).

3. Glycerin, Rubbing Alcohol, and Liquid Detergent

This remedy is also used for the removal of acrylic paint. Use glycerin and paper towel to blot the paint stain. Apply rubbing alcohol to eliminate any glycerin residue. Next, clean with water and liquid detergent. Blot with a clean white cloth, rag, or paper towel. When dry, use a vacuum carpet cleaner to get rid of any traces of paint residues.

4. Warm Water and Liquid Dish Soap

In some cases, warm water and some liquid dish soap are all you need. Mix a small amount of liquid dish soap in warm water and gently brush off the paint or blot the stain until it disappears. Warm water will hasten the separation of the paint from the carpet.

Conclusion – How to Get Paint Out of Carpet

So, to recap, how can you get paint out of the carpet? You can get paint out of your carpet permanently with the following steps:

  1. First, determine if your paint is water-soluble or not. 
  2. If it’s water-soluble, you can remove the paint by using liquid dish soap and a carpet vacuum cleaner. 
  3. If the paint is not soluble to water or if it is oil-based, you can scrape off the paint first by using a putty knife and then blot the remaining paint stain with liquid dish soap, turpentine, or acetone. Turpentine or acetone will dissolve the oil component of your paint.

One crucial thing to remember is to act fast when you happen to spill paint on your carpet. The longer the paint stays on your carpet, the harder it will be to remove.

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