Average Master Bedroom Size [Standard Dimensions]

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Constructing or renovating a home requires proper planning and execution. One of the rooms that need adequate thought is the master bedroom. Since you’ll be spending most of your sleeping and relaxing hours in this room, it’s important to get the size and ambiance just how you want it.

In this article, I’ll describe the average master bedroom size, including factors that affect the size and how to make the master bedroom look bigger.

So, what is the standard master bedroom size? The average size of a master bedroom in the U.S. is about 309 square feet (29 square meters). This is the average master bedroom size in a house with a floor area of about 2,500 square feet (232 square meters). To compare, ordinary bedrooms in the U.S. are typically about 132 square feet.

The minimum master bedroom size is typically about 224 square feet (21 square meters). The master bedroom should be big enough to accommodate a king-size bed (which is 42 square feet), plus plenty of space to walk around it.

Read on to learn more about the average master bedroom size and other tips to buy a new home or renovate your current home.

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What Is the Average Master Bedroom Size?

As mentioned, the average size of a master bedroom in the U.S. is about 309 square feet (29 square meters). For example, master bedroom dimensions of about 17 feet wide by 18 feet long.

Below are the average size of master bedrooms in different sized homes:

  • Homes measuring 2,000 to 2,999 sq. ft – The master bedroom size is an average of 271 square feet or 14 percent larger than other rooms.
  • Homes measuring more than 3,000 sq. ft – The master bedroom size is an average of 411 square feet or 43 percent larger than other rooms.

To compare, ordinary bedrooms in the U.S. are typically about 132 square feet. The minimum size of a room to be classified as a bedroom is typically 70 square feet.

A master bathroom typically measures about 160 square feet, while ordinary bathrooms measure about 137 square feet.

So we’ve looked at the average size of a master bedroom; next, I’ll list some of the factors affecting the size of the master bedroom.

average master bedroom size

3 Factors Affecting the Size of Master Bedrooms

1. Cost 

If you want to have a spacious master bedroom, you have to allocate more money to make it happen.

First, ensure your master bedroom will meet your needs regarding essential requirements such as enough space for your bed. Then you can include other features and extras in the room if your budget allows it.

2. Size of the House

Some big, expensive homes have master bedrooms the size of a standard living room. These master bedrooms often have luxurious features that are not essential such as a fireplace, couch, desk, and extra chairs and tables.

So a bigger house will likely have a larger master bedroom and therefore can fit more features and extras. A smaller house will likely have a smaller master bedroom. However, there are, of course, exceptions to this rule.

3. Personal Preference

Your personal preferences would affect the size of your master bedroom. A bigger-sized master bedroom might not be as cozy or comfortable as a smaller-sized master bedroom.

If you prefer a cozy standard-sized master bedroom to a spacious regal suite, it’s your choice. No one is stopping you from giving in to what makes you feel most comfortable and relaxed.

7 Ways to Make a Small Master Bedroom Look More Spacious

1. Select a Suitable Color Scheme

The first way to make your master bedroom look bigger is to choose the right color scheme. It’s essential to choose a color scheme before you start furnishing your master bedroom. Picking monochromatic color schemes is a good way to start.

First, choose a single base color. Second, select extended hues or tints for the items in the room. This color scheme would ensure that the colors blend harmoniously and create a cohesive appearance.

For example, if you choose blue, you can use other blue shades in your master bedroom. These colors can be aqua blue, peacock blue, or lichen.

average master bedroom size

2. Use Lighting Appropriately

Another way that makes the master bedroom look bigger in size is by using the right lighting. The lighting of your master bedroom can either make it look cramped or spacious. Typically, well-lit spaces create a more spacious ambiance.

You could use spotlights or lampshades for specific areas in the room and full, brighter lights for the entire room. This type of lighting will create additional visual space in your master bedroom.

3. The Upholstery Must Be a Shade of the Base Hue

The type of upholstery color that you should use must complement the pieces of furniture inside your room. Consider their color, size, and design. Avoid using high contrast upholstery colors on your armchair or sofas, as it can create a narrower perception of the room.

The colors should also be tints or shades of the main color, which you have chosen beforehand. You can use contrasting colors to emphasize an area in your room; however, it’s best to avoid doing this as you risk combining uncoordinated colors.

4. Choose Furniture That Your Room Can Accommodate Properly

Use furniture that doesn’t draw too much attention. Find something suitable for your space. Also, avoid clutter in your room as it makes the space even smaller. Some people use transparent or glass furniture to project a wider area.

Adding mirrors would also reflect space, making your room look more spacious. Also, be creative by adding built-in drawers around your bed, building shelves under the stairs, mounting them on your walls, and other suitable corners. There are various ways to accommodate space-saving furniture.

Chest of Drawers Vs Dresser

5. Use Lighter Wallpapers and Shorter Drapes

Use light-colored wallpaper or wall paint colors and ceiling colors that are darker than the wall. A lighter wall color tends to reflect light and shows a roomier appearance. Wallpaper that reflects light provides a visually brighter and larger space. This will make your master bedroom look larger.

Avoid using drapes because they will make the room appear smaller. If you insist on using them, choose lighter colors, and keep them at a shorter length, making sure they’re not touching the floor.

6. Pick Your Bed Linen Wisely

Your bed linen should also complement the color of your room. That’s why it’s essential to select a color scheme before starting to furnish your bedroom. The color of your pillows, bedsheets, and blankets should blend nicely with your chosen base color.

