Plier Grips [Best Replacement Grips] 

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Pliers are staples in any toolbox. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, this is a vital hand tool for gripping, cutting, tightening, loosening, and positioning. For ease of use and maximum comfort, the right plier grips are crucial.

With the best replacement plier grips, you can make the handle more comfortable. Plus, it increases the strength of your grip, maximizing the force that you exert. Not to mention, it also provides insulation, which will keep you safe when working with electricity. 

Read on to learn more about the best replacement grips for pliers, including features and tips for using them.

What Are Plier Grips? 

plier grips

Crucial for Comfort

When looking for new pliers, the grip is one of the most important parts to look at. This is the part that your hand grabs, making it crucial for your comfort. Not to mention, it also affects how strong your grip will be, affecting the overall outcome of the job. 

Multiply User’s Strength

The plier’s handles can multiply the user’s strength, especially when tightening or loosening different parts. With poorly-designed grips, it is impossible to hold the pliers properly. Your hand can feel most of the force, which can end up being uncomfortable. It can also be slippery if you are directly touching the metal part of the plier. 

Add Traction and Offer Insulation

Plier grips offer the perfect solution. Often made of rubber or similar material, it improves the ergonomics of the tool. It also adds traction, preventing your hands from slipping while working. Depending on the specific product, it also offers insulation, vital for your safety when working. 

Best Replacement Grips for Pliers 

Are you looking for the best plier grips? The options are plenty, but this does not mean that they are all the same. To help you decide, below are some of the top products worth considering:

1. Rudedog USA Milkers Cushion Grip Plier Handle Covers 

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Perfect for People on Budget

This plier grip is a perfect option for people on a budget. Rudedog USA made economic grips without compromising quality. They are soft and comfortable, which are especially great for people who have arthritic hands.

Ease of use is another good reason to choose these grips. All that you need is to slip them on the handle when ready to use. Sliding it off is equally easy. 

Provides Exceptional Traction

The material used in this product provides exceptional traction. This way, it is effortless to grip, even when you have wet hands. This is unlike others that can be too slippery. Meanwhile, even if you are wearing gloves, the grips are easy to grab. 

Take note that these grips have a length of only 5.25 inches. They can be quite short for some pliers, so make sure to check the length of your tool first and see if this pair is compatible. 

Not Too Thin

If there is one thing that some people might not like about the product, it could be too thin. When you are working on a hot object, it will suffice for a short time. However, if you need to hold it for a long time, the handles can get easily hot. In such cases, it’s better to use one made of thicker materials. 

2. Klein Tools Tenite Slip On-Handles

Made from Tenite Plastic

Among others, one of the best things about this handle is the choice of material, which is Tenite plastic. It is a proprietary compound made of cellulose acetate and plasticizers. This is a polymer that you will often see in toothbrushes and tool handles. It is tough, warm to the touch, and has excellent chemical resistance, making it beneficial in more ways than one. 

Comfortable and Slip-resistant

Given the material of choice, it is also comfortable and slip-resistant. Even when working with sweaty or wet hands, you can have a strong grip on the pliers.

Installation Is Quite Difficult

As for the installation, it is quite more difficult compared to the product above. You first need to put the one-inch end of the grip on hot water for one minute. This will let it open fully. Put it immediately on the handle. 

Manufacturer Has a Good Reputation

The reputation of the manufacturer is another good reason to choose this product. Klein has been in the market since 1857, which is enough reason to believe that the company is hard to rival. 

Available in Three Sizes

Small Plier

This product is available in three main versions. The first is the smallest, which will fit handles with a length of six inches or 152mm. They are perfect for small pliers or people who have small hands:

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Mid-sized Plier Grip

Meanwhile, there is another option that fits for plier handles that are 7-inch or 178mm long. These are mid-sized handles that will fit most pliers and users:

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Large Plier Grip

Lastly, you will also find a version of this product that fits 8 to 9-inch handles or approximately 203 to 229mm. These are for large pliers and hands:

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Again, what does a plier grip do? The plier grips are an ideal tool for making the plier’s handles more comfortable. Plus, it also secures and strengthens your grip and ensures your safety from electricity.

