Standard Kitchen Sink Size

Designing your kitchen will be easier if you understand the standard sizes of kitchen sinks. There’s a wide range of kitchen sinks with different widths and depths. So, what is the standard kitchen sink size for your kitchen?

The width of a standard size double bowl sink is 22 inches. There are double bowl sinks with widths as wide as 48 inches. These double sinks have bowls of the same size, or they can have one much wider basin than the other.

A good size of a single kitchen sink is about 30 inches. Generally, most homeowners prefer sinks with single bowls. These sinks are typically 30 inches long. A good length that most experts recommend ranges from 22 to 27 inches. These kitchen sink sizes are ideal for compact kitchens, although you still have to think about how deep the sink is.

Read on to learn more about the standard sizes of kitchen sinks and the best sizes for large, average, and compact kitchens.

Standard Kitchen Sink Size

Standard Kitchen Sink Size

Sink’s Dimensions Depends on the Cabinet Size

Since there is a wide range of kitchen sink sizes with different widths and depths, you need to understand the best sink for the size of your kitchen. You need to know this because the sink’s dimensions depend on the kitchen sink cabinet size.

Double Sink’s Standard Size

A standard size double sink will have a width of 22 inches. But there are double sinks with widths as wide as 48 inches. They can have one basin a couple of inches wider than the other. But they can also have two sinks of the same size.

Single Bowl Sink

For a single bowl sink, the standard size is 30 inches. This is the preferred width of most homeowners. Most experts recommend sinks with widths ranging from 22 to 27 inches because they work for the average size and compact kitchens.

Kitchen Sink’s Depth

You also need to think about how deep the kitchen sink is, especially if you have a compact size kitchen. According to some experts, the width of average size double bowl sinks is 48 inches, while that of average single sinks is 23 inches.

The size ranges from six inches to 12 inches in sink depth. But the average depth size ranges from seven inches to ten inches. If you frequently have to stack dishes on your sink or large pots, you are better off with a deeper sink.

Kitchen Sink’s Size Affects the Kitchen Size

The size of the kitchen sink will also have an overall effect on the size of a kitchen. For instance, a deeper and wider kitchen sink will look odd if you have a small kitchen. Likewise, a shallow and short sink will look strange if your kitchen is large.

So, you need to research the right size of kitchen sink for the size of your kitchen – before buying one.

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Why You Need to Know the Standard Size of Kitchen Sink

To Fit the Dimensions of Most Kitchen Countertops

The size of the kitchen sink appropriate for a particular size of the kitchen depends on several factors, although the average size is 22 inches deep by 30 inches wide. Sinks come in different types with widths that vary considerably. They are available in average sizes because they have to fit the dimensions of most kitchen countertops and kitchen cabinets.

Cater to Homeowners Needs

However, there are situations where a homeowner thinks that a deeper and wider sink is what their kitchen need. So, they go for kitchen sinks 30 inches wide or even wider—these sinks fit in larger and longer countertops.

There are even kitchen sinks with triple bowls. They can be as wide as 60 inches. There are also some sinks with narrow or shallow troughs. Their widths can be 50 inches or wider and from 8 inches to 14 inches from front to back. They are made for easy food preparation.

How to Find the Right Kitchen Sink Size

Determine the Kitchen Cabinets’ Size

You need to know that there is a kitchen sink and cabinet size relationship. The appropriate size of the kitchen sink is very much dependent on the size of the kitchen cabinets. So, if you want to determine the correct kitchen sink size for your kitchen, you have to measure the size of your kitchen cabinets.

Standard Size of Base Cabinets

This is an important factor in choosing the correct size of the kitchen sink. The size of the sink must fit comfortably with the base cabinets of the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets also have their standard sizes.

They typically measure 25 1/4 inches to 26 inches wide, 36 inches to 42 inches tall, and 24 inches deep. The size of the kitchen sink that will comfortably fit these kitchen cabinets is the standard 22 inches by 33 inches sink.

Big Cabinets Require Large Kitchen Sinks

So, if your base kitchen cabinets are bigger than these, it is possible to fit larger kitchen sinks in them. You also have to think about the kitchen sink drain size.

What Is the Standard Depth of Kitchen Sinks?

standard kitchen sink sizes

Easier to Soak Pots in Deep Sinks

The depth of most kitchen sinks ranges from 8 to 10 inches. There are certain advantages in each of these sizes. For instance, if you have a sink that is 10 inches deep, it will be easy for you to soak pots and pans. But it will be uncomfortable for shorter people to use a sink of this size.

Easier Prep Work Using Shallow Sinks

On the other side of the scale, shallow sinks offer easier prep work and easier reach. Some sinks of this type have a depth of only a few inches. They are usually installed beside a standard-size sink for cleaning vegetables and washing dishes.

So, when you consider sink depth, you need to remember that under-mount sinks typically sit approximately two inches lower than drop-in sinks. However, this will make it more difficult for you to reach the bottom of the sink.

