Scag V-ride 2 Specs, Price, Problems, and Review

Maintaining a perfectly manicured lawn is easier and more enjoyable if you use one of the best stand-on mowers on the market—the Scag V-Ride 2 stand-on mower. Read this Scag V-Ride 2 review to know if it’s worth your money.

Scag is usually the trusted brand for zero-turn mowers. Their top-of-the-line mowers are known for being comfortable, dependable, durable, and user-friendly. Even if you need to use them for long hours several times a day, Scag’s 2020 lineup of zero-turn riding mowers are built to last many years of high-hour daily use.

Is Scag V-Ride 2 as good as their zero-turn mowers? Read on to learn more about it.

About Scag Power Equipment

Scag V-ride 2

If you’ve never bought a lawn mower before, you might wonder about the company making the Scag V-Ride 2 stand-on lawn mower.

The history of Scag Power Equipment goes back to 1983. Their products used to be manufactured under contract with Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc., a major metal fabricator, and manufacturer. In 1986, Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc. purchased the company.

After the acquisition, Scag Power Equipment became one of the most well-respected brands for commercial and residential lawn mowers.

Unlike other manufacturers, they’re the only company that manufactures their components. In addition, highly trained people assemble the components using the latest technologies.

The company introduced the V-Ride 2 (also spelled as V-Ride II) series on September 24, 2017.

This series of updated Scag stand-on mowers perfectly combines the compact features of riding lawn mowers and the power and speed of walk-behind mowers. They also have bigger tires and a low center of gravity to help them stay stable on any terrain.

Scag V-Ride 2 Specifications

Now, before we go into details, below is a summary of the Scag V-Ride 2 specs:

SpecificationScag V-Ride 2
Drive system

TypeDual pump and motor

Motors32″ and 36″ models: Parker 12 ci (compression ignition)
48″, 52″, and 61″ models: Parker 14 ci

Pumps32″ and Scag V-Ride 2 36″: Hydro-Gear 10 cc (cubic centimeters)
48″, 52″, and 61″ models: Hydro-Gear 12 cc

Parking brakeHand lever

Reverse ground speed5 mph (miles per hour)

Forward ground speed32″ and 36″ models: 8.5 mph
48″, Scag V-Ride 2 52”, and 61″ models: 10.5 mph
TiresDrive tires32″ model: 20″ x 6.5″-10″
36″ model: 20″ x 8″-10″
48″ and 52″ models: 24″ x 9.5″-12″
61″ model: 24″ x 12″-12″

Caster tires32″ and 36″ models: 11″ x 4″-5″
48″ and 52″ models: 13″ x 5″-6″
61″ model: 13″ x 6.5″-6″

Cutting widths32″, 36″, 48″, 52″, and 61″

TypeAdvantage (32″ and 36″ models)
Velocity Plus (48″, 52″, and 61″ models)

Deck liftHand lever

Cutting height1.5″ to 4.5″ in 0.25″ increments

SpindlesCast-iron spindle housing with heavy-duty tapered roller bearings

ConstructionTri-Plate deck made from 1/2″ of steel (consisting of 3 steel plates)
Deck spindles reinforcement plates
Dual-plate (32″ model)

Blade engagement32″, 36″, 48″, and 52″ models: Ogura GT2.5 (150 ft lbs)

61″ model: Ogura GT3.5 (250 ft-lbs)
Product dimensions

32″ V-Ride II modelLength: 65.25″
Tracking Width: 32″
Width (discharge chute down): 43″
Width (discharge chute in transport position): 33.75″
Height: 47″
Weight: 818 lbs

36″ V-Ride II modelLength: 65.25″
Tracking Width: 36″
Width (discharge chute down): 47.75″
Width (discharge chute in transport position): 37.25″
Height: 47″
Weight: 832 lbs

48″ V-Ride II modelLength: 67.5″
Tracking Width: 48″
Width (discharge chute down): 61.25″
Width (discharge chute in transport position): 49.75″
Height: 47.25″
Weight: 1,015 lbs

52″ V-Ride II modelLength: 69.5″
Tracking Width: 48″
Width (discharge chute down): 65.25″
Width (discharge chute in transport position): 53.75″
Height: 47.25″
Weight: 1,000-1,022 lbs

61″ V-Ride II modelLength: 72.75″
Tracking Width: 48″
Width (discharge chute down): 73.5″
Width (discharge chute in transport position): 62.75″
Height: 47.25″
Weight: 1,127-1,173 lbs

Important Features of the Scag V-Ride 2

scag v ride 2 review

Like any Scag product, the V-Ride 2 stand-on lawn mower has many impressive features and is built to a standard to meet every customer’s needs. Below is a rundown of its features:

1. Wider Operator Platform

The spacious and unobstructed operator platform is made from thick steel with a textured surface to prevent slipping. SCAG revised the design of the cutting deck by putting the operator closer to the center of the mower, which is good for maneuverability while on the job.

Additionally, an adjustable suspension spring absorbs impact shocks to keep you more comfortable and reduce operator fatigue.

