Largest Bed Size [What Is the Biggest Mattress?]

Buying a mattress can be confusing. Aside from the plethora of brands available, you also need to think about other things, such as the material. Another important consideration is the size. With this, many are probably curious about the largest bed size. 

The largest bed size is Alaskan King, named after Alaska, the largest state in the US. It has a square shape and measures 108 x 108 inches. This is excellent for a spacious room where a family of four is co-sleeping. Nonetheless, it is hard to find, including sheets, because it is huge.

Below is a quick look at how the biggest bed size available compares with others: 

Wyoming King 84 x 84 inches 
Texas King 80 x 98 inches 
California King 72 x 84 inches 
King 72 x 80 inches 
Olympic Queen 66 x 80 inches 
Queen 60 x 80 inches 
Full 54 x 74 inches 
Twin XL 38 x 80 inches 
Twin 38 x 74 inches 
Crib 28 x 52 inches 

Read on to learn more about the largest bed size. We’ll not only talk about the biggest mattress available, but we’ll also share some pointers on how to find the right one. 

Largest Bed Size [What is the Biggest Mattress]

Largest Bed Size

Alaskan King

The biggest size bed is an Alaskan King. It is square with 108 x 108 inches (274 x 274 centimeters). This is a great mattress to fill a large room, especially for families sleeping together. With a width of nine feet, it sleeps multiple people. At the same time, it has a length of nine feet, which means that even tall people can sleep comfortably. 

What’s in a Name? 

Some might think it is called an Alaskan King because it is from Alaska. After all, that is the history behind the name of California King Bed. Nonetheless, it is called Alaska because of its size. Alaska is the largest of all the 50 states in the US, which is also a reference to this mattress being the largest. 

How Much Does an Alaskan King Bed Cost? 

The price will differ depending on various factors, such as the material and the overall quality. The brand name of the mattress and the store where you will buy it are other factors that will impact the price. However, on average, the price can range from $2,500 to $5,000. 

How Many People Can Fit in an Alaskan King Bed?

It depends on the size of the people sleeping on the bed. As one of the beds is bigger than a king, it can sleep up to four adults or two adults and two children. Even at such a capacity, there is enough legroom for everyone to move around, making a comfortable sleep. 


  • Spacious enough to accommodate multiple sleepers 
  • A great option for people who sleep with pets or children 
  • Comfortable enough for tall people 
  • Provides a large space for the little ones to play 
  • Suitable for restless sleepers 
  • Makes you feel like a royalty 


  • Expensive and often unavailable 
  • Difficult to find sheets 
  • Hard to fit in an entryway or door frame
  • Requires a large space 
  • Care and maintenance can be tricky 

How Alaskan King Compares with Other Bed Sizes

largest bed size in the world

As you shop for a new mattress, you will encounter different names, each with its corresponding size. This section gives you a glimpse of other mattress sizes to know how it compares with Alaskan King:

1. Wyoming King 

Dimensions: 84 x 84 inches 

If the Alaskan King is too large for you and you want something smaller by a bit, then you might want to consider Wyoming King as an alternative. Some companies call this the Emperor King, so do not be confused. It is ideal for plus-sized couples who are looking for a big mattress.

Like the Alaskan King, the size of the Wyoming King is a double-edged sword. Yes, it is comfortable and spacious. However, it can take up too much space in a room. Not to mention, it will be hard to get into an entryway. Finding sheets can also be a challenge.

2. Texas King 

Dimensions: 80 x 98 inches 

Texas King is an excellent alternative if you are not into square beds like Alaskan King. If Wyoming is too short for you, this bed is an excellent choice for tall individuals. Although, the Alaskan King Bed is still taller. It is narrower and shorter than Alaskan King but still spacious for most rooms. 

It is great for sleepers who are 6.5 to 7-foot tall. The extra legroom means that you will be sleeping without your feet dangling on the side of the bed.

Meanwhile, the price will generally range from $2,000 to $3,500. 

3. California King 

Dimensions: 72 x 84 inches 

This is one of the most popular bed sizes because of its pop culture reference. It wasn’t until the 1960s that it became known, mostly as the best choice of athletes and stars. It is common for large bedrooms that need furniture to balance the design. The first was believed to be manufactured by a Los Angeles-based bed design company.

The California King is the largest standard-sized mattress in the market. It is easier to find than Alaskan King, Wyoming, and Texas King. Plus, you will find more options for beddings. 

