Huskee LT4200 Specs and Review

Riding lawnmowers make yard maintenance fast and easy. But they are pretty costly. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly riding mower, consider Huskee. This Huskee LT4200 specs and review will show you how this affordable machine can make your yard work easier.

The Huskee LT4200 is a riding mower powered by a big 500 cc, 17.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt Engine. This is more than enough power that will allow you to mow even tough and rough lawns quicker and easier.

Many owners of Huskee riding mowers say that this machine is among the most reliable and durable lawn tractors they have owned and used. These garden machines are made by Modern Tool and Die Company, a reputable company that makes lawn and garden equipment.

Read on to learn more about the Huskee LT4200 riding mower, its specs, and some customer reviews to assess if it’s the lawn tractor you are looking for.

Huskee LT4200 Specs and Review

huskee lt4200

The Huskee LT4200 is a garden tractor used to maintain even tough lawns easier and faster. It is powered by a 500 cc, 17.5 hp. Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt engine. With this powerful engine, you can easily and quickly maintain even a tough and rough lawn.

Those who have used these lawn machines have testified that they are dependable and long-lasting. The maker of these riding mowers is Modern Tool and Die Company. MTD has been a reputable garden and lawn equipment manufacturer for many years.

The 2017 Huskee LT4200 riding lawn mower model features Reverse Mowing Control or RMC. It enables you to move forward or in reverse as long as you are in control of it. It will return to its regular operation once you push a button or turn off its engine.

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Specifications of the Huskee LT4200

To assess if this garden equipment is the right riding mower you need, you must consider its specifications.

Here are the basic specs of the Huskee LT4200 mower that you need to know:

BrandBriggs & Stratton
Engine Size500 cc
Capacity, horsepower17.5 hp.
No. of cylinders1
Transmission7-speed, manual
Carb compliantYes
Fuel tank capacity1.3 gallons
Deck typeTwin blade
Cutting width42 inches
Front tire size15 inches x 6 inches
Rear tire size20 inches x 8 inches
Length48 inches
Width45 inches
Height70 inches
Weight450 pounds
Turning radius18 inches
Warranty2- year limited warranty

Features of the Huskee LT4200

You also need to know the essential features of the Huskee LT4200 to be able to say if it’s the riding mower that will satisfy your needs.

Here are the key elements of the Huskee LT4200 garden tractor:

1. Reverse Mowing Control or RMC

This feature allows the machine operator to move forward or backward (reverse) until they leave the machine, turn the key back to normal, or shut the engine off.

2. Easy to Use

The controls of this riding mower are user-friendly. It is also easy to maintain because the work required is not that much and not too complicated.

3. Seven-Speed Transmission

With a transmission that spans seven gears, effortless speed changes are possible without stopping. There will be no problem adjusting the vehicle’s speed in whatever terrain.

4. 46-inch Cutting Deck

With a deck that has a wide cutting width, maintaining two acres of grasses will be a breeze. This deck width allows for increased vacuum force for the best cut quality. The airflow is also improved.

5. Low-Back Seat

With a low-back seat, the operator can mow and cut grass without putting any stress on the back.

6. Tractor and Rear Engine Styles

There are two options offered to interested buyers. One model is a more powerful Huskee LT4200 lawn tractor, while the other is a more compact riding mower.

7. 2-Year Warranty

Each machine is provided with a 2-year limited warranty. This offers peace of mind to buyers that their investment is adequately protected.

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Actual Customer Reviews

huskee lt4200 reviews

What better way to determine if a product is what its maker claims it to be than to get the reviews of the owners who have already owned and used the product? In that vein, some reviews are provided by customers who bought and used the Huskee LT4200.

To help you get the best assessment of this lawn tractor, I have included not just the positive customer reviews but also the negative ones.

Positive Reviews

1. Nice Hydraulic Drive

Customer A has a positive Huskee LT4200 review about their new lawn mower. Their Huskee is a 42-inch mower with a 17.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine with hydraulic drive. They mowed around 1/2 acre in their almond orchard with up to 12 inches of weeds.

