Icon Toolbox Review

A well-crafted toolbox makes the job of a professional mechanic much easier. The toolbox is as necessary as the tools themselves in accomplishing the many complicated tasks of a mechanic. In this Icon Toolbox review, I’ll list all its features and specs to help you see if it’s the right toolbox for you.

An Icon toolbox is designed to be the best tool cabinet that a professional mechanic can use. In terms of features, it can compete with the best toolbox brands but at a fraction of their price. The company that makes these toolboxes has a good reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality and affordable tools and tool storage products.

Aside from toolboxes, Icon also manufactures all kinds of tools for car mechanics. This company is famous for producing tools and tool storage cabinets that are affordable but strong and durable. You can buy their products direct from their stores or online.

Read on to learn more about the Icon Toolbox, its features and specs, its pros and cons, and everything you need to know about this product to determine if it will satisfy your needs.

About the Icon Toolbox

icon toolbox review

Icon built their brand’s tool storage products as the best storage cabinets for the sundry tools of a professional automotive mechanic. Plus, they built it with the same approach that they do with their professional mechanics’ tools.

Materials and Build Quality Comparable to Competitors

The good thing about these storage cabinets is that they are also high-quality products available at affordable prices. Their materials and build quality can compete with expensive tools and tool cabinets, but at a fraction of their costs.

Made by Harbor Freight

The Icon toolboxes are manufactured by Harbor Freight which is based in California. This company owns and manages over one thousand retail stores in approximately 48 states in the country. You can get hold of their tools and cabinets direct from their stores or online.

Crafted With Attention to Details

Some people say that Icon tools and tool storage products are even of higher build quality than other tools and tool cabinets available in the market. The prices of these cabinets are inexpensive, considering the quality materials and craftsmanship used to build them.

You can also see from the quality of their end products that they put attention to the details in their manufacturing process.

High-quality yet Affordable

Compared to other brands of tool cabinets in the market, Icon’s pricing after the 20% coupon discount that they offer is very reasonable. Plus, these tool cabinets are durable and high-quality.

Gone Through Rigorous Testing

The company says that they spend thousands of hours designing and refining their designs and rigorous testing before they release the final product from the factory. As such, these toolboxes are made to be the best storage cabinets in the market. With their more affordable prices, they can certainly go head to head with any tool truck brand in the market.

Pricewise, the Icon Toolbox can be considered as a mid-priced tools storage cabinet. Harbor Freight has invested its time and effort into this product line. By the look of their products, it appears that they did not cut corners to produce them.

One of the Best Storage Systems Available

Many mechanics believe that Icon toolboxes are one of the best storage systems available in the market. These cabinets have rollers which means they are portable as well. Their build quality is superb because they are made of strong steel with precision reinforced welds. They can withstand the harsh environment inside a typical garage.

Key Features of the Icon Toolbox

icon tool box unboxing

Being a high-quality and durable product, you can expect an Icon Toolbox to have features that make it very functional and helpful to professional mechanics. Here are some of their attractive features:

1. Unlimited Expansion Options

The general design of the Icon Toolbox is modular. There are endless modular configurations to give you maximum flexibility so the system can grow with and adapt to your needs. You can customize your options in expanding your storage, such as the following:

  • End cabinets,
  • End lockers,
  • Work centers,
  • Top chests, and
  • Overhead storage.

2. Strong Frames

Due to its double-wall steel frames, the Icon Toolbox’s body is sturdy and strong. The inside panels of the frame are 18 gauge steel. These panels are capable of o support the slide and drawer’s weight in an even manner.

Every frame has a structural corner bracket that can prevent the cabinet from twisting. On top of that, every toolbox has a top-quality finish. Icon polished the cabinet with a super-tough powder coat of green, red, or blue color.

3. Strong Drawers

The drawer slides of an Icon Toolbox are considerably bigger than the ones on the US General tool cabinets, which is also one of the storage products of Harbor Freight. They also appear strong. These slides have adjustable drawer retention latches that work better than other latches.

In addition, the makers of the Icon toolbox fitted the drawers that were longer with reinforcement underneath. This reinforcement will make them stronger. When it comes to side-to-side rocking, jamming, and racking, these drawers are smooth to control. It only means that the drawer design is executed correctly.

There will be some wiggle, but that is quite normal. It seems that the set-up that the Harbor Freight did with the drawer system is functioning very well. Every pair of drawer slides in the Icon Toolbox is rated at 265 pounds.

4. Advanced Locking System

The Icon Toolbox also comes with an advanced locking system. This system is designed to safeguard and keep all your tools from being lost or stolen. It also comes with force drawer latches. These latches are adjustable in the sense that you can control their opening force.

