Mac Tool Box Specs and Review

Whether at home or work, we all know how important toolboxes or utility carts are for storing, organizing, or even moving things around. These toolboxes are useful not only at home but for different types of industries. In this Mac Tool Box review, I’ll list all of the features to decide which is the right Mac Tool Box for you.

A Mac Tool Box is a great product for storing and moving supplies around, whether at the home, office or factories. There are different types of Mac toolboxes to choose from. This gives you an option as to which one best fits your requirement. 

Read on to learn more about the Mac Tool Boxes, including their features.

About Mac Tool Box

Mac Tool Box

A Mac Tool Box is an excellent product for storing and moving supplies around, whether at the home, office or factories. There are different Mac toolboxes to choose from, allowing you to decide which one best suits your requirement.

Founded in 1938, Mac Tools was initially known as the Mechanics Tool and Forge Company. Seven co-founders had a common goal of producing the finest tools worldwide.

The company’s product line consists of more than 8,000 professional tools, including the following:

  • Wrenches,
  • Ratchets, and
  • Different types of air tools.

Mac Tools also manufactures its line of toolboxes, utility carts, and workstations.

The business model of Mac Tools is a franchise system. They have approximately 1,500 distributors across North America.

Mac Tools Tool Box Models

Mac Tools offers different types of toolboxes. This article will mention several models from the two Mac Tools product lines: the Utility Carts and the Workstations.

Under the Mac Tools Utility Carts product line, there are over 70 products. The Mac Tools Workstations consist of three series, namely:

  1. Edge Workstations,
  2. Macsimizer Workstations, and
  3. Macsimizer HD Workstations.

Mac Tools Tool Box Utility Carts

The utility carts from Mac Tools are practical tool storage for various types of work environments or industries. Some of these work environments are hospitals, restaurants, and retail spaces. You can use them in warehouses, mailrooms, and production areas.

Mac Tools have already released more than 70 utility cart models in the market. Some of these are the following:

  1. 5-drawer Utility Cart with Split Sliding Lid
  2. Composite Utility Cart with Lid
  3. 3-drawer Split Top Utility Cart
  4. 3-drawer Utility Cart with Full Lid

1. 5-drawer Utility Cart with Split Sliding Lid

With the 5-Drawer Utility Cart with Split Sliding Lid, you get plenty of room for your tools and other stuff while working. You can slide the lid sideways. It splits in the middle to slide half of the lid to the right and then slide the other half to the left. This then results in two small storage spaces and one wide storage space in the middle.

This utility cart model is available in different colors. To name a few, it includes the following:

  • Lime Green,
  • Firebrick Red,
  • Titanium White,
  • Olive Green,
  • Desert Tan, and
  • Flat Black.

2. Composite Utility Cart with Lid

Mac Tools has also released a Composite Utility Cart with Lid. It is probably one of the simplest utility carts released by Mac Tools. Nonetheless, it is just as durable as the other Mac Tools toolboxes.

This Mac Tools toolbox only has two layers. The one at the top has a lid, while the one at the bottom does not.

The Mac Tools Composite Utility Cart with Lid is a convenient toolbox for workers like professional mechanics. For instance, if they need to fix a vehicle while sitting or lying down, they can use the cart’s bottom layer to place the tools that they immediately need. That way, everything is conveniently reachable for them.

At the same time, they can use the top layer to keep the other important things.

3. 3-drawer Split Top Utility Cart

This Mac Tool Box is similar to the 5-drawer Split Top toolbox. It’s just that this one only has three drawers. It has gas-assist shocks to ensure stability. They are equipped with flawless drawer slides and soft compound casters.

You can make this toolbox even more useful when you add accessories to it. For instance, you can install a rail kit on the side so it can hold more stuff, such as power tool holders, screwdriver holders, and trash cans.

It is available in different colors, including the following:

  • Fireball Orange,
  • Firebrick Red,
  • Titanium White, and
  • Sunburst Yellow.

4. 3-drawer Utility Cart with Full Lid

The Mac Tool 3-drawer Utility Cart with Full Lid has the same features as the 3-drawer Split Top Utility Cart. It’s just that this toolbox has a full lid, while the other one has a split top.

Like all other Mac Tools toolbox models, this one also has gas-assist shocks, flawless drawer slides, and soft compound casters.

It comes in different colors, including the following:

  • Sapphire Blue,
  • Carbon Gray,
  • Flat Black,
  • Mica Gray, and
  • Lime Green.

Mac Tools Tool Box Edge Workstations

mac tool box parts

The Mac Tools Edge Workstations are designed for everyone, whether a new technician or a young professional. The Edge Series is ideal for all those looking for a high-performance toolbox at an affordable price. Mac Tools developed these products to optimize storage further.

Mac Tools has released more than ten Edge Workstations models. They fall under two categories, namely:

  1. Single Bay Workstation
  2. Double Bay Workstation

1. Single Bay Workstation

The Single Bay Mac Tool Edge Workstation has enough space for your tools. It is the basic model under this series, but it is nonetheless spacious and as useful as the other toolboxes offered by Mac Tools.

