Kobalt Air Compressors – Specs and Review

Lowe’s designed the Kobalt air compressor for home garages and weekend mechanics. These air compressors are compact, available in different sizes and capacities, and can handle heavy-duty jobs.

The majority of Kobalt air compressors have a lifetime warranty. That means its manufacturer is confident that it could give you a long life of service if you use it as recommended. You can check Lowe’s website as to which models of these compressors carry a lifetime warranty.

Read on to learn more about Kobalt air compressors, their different models, some of their features and specs to help you see if they are worth your money.

About Kobalt Air Compressors

Kobalt Air Compressors

Compact and Portable Machines

The Kobalt air compressors are compact machines yet can perform well in heavy-duty and large-scale jobs. Because they are portable, you can store one of these compressors in your home garage. Plus, you can choose from several sizes and capacities.

Among the Top 10 Home Garage Air Compressors

The reasons enumerated above are why Kobalt compressors are among the top 10 home garage air compressors in the market.

Strongly Built

You can use Kobalt air compressors in home garages, wood workshops, or any place that requires the services of an air compressor. Also, the manufacturers strongly built these compressors so that they last for a lifetime if you use them properly.

Lifetime Warranty

Most of these compressors carry a lifetime warranty, which means that the manufacturer is confident of their product’s quality. You can check their websites as to which compressor models have a lifetime warranty.

Manufactured in the United States

Lowe’s has a license to manufacture all the Kobalt air compressors in the United States. In reality, several air compressors companies manufacture Kobalt air compressors for the Lowe’s store chains.

All Kobalt air compressors use the Kobalt Synthetic oil as their lubricant. Usually, these compressors need around 8.5 ounces of synthetic oil to make them run smoothly and efficiently.

Lowe’s In-house Brand of Air Compressors

Kobalt is Lowe’s in-house brand of air compressors. This means Lowe’s is the company behind the development, manufacturing, and marketing of all Kobalt air compressors. It is becoming commonplace, these days, for big store chains to have their tool and equipment brands.

Mid-use Level Equipment

Kobalt is a good and fine brand of air compressors. However, people do not consider it as a high-end brand but rather mid-use level equipment. In other words, you should not use them in industrial settings.

Motors Ranging from 1.5 hp to 5 hp

Kobalt air compressors have motors ranging from 1.5 hp to 5 hp. They are also available in several air tank capacities ranging from 3 gallons up to 80 gallons. With this wide range of sizes and capacities, you can get the best for your particular requirements.

Designed for Occasional Use

These compressors will give you long service lives if you don’t use them continuously in heavy-duty industrial applications. You should only use them occasionally in a home garage and small to medium-sized workshops.

kobalt air compressors reviews

Among the models of Kobalt air compressors that Lowe’s is selling, there are some models which consumers prefer.

Here are these models, together with a brief description of their features and specs:

1. Kobalt Air Compressor 0300842

Horizontal Tank

The 0300842 is one of the small air compressors of Kobalt. Its horizontal tank has a capacity of eight gallons. The manufacturer claims this its horizontal design combined with a fully-encased motor and pump makes the air compressor very quiet while running. The full enclosure also helps protect its vital components from accidental damage.


This unit is already portable with its small size. Also, it has a removable handle and rubber wheels that make it easier to move around. Even with its small 8-gallon tank, you can still get the power you will need in your workshop or garage. However, expect less run-time for your tools.

1.8 Horsepower Copper-wounded Motor

A 1.8 horsepower copper-wounded motor powers this compressor. This motor can generate up to 150 pounds per square inch (psi). This is your ideal air compressor if your usual work is drilling, nailing, cutting, and light-duty sanding.

2. Kobalt Air Compressor LK20175

Most Portable of All Kobalt Air Compressors

Lowe’s claims that the LK20175 is the most portable of all Kobalt air compressors. It is also effortless to maintain because it does not have any oil pump. This air compressor also features an easy start-up, even in sub-zero temperatures.

Tank Capacity

The capacity of the tank is 20 gallons. Its 120-volt motor can generate power up to 175 psi. You can use it to inflate the tires of heavy trucks and power up most roofing and framing nail guns.


This unit comes with two quick-connect air fittings for use in multiple connections. It also comes with 7-inch wheels making it very easy to transport anywhere.

3. Kobalt Air Compressor 3332644

Quietest of All Kobalt Air Compressors

If you have a small car paint shop or a workshop for wood or metal products, the Kobalt 3332644 air compressor will be the most ideal. It has a 26-gallon tank, and it is the quietest of all Kobalt air compressors.

1.8 Horsepower, 4-pole Induction Motor

A 1.8 horsepower, 4-pole induction motor powers the Kobalt 3332644 air compressor. It can generate sufficient power that most cutting tools, nail guns, power drills, and grinders need in a workshop or a home garage.

