Rubber Bands on Door Knobs – What’s the Purpose?

You’re probably one who doesn’t give rubber bands a second thought. You use them once and then completely forget about them. But rubber bands are used for a reason: to make your life easier. You can use them to organize stuff, make snack time easy, and even on your door knobs!

What’s the purpose of putting rubber bands on door knobs? The rubber band holds the latch in a stationary position so you can easily turn the door knob. This is an easy way to keep the door from latching shut; it only takes a few seconds. So if you need to open a door quietly or carry a bunch of bags, rubber bands on door knobs can be a lifesaver.

Read on to learn more about the rubber band on a door knob hack and other interesting uses of rubber bands in your everyday life.

Rubber Bands Over Door Knobs

rubber bands over door knobs

Rubber bands are one of the most versatile items we use daily. With their low cost, ease of use, and abundance, they’ve become something every family has in their home. And you know those rubber bands you see on door knobs? They’re there for a reason.

When you’re rushing to get in or out of your home, the last thing you want is to get stuck in the doorway. But that’s exactly what a rubber band on the door knob can help prevent.

The rubber band acts as a “door stopper” so you can quickly unload your car or get inside without worrying about slamming the door behind you. This is specifically helpful when you have a door that tends to slam behind you.

How to Put a Rubber Band on a Door Knob?

Here’s how to do this hack:

1. Loop the Rubber Band Over the Door Knob

Unlock your door first, then loop the rubber band around the doorknob and pull it as tightly as possible.

2. Twist the Rubber Band

Make a criss-cross with the rubber band by twisting it. This will pressure the lock’s interior, keeping it open and acting as a temporary door stopper.

3. Put One End of the Rubber Band Around the Door Knob

Secure the door knob on the other side with the other end of the rubber band. So, if you’re dealing with a front door lock, this step should be easy.

You can use the rubber band to prevent the door from locking while you unload your car. Once you’re done, don’t forget to remove the elastic band. It’s not recommended for long-term use. The hack’s usefulness will depend upon how often you need the door to open easily.

Why Do Police Warn About Rubber Bands on Door Knobs

While a rubber band can serve as a door stopper, as mentioned above, there is one more thing you should know. There are rumors about robbers holding open your latch using a rubber band to break into your home.

How Does It Work?

Theoretically, what happens is that when you release the door’s latch, the intruder can get in right away. Why? Because once the lock is disengaged, the rubber band can hold the door open.

Home Invasion Using Rubber Bands on Door Knobs – Fact or Fiction?

Later on, this rumor was proven to be a fictional scenario. It was only made to convey that caution should be taken when opening your door to strangers.

So if you’re not expecting somebody, use the peephole rather than opening the door. And if there’s anything suspicious, call the police right away.

Rubber Band on Hotel Door

There’s an unsettling TikTok video showing how someone can break into your hotel room with just a rubber band. The hack is simple but effective and upsettingly easy for anyone to try.

The way it works is pretty simple. You can use a rubber band (and duck tape) to pick up the latch on the door handle, making it open when you pull on it. Once you do that, it only takes a few seconds before the door opens completely and lets you inside.

This video reminds us that we should always be aware of our surroundings and take precautions to protect ourselves, even in seemingly safe places. It also highlights the importance of security features like deadbolts, which can’t be opened with a rubber band.

What Can You Do with a Bunch of Rubber Bands?

rubber band over door knob hack

Aside from being an effective door stopper, have you ever thought about the countless ways it can make your life easier? Check out these clever uses for rubber bands to see just how versatile this tool can be:

1. Tame a Noisy and Slamming Door

A slamming door makes a loud, annoying, and unnecessary noise. And whether at home or the office, doors like this are prone to a loud, eardrum-bursting slam.

These doors cause problems. And there is nothing you can do about them. Wrong! You can use a rubber band to control the noise level easily.

To do this, hook a rubber band over the door knob on each side of the door to secure it. Make sure it doesn’t affect the latch in any way. The rubber band will muffle the smashing noise. Any wide rubber band will work; this method only takes a few seconds.

2. Hold Your Cutting Board in Place

Is cooking something you excel at? However, having your board move around on the work surface is the last thing you need.

This issue makes it very difficult to cut even under the most favorable circumstances. In the worst situation, you might injure yourself. Fortunately, this cooking trick only requires a rubber band.

Put a Rubber Band Around the Chopping Board

Grab your cutting board, and then put a rubber band around one side. For balance, you can use another rubber band to secure the other side of the board.