Take note that lighter shades and simpler designs would lend a visually appealing sight and a roomier ambiance to your master bedroom. So, coordinate the colors of your bed linen with your wall, floor, and upholstery.

7. Organize Your Room Décor and Furniture Well

The last tip on making your master bedroom appear larger is the right organization and layout. Sometimes, you can get the space you need when you organize what’s inside your master bedroom. You can also allow some space to let your room “breathe.”

If you don’t use an item, there’s no use keeping it in your master bedroom unless it’s a décor that would add superb ambiance to the room.

average size of master bedroom

4 Ways to Choose the Right Size Master Bedroom for You

1. Know What You Want

Before you consider anything else, you have to know exactly how you want your master bedroom designed. Knowing what you want is important because if you don’t, then there’s no point in designing it. Additionally, what specific size would you like your room to be?

You may want to do your research before deciding on what you truly want. Gather all the necessary information and find out the pros and cons of each of your choices.

2. Consider Your Comfort

It’s wonderful to have a classy and unique, modern bedroom, but it’s no use if you don’t feel comfortable. Most probably, you’d be spending restless nights in it. So, it’s quite important to consider comfort when it comes to your bedroom. The rest will fall into place eventually.

3. Ask the Advice of Experts

Ensure that you have asked for recommendations from your friends, family, or experts. Those who are recommended by people you know could be the best for the job. Ideally, it’s best to ask a professional interior designer for advice. Take note, though, that in the end, it’s your choice that matters the most.

4. Decide Once and for All and Go for It

Once you have decided on the right size for your master bedroom, go for it. Don’t allow any stumbling block to hinder your progress. Gather all the information you can before coming to a final decision. It would save you time, energy, and money.

Master Bedroom Furniture Recommendations

The average master bedroom size measures about 309 square feet (for example, 17 feet by 18 feet). In a bedroom this size, you can easily fit a queen bed, which typically measures 5 feet by 6.5 feet, or even a king bed, which typically measures 6 feet by 7 feet.

See below for three popular pieces of furniture on Amazon that would be excellent for your master bedroom.

1. Christopher Knight Home 237355 Tufted Club, Decorative Accent Chair

This Decorative Accent Christopher Knight Home Chair would be a comfortable and stylish addition to your master bedroom. It is a soft-padded decorative chair with hand-carved wooden legs. The chair’s studded trim appearance lends an elegant touch to any master bedroom.

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You can comfortably read or watch TV for long hours in this pleasant and elegant chair. Also, it doesn’t occupy too much space, so you don’t have to worry about overcrowding your room.

2. ODK Dresser for Bedroom with 4 Storage Drawers

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The ODK Dresser for Bedroom with 4 Storage Drawers is designed for small spaces, featuring compact dimensions of 11.73″D x 15.74″W x 31.77″H.

Despite its small size, it offers ample storage space with four drawers, providing a convenient solution for organizing small items, blankets, and belongings.

The dresser is built with a sturdy frame, a high-quality wooden top, and an X-Crossbar design, ensuring stability and durability while preventing toppling over.

The adjustable feet add flexibility by compensating for irregularities in the floor, allowing users to customize the dresser’s height to their preference.

With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, the dresser comes with superior customer service, offering easy installation and lifetime support for assistance and quick replacements in case of quality issues, providing a reliable and functional storage solution for small spaces.

3. DOUBAO Adjustable Bed Base Head & Foot Remote Control Steel Frame USB Folding Design to Save Space

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The DOUBAO Adjustable Bed Base provides a customizable and comfortable sleeping experience. Its heavy-duty steel structure ensures durability and a strong weight capacity.

The bed base allows independent or synchronized adjustments of the head and foot positions, offering flexibility from 0 to 70 degrees for the back and 0 to 45 degrees for the foot. The included remote control makes it easy to choose from 6 buttons for convenient adjustments.

The bed base features a powerful motor for quiet operation, and it fits into most standard-size frames. Dual USB ports provide convenient charging, and a reset button is included.

The retainer bar ensures the mattress stays in place, and the folding design helps save space. Installation is straightforward and requires no tools. Overall, this adjustable bed base combines functionality, comfort, and convenience to enhance your sleep experience.

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The below video shows a size of 13 feet x 12 feet for a master bedroom smaller than American standard master bedroom sizes. The video also gives some dimensions for other rooms in the house:

Conclusion – Master Bedroom Size

So, to recap, what is the average master bedroom size? In the U.S., the average size of a master bedroom is about 309 square feet. For example, master bedroom dimensions of about 17 feet wide by 18 feet long. This is the average master bedroom size in a house with a floor area of about 2,500 square feet. To compare, ordinary bedrooms in the U.S. are about 132 square feet.

The size of the master bedroom depends on the size of the home. Below are the average size of master bedrooms in different sized homes:

  • Homes measuring 2,000 to 2,999 sq. ft – The master bedroom size is an average of 271 square feet or 14 percent larger than other rooms.
  • Homes measuring more than 3,000 sq. ft – The master bedroom size is an average of 411 square feet or 43 percent larger than other rooms.

So if you are buying a new home or renovating your current home, it is important to choose the right master bedroom size for your needs. Having the right master bedroom size will give you enough space to install the necessary furniture and décor that your room needs.

It’s most important that you are comfortable in your master bedroom – the room you will spend so many hours of your life in.

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