2. Bigger Tires to Improve Traction

The drive tires of the V-Ride 2 are a lot bigger to improve traction, prevent pulling or shredding of grass, and easily climb a steep grade. With a high ply rating of 4, these drive tires have a higher carrying capacity and are more resistant to punctures.

As for the front caster tires, you don’t need to worry about running over thorns or sharp objects because they’re flat-resistant. And if they get damaged, you can easily replace the heavy-duty extension for the front caster tires.

3. Multiple Cutting Widths

The V-Ride 2 stand-on mower offers five cutting widths to fit your needs: 32″, 36″, 48″, 52″, and 61″. The Velocity Plus decks are available in 48″, 52″, and 61″ widths, while the Advantage Cutter Deck is available in 32″ and 36″ widths.

Advantage Cutter Deck Design Features

  • Constructed with two steel plates (32″ model) or three steel plates (36″ model) to ensure years of service
  • Replaceable wear pad protects the deck trim-side from potential damage
  • Heavy-duty cutter-blade drive spindles
  • Even clipping dispersal in any condition
  • Equipped with the Custom-Cut Front Baffle System to maximize mower performance, depending on the cutting conditions
  • Cuts everything into smaller pieces, from tough weeds to fine grasses

Velocity Plus Cutter Deck Design Features

  • A redeveloped cutting chamber and a huge discharge opening, which works together with the Turbo Baffle for a greater and more even clipping dispersal
  • Heavy-duty cutter-blade drive spindles
  • A replaceable wear pad protects the deck trim-side from potential damage
  • Constructed with three plates for longevity
  • Can cut almost everything in all kinds of conditions

What’s the Difference Between the Scag Advantage Cutter Deck and the Velocity Plus Cutter Deck?

One major difference is that the Velocity Plus has a larger discharge opening. Models with this deck design also have the adjustment on the left front support chain.

The two are relatively the same besides these differences. But some customers say the Velocity Plus deck performs better than the Advantage Cutter Deck.

4. Reliable Cutter-Blade Spindles

Critical Part of Any Lawn Mower

The cutter-blade spindles are a critical part of any lawn mower. If they malfunction or become damaged, the blades could spin unevenly or stop working altogether.

Solid and Large

The spindles Scag uses for their lawn mowers are among the best in the commercial industry. The V-Ride 2’s spindles are solid and larger in diameter (1 1/8″) to ensure they don’t snap in half under load or after rotating more than a million times.

Has a Tapered Design

Their matched tapered roller bearings have a higher load-carrying capacity than standard ball bearings. The tapered design allows the spindles to handle both radial load (derived from the weight of the mower) and thrust load (derived from cornering forces).

Spindle Assembly’s Precision-machined Housing Is Made from Cast Iron

The precision-machined housing of the spindle assembly is made from cast iron. Compared to most materials, like aluminum and steel, cast iron has higher compressive strength (ability to resist compression).

This material is also easier to accurately machine the center to ensure a perfect fit for the tapered roller bearings.

Scag Uses a Special Grease-relief Poppet Valve

Grease accumulation can lead to rising operating temperatures, energy loss, and seal failures. To ensure those don’t become Scag V-Ride 2 problems, Scag used a special grease-relief poppet valve that’s spring-loaded to prevent debris from going inside the housing.

Again, how fast is a Scag V-Ride 2? Scag V-Ride 2 is available in several models to fit its customer’s needs. Its compact size makes it easy to fit inside a trailer. Plus, its 48″ model can reach up to 10.5 MPH.

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5. Customizable Cut Baffle

Baffles are responsible for controlling the direction of the grass by enhancing the airflow. As a result, the grass clippings directly go into the bag or are left on the ground as mulch and do not reenter the deck cutting cycle.

You can set the Scag V-Ride 2 in several baffle settings to suit your needs:

  • Low positions: helps with fall leaf cleanup and reduces messy blowout from the front-edge
  • Medium positions: used for versatile cutting performance in all types of grass
  • High positions: suitable for tall, difficult-to-cut, or wiry grasses

Steps for adjusting the height of the Custom-Cut Baffle:

  • Lift the cutter deck and lock it into the transport position from the operator’s position.
  • Take off the mounting hardware that secures the cutoff baffle to the deck.
  • Adjust the cutoff baffle to the position you want.
  • Put back the mounting hardware.

6. Ogura PTO Clutch Brake

The function of PTO clutch brakes is to stop cutting blades on a lawn mower quickly. The V-Ride 2’s PTO clutch brakes are manufactured by Ogura, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mechanical clutches.

Ogura PTO clutch brakes feature an adjustable air gap. This means that your Scag dealer can adjust them to bring them back into the specification so that you can avoid expensive replacement costs.

In addition, they also feature the required torque values to ensure a solid connection between the engine and cutter-deck drive system.

7. Industrial-Grade Hydraulic System

The drive system is an important component of the transmission. It’s responsible for sending the driving force that makes the wheels turn and blades spin to cut the grass.

Scag equipped the V-Ride 2 with highly efficient and dependable dual Hydro-Gear pumps and Parker wheel motors. The 48″, 52″, and 61″ models have the 12 cc dual Hydro-Gear pumps and 14 ci Parker wheel motors.