4. King 

Dimensions: 72 x 80 inches 

When it comes to large mattresses, this is another popular option. It is almost the same size as a California King. It is four inches narrower but four inches longer than the latter, making it great for tall individuals who do not have the luxury of space for an Alaskan King in their bedroom. 

It is also an excellent option for families, including co-sleeping with their children. Even if for those who have pets, this is a notable pick. You won’t have a hard time looking for sheets as it is a standard size that most manufacturers carry. 

5. Olympic Queen 

Dimensions: 66 x 80 inches 

If you do not have enough space to fit an Alaskan King, an Olympic Queen is a great alternative. It is six inches wider compared to a traditional queen-sized bed, so it has a bit more space. However, take note that this size isn’t considered a standard. This means that it can be quite difficult to find sheets that fit perfectly. 

Again, what is the largest bed size? Alaskan King (108″ x 108″) is the largest bed size in length. Meanwhile, the widest bed available in the market is Family XL, with a width of 144″ and a length of 84″.

6. Queen 

Dimensions: 60 x 80 inches 

Out of all the mattresses sizes, this is the most popular. You can find it available in almost any store selling beds and sheets. This is a great option if you are a single sleeper. If you have a guest room or a small master bedroom, this is the bed size that you should choose. Nonetheless, if you are a couple who values the luxury of space, this isn’t for you. 

7. Full 

Dimensions: 54 x 74 inches 

This is a great transitional mattress and an exceptional option for people on a budget. It is good for single sleepers, especially in spaces where a queen can be too big. This is a common bed amongst young adults moving into their first apartments. Studio-sized flats with minimal space to spare will also benefit from this size.

8. Twin XL 

Dimensions: 38 x 80 inches 

It is slightly longer but the same width as a twin mattress for small rooms and single sleepers. This is perfect for tall adults who are on their own in a bedroom. It also makes a great supplement to a larger bed if you want to increase sleeping capacity, such as when you want your child to be in the same room as you but with a different bed. 

9. Twin 

Dimensions: 38 x 74 inches 

Also known as a single bed, this is the best option for a small room. It is space-efficient but also cramped. Even for just one person, you have limited space, making it uncomfortable. For children, however, it is more than enough. It is also a common mattress that is used in bunk beds. 

10. Crib 

Dimensions: 28 x 52 inches 

This is the smallest of all the mattresses mentioned in this guide. As the name implies, it is used in a crib, which means that it is for a baby. It is large enough to have provisions for other stuff, including pillows and toys. It has firm support, which is necessary to keep babies safe and minimize the risk of suffocation. 

What Is the Average Master Bedroom Size?

Other Considerations When Choosing a Mattress

largest bed size available

Now that we talked about the biggest bed size, we’ll leave you with some tips before closing this guide. When choosing a mattress, go beyond the size. Here are other important considerations:

1. Know the Material

It directly impacts the overall quality, including bounce and comfort. this will also affect temperature regulation. Innerspring, latex, and memory foam are some of the most common. You can also find hybrids. 

2. Consider the Firmness of the Mattress

There is no standard in this, so some might be marketed as a firm, but they can be soft. It’s best to try the mattress before buying it to know how firm or soft it can be. 

3. Do Not Be Afraid to Buy Online

While you might not have the opportunity to try it, consider the return and exchange policy of the manufacturer. Read reviews as well, so you can learn from the real-life experiences of other people. 

Conclusion – Largest Bed Size 

By now, we hope that we have already answered this question – what is the biggest size bed? As mentioned above, it is Alaskan King. The latter is a square bed or mattress that measures 108 x 108 inches. It is a great option for a spacious room, especially where a family sleeps. It is spacious enough for two adults, two children, or even four adults. 

The drawback about a bed bigger than a king is that it is hard to find. There is a minimal demand, so you won’t often see it in stores. At the same time, looking for sheets can be a challenge. 

The article also looked at other bed sizes available, which is summarized in the table below: 

Wyoming King 84 x 84 inches 
Texas King 80 x 98 inches 
California King 72 x 84 inches 
King 72 x 80 inches 
Olympic Queen 66 x 80 inches 
Queen 60 x 80 inches 
Full 54 x 74 inches 
Twin XL 38 x 80 inches 
Twin 38 x 74 inches 
Crib 28 x 52 inches 

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