Tool Discounter Review [Is Good?]

Are you someone who hesitates to order tools online because of the scam stories you’ve read on the internet? You need to read this ToolDiscounter review. It will show you if you can trust this online seller or not.

The trust rating of ToolDiscounter is high. This indicates that this online seller is legitimate. It seems you can trust this company because its Scam Detector’s algorithm is also in the high range. This algorithm has given ToolDiscounter a score of 76.4 out of 100.

Scam Detector is an online service that validates the legitimacy of companies selling their products online. According to this validator, ToolDiscounter has a medium-high rating. They also described this company as well-known, fair, and standard.

Read on to learn more about ToolDiscounter, its background, its products, some customer reviews, and whether you can trust it or not.

Tool Discounter Review – Is Good?

Tool Discounter

The Scam Detector is a service that ranks the validity of online sellers. It gave a ranking of 76.4 out of 100 to ToolDiscounter. According to some reviewers, that is a medium-high rating. This means ToolDiscounter is an online seller that is legitimate and safe to deal with.

Another meaning that you can ascribe to this rating is that ToolDiscounter is a known, fair, and standard business. The 76.40 rankings were arrived at by Scam Detector by logically aggregating 50 related factors.

It also considered the trendy aspects of ToolDiscounter’s Tools & Gadgets sector, which was popular with customers. In giving its final evaluation, Scam Detector gave weight to certain determining factors such as domain age, mentions about customer service quality on social media, and customer feedback.

Another important factor that Scam Detector considered is the website’s Domain Authority or DA. All in all, this scam evaluating service gave ToolDiscounter more than an average passing mark. This means you can trust this online seller.

What Is

Online Seller of Tools and Gadgets

The website is an online seller of tools and gadgets. Its products can be aligned with the sector of trendy Tools & Gadgets. This company claims that it provides its customers with great prices on their products. Products

Their products include the following:

  • Automotive hand tools,
  • Auto tools,
  • Diagnostic tools,
  • Scan tools, and
  • Freon recovery shop equipment.

They offer these products at great discounts at special weekly intervals.

In Business for Over 31 Years

This online company has been in this business for over 31 years. It has been serving the automotive and truck market, supplying equipment, tools, and supplies.

ToolDiscounter also buys branded and high-quality automotive tools and equipment as well as supplies directly from their manufacturers. The company sells them to their customers at considerably low and discounted prices.

Exceptional Buying Experience

Customers can expect exceptional buying experience because ToolDiscounter employs knowledgeable personnel trained to give correct and appropriate answers to customers through the phone, fax, or email.

Office Hours

Their regular office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can contact them on the phone no. 877-663-8665 or 651-429-0325, or via email at [email protected]. Their main office is located at 4280 Centerville Road, Vadnais Heights, MN 55127-7813 USA. You can know more about them if you will visit

Annual Revenue

This company reports its annual revenue as $5 million. It currently employs 25 people. The SIC code of is 50,501. It also has a NAICS code which is 42312,4231. The industry in which ToolDiscounter operates is the industry of Automotive Service & Collision Repair and the industry of Consumer Services.’s Tech Stack also uses certain technology in its operations. Its tech stack includes the following:

  • GoDaddy DNS
  • G Suite
  • Marketo
  • Gmail for business

Is ToolDiscounter A Scam or Not?

tool discounter reviews

Now, we will deal with the question: Is a scam or not? From the information available right now, it seems that this online seller is not a scam. While that is true, you still have to use your common sense and be attentive to details when dealing with them online.

Normal to Have Complaints

You should understand that if a website belongs to the trendy type, such as the Tools & Gadgets sector, it will get more complaints than usual. This happens to Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and other popular websites. These platforms are 100% legitimate, yet they still commit errors that elicit customer complaints or followers.

Whatever the industry and whatever the company, there will always be customers who will complain. That’s just a part of doing business. But that does not mean that the company that is the object of the complaints is a scam. You have to practice common sense and discernment about these things.

3 out of 5 Customer Satisfaction

At any rate, in a total of 905 customer reviews, a review website has given ToolDiscounter a score of 3 out of 5 concerning customer satisfaction. Here are some more details related to this particular review:

  • Google Safebrowsing – safe
  • Coupon Code – Codes
  • Name –
  • Domain Create Date – 2000-01-01
  • Domain Expire Date – 2015-12-31
  • Alexa United States Rank – 106997
  • Alexa Global Rank – 449862

Again, is ToolDiscounter legit? With a high trust rating and a Scam Detector score of 76.4 out of 100, you definitely can trust ToolDiscounter as an online seller.

Positive Customer Reviews

One of the best ways you can determine the legitimacy of an online company and the kind of services is by considering the reviews given by its customers.