Meanwhile, the 32″ and 36″ models come with the 10 cc dual Hydro-Gear pumps and 12 ci Parker wheel motors.

Cooling fans are also in place to prevent overheating. These mowers also have heavy-duty pump shock valves to avoid damage to the motors, such as leaks.

8. Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System

The onboard Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System will monitor a wide variety of systems in your V-Ride 2 mower in real time. The backlit display panel is readable in all lighting conditions, i.e., whether your location receives too much or too little light.

Some of the system functions it monitors include the following:

  • Electronic hour meter
  • Control lever circuit
  • Volt meter and charging system
  • Engine oil pressure (on select models)
  • Glow plug indicator (alerts you of any potential problem) on diesel models
  • PTO circuit (controls the ability of the blade to spin)
  • Air filter condition (protect the engine from dirt and debris)
  • The engine’s water temperature (available on liquid-cooled models)
  • Parking brake circuit (controls the parking brake or emergency brake)
  • Safety interlock module (prevents a mower from starting if the blade clutch is engaged)
  • Seat switch circuit (turns off the engine when you get off the seat or when the deck is engaged)

The Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System is only available in the 32″ and 36″ V-Ride models. The systems it monitors will also vary for every engine and model.

9. Powerful Engine Options

It has powerful engine options, which can reach a capacity of up to 40 horsepower. You can choose between different brands:

  • The Briggs Vanguard (37 hp) is available only in the 61″ model.
  • The Kawasaki engine (16 hp to 25 hp) is available in the 36″, 48″, and 52″ models only.
  • The Kohler EFI (25 hp to 29 hp) is available only in the 52″ and 61″ models.

10. Other Features

Made from a High-strength, Single-tube Steel Main Frame

The Scag V-Ride 2 is made from a high-strength, single-tube steel main frame. Its padded control levers have a large diameter, making them comfortable and easy to hold. The lever action is smooth, so you don’t need excessive hand force to operate them.

Extra Thick Cushion

The extra-thick operator cushion keeps you comfortable operating the mower for long periods.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The fuel tank can hold 6.75 gallons (36″ model) and 8″ gallons (48″, 52″, and 61″ models). It also features a fuel level gauge for easy monitoring and an extra-large, angled filler neck for support and proper positioning while refueling your mower.

Equipped with a Standard Auxiliary Canister Air Filter

V-Ride 2 mowers with the Kawasaki FX engines come with a standard auxiliary canister air filter system located above the engine.

This system draws cleaner and cooler air and removes dirt and other debris to prevent them from reaching the engine. Compared to standard stand-on mowers, the filter system on Scag mowers has a 150% greater filtering surface.

Uses Split-pulleys

Also, Scag used split-steel pulleys on load-carrying parts of the V-Ride 2, such as the pump and cutter-deck drive systems. They increase the longevity of these components and help the blades and drive system components to spin up to speed.

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Is the Scag V-Ride 2 Worth Buying?

scag v-ride 2 manual

Price Depends on the Type of Deck and Engine

The Scag V-Ride 2 price depends on the type of deck and engine you choose. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price ranges from $9,449 to $13,349, which makes the V-Ride 2 slightly more expensive than other comparable stand-on lawn mowers from other brands.

For instance, the 36″ V-Ride 2 stand-on mower costs $9,799. Meanwhile, Wright’s 36″ Stander Intensity stand-on mower costs only around $8,699. The price difference is big, but Scag has always been known to be a reliable brand. So far, most of the customer feedback for V-Ride 2 is positive.

Has a Comprehensive Warranty Program

Scag also has a comprehensive warranty program. For this model, they backed it up with a solid 2-Year Commercial Machine Warranty and 500-Hour Non-Commercial Machine Warranty.

Scag products also come with other warranties, including a 3-year warranty for the spindles, a 3-year warranty for the cutter deck, and an engine warranty. According to some customers, the company usually honors their warranties.

Consider Your Lawn Mower Needs

Honestly, you don’t always need a lawn mower with much horsepower or torque. If your lawn is flat and level, a lawn mower (at least 38 inches) with a minimum of 14 to 16 horsepower is often enough.

But if you’re going to work on a large piece of uneven or steep land, you most likely need a lawn mower (44 to 54 inches) with a minimum of 18 horsepower to do the job faster.

Offers Different Engine Options

Scag offers different engine options to suit different horsepower and torque requirements. It can generate up to 40 horsepower, which is nice to have at your disposal if you’re mowing bigger lawns or dealing with wet or tough grasses.

Durable and Efficient

Overall, the V-Ride 2 can easily compete with other stand-on mowers from other brands, such as Ferris and Wright. It can be a little expensive and doesn’t have a crazy high-hour warranty, but its durability and efficiency are worth the price.

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Conclusion – Scag V-Ride 2 Specs, Price, Problems, and Review

Scag has been known for years as a trusted brand for lawnmowers for property or business. And V-Ride 2 seems to live up to its reputation of making compact, comfortable, efficient, and stable stand-on mowing machines.

So, if you’re looking for one of the best-cutting lawn mowers proudly made in the USA, this one’s for you.

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