Using a Rubber Band Can Help Stabilize the Board

The rubber bands will produce friction against the cutting board, preventing it from moving around and slipping. Therefore, you won’t have to worry as you chop away.

Most chopping boards have no rubberized bottom to keep them from sliding around. However, some rubber bands can easily stabilize the board and avoid future accidents.

3. Open a Tightly Closed Lid

The process can be an uphill struggle when trying to open a jar and having difficulty doing so. Although there are several ways to make this task easier, you might want to try using a rubber band.

Surround the Lid with a Rubber Band

Applying the rubber band to the lid is the first step. In most cases, you will need to re-wrap the elastic band several times. Make sure it’s tight.

Grab the Lid and Twist It

Thanks to the rubber band, you should have more leverage when opening it. Additionally, you can use this hack for nail polish bottles, jars, and more.

Again, what is the purpose of rubber bands on door knobs? A rubber band on a door knob helps you open the door easily. To do this, loop the rubber band around your doorknob to form an “X.” This hack is useful when you’re unloading groceries or don’t want to wake up other occupants in your house.

3. Catch Paint Drips

To stop paint drips in their tracks, you can do the following steps:

  • Craft a drip catcher using a rubber band.
  • Wrap one rubber band across the top of your paint can.
  • Next, dip your brush into the paint and slowly wipe it across the rubber band to remove any excess.
  • Repeat and enjoy a drip-free can.

4. Create Flower Arrangements

You can create professional-looking floral arrangements with the help of rubber bands. Just use a square vase: wrap three rubber bands horizontally and three vertically across the top, creating a grid pattern. Place the flowers in the grid, resting them against the rubber bands as necessary.

When you’re done, put your arrangement in a large basket or vase to hide the rubber band grid and give it a professional look.

5. Roll Out the Perfect Pastry

Achieving perfectly even pastry is simpler than you may think. Just wrap rubber bands around each end of a rolling pin until you achieve the desired height. Also, ensure the sides are even by rolling across a cutting board or countertop.

This will help prevent overworking the dough and ensure each layer is of even thickness. After that, roll out your dough as you normally would and bake to enjoy your perfect pastry.

6. Soap Dispenser Stopper

You can stop the soap insanity, particularly if you have young kids that use too much soap every time they wash their hands.

Put a rubber band around the top of the dispenser and pump several times to test whether the desired amount is released.

7. Keep Everything in Place

To prevent ribbons from turning your organized crafting station into a stringy mess, wrap each spool with a rubber band and store it as you normally would.

Not only will this prevent unwanted messes, but it will also allow you to find exactly what you are looking for instead of having to sort through a disorganized jumble.

8. Unscrew a Stripped Screw

It can be frustrating when you’re trying to get something done, and a screw is stripped or won’t budge. If the screw is truly stripped, you may want to try a rubber band.

Wrap one rubber band around the tip of your screwdriver, then put it over the head of the screw. Don’t use too much pressure. Next, slowly turn your screwdriver until the rubber band stretches out fully. Keep turning until the screw comes loose.

The rubber will give some extra traction that helps get those stubborn screws moving again.

9. Make Snack Time Easy

Thanks to rubber bands, people no longer have to throw out discolored apples, use plastic bags, or bother with knives.

To help keep apple slices from turning brown, put the sliced apples around an uncut core and tie the whole thing using a rubber band. Then pack it in your lunchbox or bag.

Frequently Asked Questions – What Are the Rubber Bands on Door Knobs for?

rubber bands over door handles

What Does a Rubber Band on a Door Knob Mean?

Rubber bands are meant to be used for various purposes, but one of the most common uses is to keep the door open for silent and easy access.

What Happens When You Wrap a Rubber Band Around Your Door Lock?

Using rubber bands around your door lock will prevent the door from being able to close and lock fully. Loop the rubber band around the inside door knob and then stretch it over to the outside door, attaching it to either another knob or handle.

Conclusion – Purpose of Rubber Bands on Door Knobs

So, what are the rubber bands on door knobs for? Rubber bands are not just for children’s toys and tying a bunch of stuff together. They can also help you open doors and make your life easier.

Rubber bands are an excellent tool for keeping a door from locking, but be careful when using them. It’s not always safe to keep a door open, especially if you don’t know who might be coming through it.

If you’re unsure whether or not you should use rubber bands on door knobs, ask yourself this question: “Does this door need to stay unlocked?” If your answer is yes, then do the rubber band hack!

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