This reviewer didn’t cut their lawn too fast, so the engine didn’t lug. Its hydraulic drive is nice, said the owner.

2. Affordable

It took them a little practice before they got used to the throttle on the machine’s left fender. The riding mower just cost them $999, which they say is far cheaper than other brands that sell at $1,500 to $2,500.

3. Affordable Service Plan

This customer chose this machine due to the years of service it will give them at an affordable price. Its service plan is also affordable, which they thought would give them ample protection for their investment.

4. Effective and Dependable Even After 17 Years

Customer B bought a 46-inch riding mower in 2001 and an attachment, a 42-inch snow blower. They said they used the machine every summer and winter. They mowed about three and a half acres and snow that they cleared from a two-car driveway 100 feet long.

After using it for the past 17 years, this owner and user found the machine effective and dependable. This owner said they were surprised that there are many negative reviews about it.

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5. Functional Even for One and a Half Seasons

Customer C got their 2017 Huskee LT4200 from their dad after he passed away. The dad was able to use it only for a month.

This owner used it to mow their lawn for more than one and a half seasons. They have already got the motor of the machine rebuilt. This owner is still using it to mow their lawn. They are taking care of it because it was their dad’s.

6. Easy to Maintain

Another customer, Ron of Lima, says that the Huskee LT4200 he owns and uses is a perfect mower.

He says it’s a very good machine, runs and mows like a dream, and he never had any trouble with it. This owner uses this mower to maintain around one acre once or twice weekly. He added that it is also easy to service and maintain.

Roy of Linwood, MI, another owner and user of the Huskee LT4200, said they couldn’t believe all the bad reviews of this machine they’ve read.

They bought their Huskee LT4200 riding mower from TSC (Tractor Supply Company) when they bought a house in 2013. Together with the house is a lawn with an area of one and a half acres.

7. Requires Only a Few Maintenance

So, they used the Huskie to maintain that lawn. This owner said all the maintenance work they had to do with this machine was to change belts and blades and some driver belt tension adjustments.

A customer said they use this machine to mow and maintain their lawn and pull a trailer and a yard sweeper. They also plow snow with this machine one winter.

They admitted that there are better riding mowers than the Huskee they bought. But when they bought their house, the mower they could afford was this Huskee.

As it turned out, this Huskee has been trouble-free for the five years they have been using it. And it is still going strong, added this customer.

Again, is Huskee LT4200 a good riding mower? The Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt Engine, a 500 cc engine with 17.5 horsepower, powers the Huskee LT4200. This is plenty of power for mowing rough lawns.

Negative Reviews

To give you the other side of the coin, here are some negative reviews of the Huskee LT4200 from customers who own and use it to maintain their lawns:

1. Noisy

Debbie of Benton, MO, says that in 2017, she bought a new Huskie mower from TSC. A year later, the mower started making a hideous noise when she engaged the PTO (power take-off). She says it was bearing out of it.

She got it fixed for around $100. The engine oil was also changed. Unfortunately, when she started the machine and engaged the PTO, she heard the same annoying noise.

2. Issues with Parts

The Briggs & Stratton engine has no problem. But she suspects other parts are not working well. Bottom line: she is unhappy with this mower and advises others not to get it.

3. Battery Kept Dying

Danielle of Hudson, OH, another owner of a Huskee riding mower, sarcastically thanked TSC for selling her the machine “from hell.” She is already in her fourth year of owning and using her Huskie, which she calls a “piece of garbage.”

Apparently, during her first year of ownership, its battery kept dying. Then the belt came off. She said she had nine different mechanics that tried to tighten or replace the belt. She said for a few years; they were able to mow three rows before they were forced to put the belt back on. 

They can’t hire someone to mow their lawn because they can’t afford it. Since they can’t keep up with the Huskie, she thinks her neighbors think of them as Beverly Hillbillies.

She says it takes them four hours to fix their Huskie and four hours to mow their lawn. If that continues, it will be tough to hold an eight-hour job, she says.