2. Double Bay Workstation

11 Drawers

The Mac Tool Double Bay Edge Workstation features 11 drawers. It is available in two sizes, which are 41 inches and 54 inches in terms of width. Both have a depth measuring 22 inches and a height measuring 31 inches. This is one of the best-selling models from Mac Tools.

Black Chemical-resistant Powder-coated Finish

It features a black chemical-resistant powder-coated finish. This feature makes it easy to clean, especially when you drop oil or other moderate chemicals on it. As for the edges of this toolbox, they are not sharp or pointed. They feature folded edges for added rigidity.

Can Carry up to 125 Pounds

It does not wobble when you push or pull it. Some of its drawers can carry up to 125 lbs, while other drawers can carry up to 200 lbs. The caster wheels are highly durable and sturdy. So, even if you put heavy stuff inside this toolbox, you are confident that the wheels won’t break as you move it around.


You can also add a part or an accessory to this toolbox. For instance, you can attach a top box for extra storage. You can also attach a rail kit for the power tool holders, screwdriver holders, trash cans, and more.


The Edge Workstations come in flat black color, but the trims have several color options. These include red, orange, green, and gunmetal.

Again, what does the Mac Tool Box offer? Mac Tool Box offers a professional storage system you can use at home or in your office. Plus, you can choose from different Mac toolboxes models depending on your needs.

Mac Tools Tool Box Macsimizer Workstations

There are several models under the Mac Tools Macsimizer Workstations Series. They come in two categories, namely:

  1. Double Bay Workstation
  2. Triple Bay Workstation

Deeper Drawers

The Double Bay and the Triple Bay Workstations have deeper drawers than other Mac Tools toolboxes. This allows you to store bulky stuff. Also, their top two drawers are long drawers. This will enable you to keep more tools that do not fit in the shorter drawers like rods.

Difference in the Number of Bays

The difference is that one model only has two bays while the other model has three bays. Mac Tools has also come up with Workstations with PowerTech Drawers, both for Double Bay and Triple Bay Workstations.


These toolboxes are available in different colors. Some of these color options are red, black, blue, and lime green:

In this video, Mac Tools showcases their Macsimizer HD Workstation & Storage System. It talks about its modular design, allowing you to attach accessories to produce a wider workstation and have more storage spaces.

Mac Tools Tool Box Macsimizer HD Workstation

mac tool box tech series

One of Mac Tools’ best products is the Macsimizer HD Workstation, and it has many rugged and smart features. Let’s talk about some of these features, including the following:

  1. Dimensions and Capacity
  2. Drawer Slides
  3. Standard Slotting
  4. Power Drawer
  5. Top Attachment
  6. Side Attachment

1. Dimensions and Capacity

Each drawer has a weight capacity of 440 lbs. The topmost drawer is spacious and doubles as the workstation itself. This measures 56 inches wide and 29 inches deep.

2. Drawer Slides

The top work surface of this toolbox is made of standard stainless steel. As for its drawers, they feature industrial-strength roller suspension drawer slides. They don’t have ball bearings, and you don’t have to grease them. Suffice to say that it is maintenance-free.

3. Standard Slotting

The drawers feature dividers and partitions so you can further organize your tools and other stuff. That way, you can separate all your pliers from the screwdrivers and wrenches. You can separate the nails, nuts, and bolts from each other and avoid losing them.

Each drawer has a drawer liner that is extra thick and made to last a lifetime. They are convenient to clean too.

4. Power Drawer

Mac Tools has redesigned its power drawer for the Macsimizer HD Workstation. It now features AC and USB power outlets. There are also power tool holsters featuring magnetic bases to keep the tools in place at all times.

5. Top Attachment

You have an option to add a Top Hutch onto your Mac Tool Macsimizer HD Workstation. The three inner walls of this HD hutch features stainless steel pegboards. These boards have built-in mounting points for monitors and other stuff.

There are built-in power outlets in the hutch and built-in adjustable motion-activated LED lighting.

6. Side Attachment

Mac Tools has designed the Macsimizer HD Workstation so that you can attach a side box to it for extra storage. This means that your workstation can expand to 78 inches in terms of width.

You can also add another side box and attach it right beside the HD Top Hutch. This will complete your setup for a heavy-duty workstation.

Conclusion – Mac Tool Box

A Mac Tool Box is an excellent product for storing and moving supplies around, whether at the home, office or factories. You can choose from various types of Mac toolboxes depending on your requirement.

If you don’t have that many tools or stuff to store and want everything to be conveniently within your reach, you can check out the Mac Tools Utility Carts. We also often see this type of toolbox in hospitals or clinics because it’s convenient to move around.

For technicians, mechanics, or other professions that use several tools each day, it is best to check out the Mac Tools Macsimizer or the Mac Tools HD Macsimizer Workstations. They have more storage spaces, and they even have wide workstations.

And if that wide storage space and workstation aren’t enough, you have the option to attach side boxes for your working convenience.

The bottom line is, Mac Tools toolboxes give us convenience, whether at home or work.

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