5. Internal Power Station

One of the features that you will like in an Icon Toolbox is the Internal Power Station. It is primarily designed to charge up tools and work lights with rechargeable batteries and cordless power tool batteries.

The power station comes with a power bar and a roller chain used to control the power cord. This power station has two fast-charging USB ports and two 110 volts outlets. It also comes with a power cable routing clamp that can be used with the external-facing power bar of the cabinet.

6. Slide-Out Worktop

The Icon Toolbox also comes with what appears to be a slide-out worktop. It is like some of the laptop drawers of other tool storage cabinets for consumers fitted with independent locks and hinged lids.

7. Strong Casters

Powerful and high-capacity casters support every Icon Toolbox. These casters are rated at 2,000 pounds or one ton. That means you can safely store all kinds of tools inside the drawers of an Icon toolbox just as long as they won’t go over 2,000 pounds.

8. Other Notable Features

Aside from the attractive features enumerated above, other features make the Icon Toolbox an excellent product to consider:

  • Premium non-slip drawer liners
  • Convenient exterior power
  • Power tool drawer that includes six adjustable height holsters for power and air tools
  • Interchangeable core locks with security milled keys
  • Power charging drawers with 6,110 volts, and two fast charging USB ports

Again, what does an Icon toolbox offer? An Icon toolbox is a must-have for professional mechanics. Its features are comparable to famous brands yet inexpensive. Plus, its manufacturer has a reputation for building high-quality tools and tool storage systems.

You can find more info and reviews on this roadsumo.com article here: Icon Toolbox Review.

Specs of the Icon Toolbox

icon toolbox

If you want to have an overall picture of the dimensions and the capacity of a tool storage cabinet, you need to see its specifications.

Icon toolboxes are available in different sizes and configurations. The specifications in the following table are those of the model ITSRC73R Icon Toolbox:

Width73 inches
Height45 inches
Depth25 inches
Toolbox Overall Weight855 pounds
Weight Capacity8,000 pounds
Slide Capacity265 pounds
Volume Capacity10,292 square inch
Number of Drawers20
Steel Construction16 gauge/18 gauge
Charging DrawerYes
Power Tool DrawerYes
Adjustable Force Drawer LatchesYes
Suspension CastersYes
External PowerYes


Another tool cabinet storage with almost the same size and a lower weight capacity costs much higher at $14,075. That only means that the Icon Toolbox offers more value for your money.

Pros and Cons of the Icon Toolbox

To round off my review of the Icon Toolbox, I will now discuss some of its pros and cons. They are by no means the only pros and cons of this product. But these few points will give you an idea if it is right for you or not:


  • Sturdy steel material and strong construction
  • Drawers are really strong. They can support a full size adult of reasonable weight.
  • Drawers have adjustments for tightness and looseness so you can adjust how the drawers close whenever you close them.


  • If you are not careful with the installation, the alignment of the door will not be perfect.
  • There are drawers that cannot full open, until you force them to.

About Harbor Freight

Eric Smidt Established Harbor Freight

The company that manufactures Icon toolboxes is Harbor Freight Tools. Their original name is Harbor Freight and Salvage. This is an American company that was established in 1977 by Eric Smidt. It started as a mail-order business that specializes in liquidated and returned merchandise.

Harbor Freight Toools

They later changed their name to Harbor Freight Tools in the course of their operations. Harbor Freight guarantees their customers 100% satisfaction with their products and offers their Icon tools warranty.

Offers Over 7,000 Tools and Accessories

This company offers over 7,000 tools and accessories to consumers and businesses. The quality level of their products matches and even exceeds those of other brands. What makes them attractive to consumers is that their prices are up to 80% less than the prices of similar products.

High-quality Product Manufacturer

Harbor Freight developed its reputation as a high-quality product manufacturer because of how they manufacture their products. Every product they sell has been carefully designed and meticulously manufactured.

Before any product is released from their factory, it undergoes stringent testing in their state-of-the-art labs. Their products undergo punishing tests that far exceed their normal use. So, buyers are assured that the particular product they buy will last longer than usual.

Operates More Than 1,200 Retail Stores

Harbor Freight operates more than 1,200 retail stores all over the country. This company has already served the needs of more than 40 million customers who are satisfied with the products that they bought from the company.

Conclusion: Icon Toolbox

All Icon toolboxes are designed to be the best tool storage cabinets that professional mechanics can use. At a fraction of other brands’ prices, Icon’s features can compete with the best toolbox brands in the market.

Harbor Freight, the company that makes these toolboxes, is well known as a manufacturer of high-quality tools and tool storage products that are more affordable than other brands. If you are in the market for a professional toolbox, the Icon brand is undoubtedly worth your consideration.

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