Chair Lift for Stairs – Top 5 Picks

Do you or a loved one need help in climbing up the stairs? Perhaps a chair lift is what you need. Chair lift technology has come a long way, and there are now quite a few options available on the market to choose from. A chair lift will tremendously help people who need it, including their families.

I have researched the best chair lifts and narrowed down a list of my top 5 picks. The top 5 chair lift for stairs are as follows:

  1. Universal Stair Lift Click here to see this lift on Amazon – Our #1 Top Pick!
  2. Harmar’s SL350AC Stair Lift
  3. Stair Lift with Flip-Up Arms by Harmar
  4. Nautilus Stair Lift
  5. AmeriGlide Horizon Standard Stair Lift 

An average chair lift for stairs cost is from $2,000 to $4,500, with some even going as high as $5,500. These chair lifts are worth their price because of their remarkable functionality and durability. They are built to last, so the convenience and peace of mind make up for the cost in the long run.

Read on to learn more about the 5 best chair lifts for stairs, as well as the key features and benefits for each.

Chair Lift for Stairs – Top 5 Picks

1. Universal Stair Lift – 350lb Capacity – Folds Flat to Wall

The first chair lift on our top 5 picks is the Universal Lifts Stair Lift made by Wiltek Home Elevators. It’s an American-made chair lift equipped with a foot pan, which folds up flat to the wall. It can carry up to 350 pounds of weight. This chair lift is also safe to use since it has three separate safety mechanisms.

Click here to see this lift on Amazon.

There is no need for you to provide electrical wiring for the unit. The lift’s power cord can be plugged directly into any standard AC outlet. It also comes with an internal rechargeable battery. If there is no power in the grid, its battery can power the lift and run it up and down more than 20 times.

Fifteen feet of track, which is more than enough for the typical single-floor installation, comes with the Universal Stair Lift. The unit can be installed at an incline that can range from 25 to 45 degrees. This chair lift is a 2019 model overrun, with only a few more units left in stock. There will be no more units left after the last one is sold.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • It can fold flat to the wall, making it easy for others to use the stairs in typical situations.
  • It can carry a maximum of 350 pounds weight.
  • Lift comes with three safety mechanisms.
  • Lift comes with an internal rechargeable battery. In case of a power interruption, the battery will run the lift up and down more than 20 times.
  • Lift comes with a wireless remote.
  • It provides a lifetime warranty for its drive train and control board.
  • Two years warranty for battery and seven years warranty for spare parts.
  • The chair lift can be installed in just a few hours by a qualified handyman.

Wiltek Home Elevators manufacture the Universal Chair Lift. This company is one of the oldest home elevator companies in the United States. As such, it is one of the leaders in the manufacturing and installation of residential elevators. It also has more than 40 years of experience in this business.

Wiltek only requires a minimum deposit from their customers, and their network of certified installers will help them install the chair lifts in their homes. Other companies require as much as 50 percent in deposit before installation. It will also typically take other companies up to eight months to install the chair lift in your home.

2. Harmar’s SL350AC Stair Lift

Our third pick for the best chair lift is Harmar’s SL350AC Stair Lift. This chair stair lift comes with a pre-installed carriage on a short section of its strong and durable aluminum track.

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The backrest of the chair lift has three separate settings. This unit is also equipped with a fold-up footrest. You can also adjust this footrest to two different heights to help you choose the most comfortable setting.

The seat of the chair is wide and spacious. It also has thick padding with attractive upholstery. This chair lift can be custom-fitted to your stairs as well.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Runs on standard 115 VAC home current
  • Supplies aluminum track (extruded) in custom lengths
  • Lift comes with rocker controls and constant-pressure functionality (can stop the lift instantly upon the release of the control)
  • Separate controls at the top and bottom of the stairs
  • Lift is mounted to the stairs and not the wall (on either side of the staircase)
  • Space-saving folding seat and footrest
  • Lifetime warranty on drivetrain and motor
  • Two years warranty on standard lifts

The maker of this chair lift is Harmar. This company has the widest variety of power stair lifts, scooters, and wheelchairs in the industry. As such, it can offer innovative solutions that can enhance the home accessibility of those with impaired mobility.

This company aims to provide people with ways that can grant them the freedom to go anywhere they want, whenever they want. Its products are easy and quick to install, with fewer parts required in their installations. All of its products are made and assembled in its factories in Missouri or Florida. The most saleable items are on the shelf and can be quickly delivered.

3. Stair Lift with Flip-Up Arms by Harmar

This Stair Lift with Flip-Up Arms is similar to our top third pick, the SL350AC Stair Lift. The marked difference is that this electric chair lift for stairs has flip-up arms, while the other one has permanent and non-moveable armrests.

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This lift also comes with a pre-installed carriage on the short section of the aluminum track. It also has a wide and spacious cushioned seat. You can adjust the fold-up footrest to two different heights and choose the one that will provide you the most comfort. You can adjust the backrest in three ways as well. This chair lift will also be custom-cut to fit the size of your staircase.