So, I am now giving you several reviews of customers who have ordered tools and other products from We will first consider the positive reviews:

1. Good Staff

A customer who made a deal with ToolDiscounter said on Jan. 10, 2015, that this company has very good people to do business with. So far, so good, they said. They added that this online seller has the lowest GearWrench prices they were able to find.

2. Offers Lowest Prices

Another customer named Anonymous ToolGuy wrote a review of the company on Jan. 10, 2015. I’m not sure if this is the same guy above. But at any rate, they said that they ordered all their GearWrench tools from ToolDiscounter together with other miscellaneous items.

3. Free Shipping

They believe that this company offers the lowest prices in KD Tools/GW items and even paid for their shipment. The only downside they experienced was they had to wait for a couple of days to ship the items – if they were not in stock.

This customer says that ToolDiscounter’s online tracking of orders is not amazing. You have to be patient for your items to be delivered. They say they are shipping directly from their distributors, so you need to call them to track your items.

Another customer who signed his review as Biomed said they have ordered from ToolDiscounter many times. They said that the base pricing of this company is one of the lowest. However, it can take them weeks to deliver the items. This customer also says that they have to pay state sales tax.

They have ordered certain Wright items which were back-ordered. It appeared to them that ToolDiscounter didn’t have an effective line of communication between Wright and the customers. There are times when it seems that ToolDiscounter orders its items from third parties.

This customer didn’t like that ToolDiscounter could not arrange the shipment directly from the manufacturer. All bought items are shipped to ToolDiscounter and then to the buyer. Other online sellers can send their items directly from the manufacturers to the customer.

4. Good Customer Service

At any rate, this customer says that ToolDiscounter’s customer service is good. A live person always answers your call when you dial their 800 number.

5. Other Reviews

Other buyers of ToolDiscounter gave a review of this company. Some customers have commented that this company is “Good,” “Very quick and helpful,” “Helpful and good at English,” “Delivery not complete, but the representative was prompt,” “Carrie was the best customer agent. Thank you,” and “awesome and fast.”

Negative Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, you can’t please all the people all the time. So, ToolDiscounter has also received some negative reviews from its buyers and customers. Here are some of the negative feedback received by this online seller from their customers:

Chinese Products

One customer thinks that the items delivered to them were Chinese copies. They say they ordered and received one major USA name brand tool. But it turned out, so they believe, to be a Chinese imitation. This customer says that ToolDiscounter’s prices are good. However, you may not get true US-made items.

Shipped the Wrong Item

Another customer of ToolDiscounter warns potential buyers to avoid dealing with this online seller. They said they placed an order, but they discovered that they had ordered the wrong item right away.

This customer immediately contacted ToolDiscounter through their email order. But it seems ToolDiscounter still proceeded to ship the wrong item. This customer says that the company refused to refund their shipping costs for their order.

This experience led this customer to decide to order only from Amazon. They said they would stick with Amazon from now on. This customer even added that this is the reason why ToolDiscounter is losing its business to Amazon.

The Verdict

tool discounter coupon

Safe to Deal With

From the validation made by Scam Detector and several positive reviews given by actual customers, it appears that it is safe to deal with It is a legit company and not a scam operation.

Customers Gave a Positive Assessment and Recommendation

Many customer reviews gave a positive assessment and recommendation. says that their review of is positive. They based their positive trust score on an automated analysis of 40 different sources of data.

They checked the technology used by the website, the other websites that exist on the same web server, the location of the physical company, and other relevant things. Websites that get scores of 80% or higher are generally safe to deal with. The safest is 100%.

74.6 Ranking from Scam Detector

In the case of ToolDiscounter, it got a 74.6 ranking or rating from Scam Detector. This means ToolDiscounter is a safe and legit place to shop. Even then, scam investigators and ranking service companies advise you to investigate first before you buy.

They say you should vet the website where you want to shop. Investigate first before you supply any personal information to any online seller. 

In addition, also checked if the website of ToolDiscounter is optimized for search engines like Bing and Google. They found that several items were missing, making it difficult for search engines to find their website.

This aroused the suspicion of the people in Why would they not like their websites to be found through Bing or Google? 

Some online companies do this if they don’t want brand protection agencies and the police to find them. What’s the reason for ToolDiscounter? This is the reason why you need to investigate.

Conclusion: Tool Discounter Review – Is Good?

ToolDiscounter is enjoying a high rating from scam algorithms and customer reviews. It appears that this online company is legitimate. In fact, the Scam Detector algorithm has given this online tool supplier a high rating of 76.4 out of 100.

Even then, you should always check the websites where you want to shop. This is the best way to safely order from an online company and expect to have your item delivered within a reasonable time.

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