More Tips in Choosing the Sink’s Size

Has an Effect on the Overall Appearance of the Kitchen

Whatever the size of the kitchen sink you choose, you should first consider its effect on the overall appearance of your kitchen. In other words, it should always stay in proportion with all the elements of your kitchen. It should not be too small or too large to complement the kitchen’s overall aesthetics.

Stay Away from Large Sinks If Your Kitchen Is Small

The standard kitchen sink size is 22 inches by 33 inches. However, this size may seem too big if your kitchen is small. If your kitchen area is smaller than 150 square feet, stay away from large sinks. Keep your choice on sinks that are under the standard sizes.

Choose Double or Triple-bowl Sinks If You Have a Large Kitchen

But if the floor area of your kitchen is greater than 150 square feet, you can expand your choices to double sinks or even triple-bowl sinks. These sinks will provide ease of use and improve the overall appearance of your large kitchen.

Again, what is the standard kitchen sink size? A double bowl sink’s standard width is 22 inches. However, you can also find a double bowl sink as wide as 48 inches.

Standard Sink Size for Different Sizes of Kitchen

Large Kitchens

It’s just natural that if you have a large kitchen, its sink should also be bigger. That’s the only way you can keep the harmony inside your kitchen. A big kitchen sink with two bowls or three bowls will blend well with your larger and wider kitchen cabinets.

So, installing a 33 to 36 inches kitchen sink will be for a large kitchen. It will be a perfect partner for kitchen cabinets measuring 36 to 39 inches. This kitchen sink’s size usually has about 20 to 22 inches from front to back. Also, it comes with a bowl that is about 10 inches deep. It will also have a big kitchen sink drain size.

Standard Kitchens

For an average size kitchen, a sink that ranges from 22 to 30 inches wide will be very appropriate. But then, it will also depend on the sizes of your kitchen cabinets. In any case, there is a rule of thumb that you can follow, so you are safe in your choice of size.

If the size of your kitchen cabinet ranges from 36 to 42 inches, you can safely choose a kitchen sink that is 22 to 30 inches wide. The front to back dimensions of the sink should be from 18 and 20 inches, with a bowl depth of about 10 inches.

One advantage of this sink size is that shorter family members such as pre-teens can get easy access. But you need to take correct measurements to choose the right sink size.

Compact Kitchens

If your kitchen is small, it will naturally have smaller kitchen cabinets. It will be a mistake to install a sink more than 30 inches. This sink size will give your family some inconveniences whenever they use it.

Suppose your kitchen cabinet measures 27 inches on its base, the sink that will perfectly fit measures 22 inches. So, if your kitchen area ranges from 155 to 160 square feet, your choice of sink should be limited to the small ones. It would be a mistake to install a large sink in this small kitchen area.

Keep in mind that short cabinets need short sinks, and large ones need big ones.

How You Can Determine the Correct Kitchen Sink Size

standard kitchen sink depth

You need to choose the right sink size for your kitchen. You will use it every day so it should not cause your family any inconvenience. Getting the right size will be easy if you will consider the following:

1. Design

There are different designs of kitchen sinks. You can choose from the following:

  • Single Bowls: For small and average size households.
  • Double Sinks: For homeowners who prefer to soak dishes in one bowl and rinse them over the other.
  • Triple bowls: Take more space in the kitchen, so they are for those who have extensive families. They are also typically used in restaurants and commercial establishments focused on food preparations.

2. Use

What you will use it for and how you will use it will determine the size of the kitchen sink you will buy. You will undoubtedly use different pots and pans if you are a cook. But if you are just an ordinary homeowner, your pots and pans will naturally be limited to those used for everyday cooking.

Whatever types of pans you are using, you should use a kitchen sink to accommodate the pots and pans you usually use. To be safe, bring the largest pot or pan to the store, or measure its diameter and ask the store clerk at the sink store to give you the best sink for it.

3. Depth

Most homeowners overlook the depth of the sink when buying kitchen sinks. The depths of sinks start at 8 inches. For special sinks, they can get as deep as 15 inches. Deeper sinks are for busier kitchens because they can hold more plates and pans than standard sinks.

If you have a large family with members who always cook and eat at home, you need a bigger and deeper kitchen sink. But if you’re just a normal family with regular cooking and eating habits, a not too deep sink will be enough.

4. Base Cabinet’s Size

If you are thinking of an under-mounted sink, you have to measure its base cabinet from inside and from edge to edge. From these measurements, subtract around 3 to 4 inches from its overall size. This is the size of the biggest sink that you can fit in your base cabinet.

The base cabinet should be completely open. There should be no drawers or shelves that interfere with the plumbing underneath the sink.

Conclusion: Standard Kitchen Sink Size

A standard size double bowl sink has a width of 22 inches. However, note that there are double sinks with bowls 48 inches wide. Moreover, double sinks can have bowls with the same widths. But there are also double sinks with one bowl that is much wider than the other.

Since kitchen sinks come in different styles, such as single bowl, double bowl, and triple bowl, there are different standard sizes for each kitchen sink type. The size of your kitchen area will also determine the correct size of the kitchen sink.

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