4. Engine Shuts Off When Reversing

Carolyn of Waldorf, MD, another owner, and user of a Huskee, has this to say about the machine. She wished that she had read these (negative) reviews before she bought her Huskie LT4200 in 2016. Carolyn said she had had problems with it ever since.

She added that it’s good that she never got rid of her hand mower. Carolyn thought it would be easier to mow her lawn with a riding mower, expecting she could cut her grass in no time.

It didn’t turn out as she expected. Whenever she stops and changes it to reverse, the engine shuts off. The mower will not cut back on if she turns it off after cutting a few feet.

She had to buy a new battery since it couldn’t start up in one season. When it started, she again experienced the same Huskee LT4200 problems.

5. Only Functional for One Season

Roy of Ethridge, TN, is another owner of a Huskee riding mower. Roy bought his Huskee in May 2016 from TSC. Three months later, in July, its engine blew. Huskee replaced it since it was still under warranty. After using it for the season, he serviced the machine and parked it for the winter.

Then he took it out and tried to mow the following summer, but it could not make even a single round. It had the same problem: engine shot. However, the factory did not replace it because it is probably no longer under warranty.

The authorized service shop said they could replace the engine for $900. So, Roy said he would never again buy this riding mower. He is not happy with either Huskee or Tractor Supply, he added.

Who Makes Huskee LT4200?

huskee lt4200 specs

The manufacturer of lawn equipment named Huskee is Modern Tool and Die Company, or MTD. So, Huskee is a brand name of MTD because this lawn equipment manufacturer also builds other brands of lawn and garden equipment.

MTD is an American maker of outdoor power equipment designed and sold to the mass market.

It competes with other equipment producers, including:

  • Husqvarna
  • John Deere
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Ariens
  • Stihl.

MTD manufactures non-commercial, low-end John Deere tractors.

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Who Sells Huskees?

Since Huskee lawnmowers are designed for the mass market, you can buy them from several stores, dealers, and outlets. First, you can get it at the MTD website and outlets, at the Tractor Supply Company, at Auto Express, Laser, and SCITOO.

Huskee lawn mowers are one of the most affordable machines on the market. Its manufacturer tries to keep its prices lower than other similar equipment. This is the reason why many homeowners find Huskee attractive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the answers to the most often asked questions about the Huskee LT4200 that will help you assess if it’s the riding lawn mower that you need:

What Is the Engine of the Huskee LT4200?

The Huskee LT4200 is a riding lawn mower. It is equipped with the 500 ccs, 17.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt Engine. This is enough power to let you keep and maintain even rough and tough lawns easily and quickly.

Are Huskee Mowers Any Good?

There are a lot of owners and users of Huskee lawn mowers that testify that they are durable and dependable. However, some customers have only bad experiences with the machine.

Huskee is one of the most affordable brands of riding lawnmowers. The Huskee LT4200 price is nearly half the price of the more expensive ones. This is why it is attractive to homeowners looking for a budget-friendly lawn mower that can offer good service and long life.

How Long Can a Riding Lawn Mower Last?

The durability and longevity of a lawn mower depending on the brand, the quality, and the way it is used and maintained. On average, a riding lawn mower can last many years. Typically, you can expect a lawn mower to last ten years.

If you give your riding lawn mower proper care and maintenance and don’t abuse it, it may give you 15 to 20 years of service.

Who Makes Huskee Riding Lawn Mowers?

The Huskee lawn power equipment manufacturer is Modern Tool and Die Company or MTD. This company makes Huskee garden power equipment for the mass market. That is why the prices of Huskees are half the prices of other brands of garden power equipment.

In Closing: Specs and Review of Huskee LT4200

The Huskee LT4200 is a riding mower powered by a big 500cc Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt Engine that can deliver 17.5 horsepower. With this powerful engine, you can mow even the most challenging and roughest lawn quickly and easily.

Many owners of Huskee riding lawn mowers say these machines are among the most durable and dependable garden tractors they have used. However, as in all things, some customers are not happy with their Huskees.

As a prospective buyer, you must do your due diligence to see if this garden tractor is right for your needs. Modern Tool and Die Company, a well-known lawn, and garden equipment manufacturer, is the maker of these machines.

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