Has a Stationary Electric Compressor

This unit has a stationary electric compressor with two stages. Plus, it has a cast-iron lubricated pump that delivers a maximum air pressure of 175 psi. With this pressure rating, you can maximize your power tools’ performance.

Does Not Come with a Power Cord

The Kobalt 3332644 does not come with a power cord. You should connect it to a dedicated 240-volt outlet.

4. Kobalt Air Compressor 3320447

Gained Popularity Among DIYers

The 3320447 air compressor is one of Lowe’s smaller Kobalt units to its customers. Due to its portable size, it has gained popularity among DIYers. The capacity of its tank is only 4.3 gallons, but it can still deliver a powerful 150 psi of air pressure.

120-volt, One hp 4-pole Induction Electric Motor

That kind of power is more than enough if you are using brad nailers and staple nail guns. So, it is ideal for framing and finishing and other similar applications. The heart of the compressor is 120-volt, one hp 4-pole induction electric motor. This motor powers two oil-less pumps, which require very little maintenance.

Twin-stack Design

This compressor has a twin-stack design eliminating the need for ample workshop space. It runs on two rubber wheels and has a sliding handle that allows easy portability around your workshop or home garage.

5. Kobalt Air Compressor XC60200

Comes with a 60-gallon Tank

The XC60200 Kobalt air compressor comes with a 60-gallon tank. It is the second biggest air compressor of Kobalt in terms of tank capacity. The biggest Kobalt air compressor, the XC802000, comes with an 80-gallon tank.

Space Saver

While the XC60200 has a 60-gallon tank, it is still a space-saver since you can install this air tank vertically. You can install it in the corner of your workshop or garage. Then, secure it to the ground on a flat surface with screws and bolts.

240-volt, 3.7 hp Heavy-duty Induction Motor

A 240-volt, 3.7 hp heavy-duty induction motor powers this compressor. It can supply a maximum of 175 psi. However, the unit does not come with a power cord. To maximize this tool, connect it to a dedicated power source of no less than 230 volts.

6. Kobalt Air Compressor 0120242A

Smallest of All the Kobalt Air Compressors

The 0120242A is the smallest of all Kobalt air compressors. It has an air tank that can only hold 2 gallons of air. But it is ideal for air compression needs around the house, such as blowing air into sports balls, rubber rafts, and balloons.

Two-stage 1/2 hp DC (Direct Current) Electric Motor

This Kobalt air compressor comes with a two-stage, 1/2 hp DC (direct current) electric motor that can deliver 1/2 cubic feet per minute at 90 psi. It can deliver a maximum of 125 psi. This machine also comes with an oil-less pump, which requires very little maintenance. You need to connect it to the 12-volt power source of your car.

Comes with a Recoil Hose

The 0120242A air compressor also comes with a recoil hose measuring 25 feet, a blowgun, a quick coupler, a high-pressure nozzle, a tire chuck, an adaptor, and several inflation needles. It also has a ball valve and a very convenient power cord wrap.

Again, what do Kobalt Air Compressors offer? Kobalt air compressors can handle heavy-duty jobs while being compact. Plus, these compressors are available in different sizes and capacities. All these and more made them one of the top 10 home garage air compressors in the country.

Pros and Cons of Kobalt Air Compressors

kobalt air compressors any good

This specs and review of Kobalt air compressors will not be complete if I will not give you their pros and cons. These compressors, which belong in the mid-use category, have certain advantages and disadvantages over the usual compressor used in car shops and industrial facilities:


1. Cost-Effective

These compressors are more affordable than the average air compressors available in the market. They are even cheaper with air compressors of other brands with the same sizes and capacities.

2. Less Noise

Being smaller, they naturally will be less noisy when running.

3. Less Maintenance

The oil-less models of Kobalt air compressors require very little maintenance.

4. Wide Selection

There are many sizes and tank capacities of Kobalt air compressors. You can surely get the right size for your requirement.

5. Easily Available

This compressor is widely available. You can get a unit at any Lowe’s store in your neighborhood.


1. Not For Heavy Duty Use

While Kobalt air compressors can occasionally be used for heavy-duty work, they cannot continuously be used for such work. It is made for workshops and home garages and not for industrial applications.

2. Not To Be Used Continuously

These air compressors are designed to be used intermittently and not continuously. If you use it multiple times a week, its compressor will wear down faster.

3. Lowe’s Does Not Provide Maintenance

This is the biggest downside to these compressors. If the machine encounters some problems, you will need a third-party service company to fix it.

Conclusion: Kobalt Air Compressors

Most of the Kobalt air compressors are designed to be used in home garages and for weekend mechanics. They can do heavy-duty jobs, and yet they are compact and portable enough to be stored and used in your garage.

Kobalt air compressors are available in several sizes and capacities. They have also provided good service to their buyers and users. Proof of that is that Kobalt air compressors are rated as one of the top 10 air compressors in the country. They are available at Lowe’s, and most of the air compressor models carry a lifetime warranty.

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