Every chair stair lift that comes out of the manufacturing facilities of Harmar is made to meet the high standards of the company. Each product is weight-tested at capacity before it leaves the factory.

The company also subjects every unit many times according to its rated load. For reliability, it has life-cycle testing within or above industry standards. Harmar understands that only robust designs, coupled with sound engineering practices, are the right combination that will provide safety and satisfaction to its customers.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Folding seat and footrest that save space
  • Mounted on the stairs and not the wall
  • Equipped with rocker controls and constant-pressure functionality (when you release the control, the lift will stop instantly)
  • The chair lift will be custom-fitted to your staircase 
  • The unit operates on a standard 115 VAC household current

Harmar was established in 1998 when Chad Williams bought All Purpose Manufacturing, a small vehicle lift company. This company produced inside lifts and outside lifts. Its name was changed later into Harmar Auto Lift.

In 2002, the company introduced a new and complete portable ramp product line. Harmar bought Summit Lifts, another maker of lifts, in 2008. This move enabled the company to enhance its expertise in home accessibility. In 2009, Harmar introduced the Pinnacle Stair Lift. This stair lift became one of the most popular stair lifts in the United States.

4. Nautilus Stair Lift

The second on our list of best chair lift for stairs is the Nautilus Stair Lift. This unit is mounted on the steps of the stairs and not to the wall. It is a worm gear-driven stair lift, which does not need any grease to run.

Click here to see this lift on Amazon.

The Nautilus Stair Lift comes with a battery that can provide alternate power. You can charge the battery while the lift is parked at the top or bottom of the stairs. If you want this stair lift, inform the seller about the following:

  • The exact length of your staircase
  • Where to mount it: to the left or right?
  • Any obstructions on top or bottom of the stairs
  • If there’s a door at the top of the stairs
  • If your stairs have a landing

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Chair lift can be folded to just 10.5 inches
  • Worm drive and grease-free
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on circuit board and motor
  • With free shipping to 48 states
  • Will be custom-fitted to your staircase

Nautilus is the maker of this stair lift. This company has been committed to helping people reach their fitness goals for more than 40 years. Aside from producing chair lifts for stairs, Nautilus also manufactures revolutionary strength machines. It now has a diverse list of cardio and strength machine brands.

The mission of this company is to encourage people and motivate them to live healthier lives. Nautilus demonstrates this mission by the way they live and conduct their business.

5. AmeriGlide Horizon Standard Stair Lift

My fifth stair chair lift pick is the AmeriGlide Horizon Standard Stair Lift. This lift integrates several innovative features into a compact design that can nearly fit all types of staircases.

Click here to see this lift on Amazon.

It is equipped with a seat and footrest that can fold up to give more space. The seat of this lift is lever-controlled for easy operation. It can be installed on steep staircases with a maximum incline of up to 55 degrees.

Among other convenient features of this unit are a lap belt, a digital diagnostic display, and a comfortable chair seat. It’s the most comfortable, convenient, and powerful chair lift available on the market. But you may need to ask for help in case you want to install it yourself.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Can carry up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Folding seat, arms, and footrest to allow more space
  • Swivel seat enables easy exit at the top of the stairs
  • Can be custom-fitted to your staircase (ask the seller for a measuring guide before ordering)
  • You can plug it to any standard electrical outlet
  • The standard length of rail is 14.75 feet

AmeriGlide Horizon has been a leader in consumer stair lift manufacturing since 2000. It has focused its manufacturing and marketing on electric chair lifts that can be self-installed. To this day, this company has successfully installed more than 50,000 chair lifts for stairs across the country.

AmeriGlide has also spearheaded the drive to reduce the prices of stair lifts. Its products are some of the most affordable in the United States. Their chair lifts for stairs cost, on average, lower than many other chair lift companies. On average, the installation of a unit only takes about four hours. The company also offers installation services for those who choose not to install the lifts themselves.

Aside from home accessibility, AmeriGlide also produces lifts for commercial applications. However, it is important to understand that in commercial applications, lifts are used mainly for convenience and not just for commercial accessibility. This company has supplied thousands of electric chair lifts to churches and commercial applications that want to provide safe, inexpensive, and effective stair solutions.

You can return any purchased chair lifts within 30 days, provided it is returned in its original package and is still in its fresh condition. Otherwise, the company will not accept the item. If all things go well, the purchase price will be returned, but shipping will not be included. You will be responsible for all return shipping costs and insurance.

Conclusion – Chair Lift for Stairs -Top 5 Picks

So, to recap, my top 5 picks for best chair lift for stairs are as follows:

  1. Universal Stair Lift – 350lb Capacity – Folds Flat to Wall
  2. Harmar’s SL350AC Stair Lift
  3. Stair Lift With Flip-Up Arms by Harmar
  4. Nautilus Stair Lift
  5. AmeriGlide Horizon Standard Stair Lift

Stair chair lifts for home and personal use have come down in price in the last few years. There are also now many more options available in the market. These 5 chair lifts for stairs will be great for you or your loved one’s home.

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