How to Choose Replacement Plier Grips 

replacement plier grips

While you will have lots of options, it does not mean that they are all the same. To help you make the right choice, I’ll list the factors you should consider when choosing a plier grip:

1. Material

The construction of the grips will impact its overall quality, making it crucial to look at the material. Plastic, rubber, and silicone are some of the most common, depending on the manufacturer. Some might even have proprietary components.

2. Comfort

Speaking of the material, consider how comfortable it is. This means that it should feel right when you hold the pliers. It should not be too rough or too slippery. Consider the traction or grip on the surface as well. 

3. Ease of Use 

It is best to choose one that easily slides on and off the plier handle. This makes it effortless to use the grip. Some products, however, will require dipping in hot water, which will let the plastic loosen up so that it will easily fit on the handle. 

Why You Need Plier Grips 

A replacement plier grip isn’t a luxury. It is a necessity. Below is a rundown of some of the reasons why you need one:

1. Make Your Pliers Look Like New

Over the years, pliers deteriorate. While the main metal component can last a long time, the grips can easily wear out. You do not necessarily need to buy new pliers. Instead, you can still salvage the old one by replacing only the grips. By spending only a few dollars, your pliers will look like it is new. 

2. Work More Comfortably 

When you have inferior grips, your hand can suffer. You will feel most of the force with every twist and turn. This can increase the strain on your hand or wrist. With the right grip, however, it provides a good cushion. In turn, it will lessen the force that is transferred to your hand. It works like a shock absorber. 

3. Maintain a Tight Grip 

Do you have sweaty palms? Are you working in a wet environment? These are some of the instances wherein you will benefit from having high-quality plier grips. They effectively enhance surface traction, preventing your hands from sliding, especially when exerting more force. 

4. Let the Handle Stay Cool 

There are some situations wherein you will be using the pliers somewhere it is hot. This heat can transfer from the source to your hands since pliers are often made of metals. The right grips will offer the perfect solution. They make the pliers handle stay cool to the touch. 

5. Provide Effective Insulation 

Safety is an important consideration when using hand tools, such as pliers. Electrical risk is one of the most common hazards that can confront you. Eliminate this harm by having thick and comfortable grips that will provide the insulation that you need. In turn, you don’t have to worry about potential electrocution. 

Tips and Tricks When Using Pliers 

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Follow the tips below, so that you can make the most out of your pliers:

1. Use Only for Intended Purpose 

It will depend on the type of pliers that you have. The most important is that you do not use it beyond its intended purpose. For instance, it is not a wrench, hammer, or scissors. Using it as those tools will damage the pliers and compromise the quality of whatever you are working on. 

2. Do Not Go Beyond the Capacity 

A quick look at the pliers that you have will already give you an idea of their capacity. Some are small, and hence, they are only for large tasks. Using it for large bolts and screws can increase the likelihood of damage. Not to mention, it can put unnecessary strain on your hand, even when the pliers have ergonomic grips.

3. Put the Grips on Properly 

Insert the grips properly, making sure that you religiously follow the instructions from the manufacturer. In the case of some models, you can slide them on and off. Others, meanwhile, will require dipping in hot water, which will loosen the material to open for easy placement. Run the grips to the end. It should be tight enough. 

4. Clean and Maintain the Pliers 

Proper care and maintenance are important to keep the pliers working in peak condition. One of the most important is to oil the joints regularly. With proper lubrication, it will be easier to close and open. It eliminates the need to add extra force. Even with the right grips on, when the parts are not well-oiled, the use of the pliers can be frustrating. 

Conclusion – Plier Grips

The handle of your pliers will have stock grips, but in some instances, they might not do the job. More so, they are prone to wear and tear over time, so you must get a new one. With such, you will need the best replacement grips for pliers.

The Rudedog USA Milkers Cushion Grip Plier Handle Covers and Klein Tools Tenite Slip On-Handles are some of the best options to consider. 

With the right plier grips, you can enjoy optimal comfort. It gives you a better grip while also multiplying your strength. This will also prevent your hand from slipping. More so, it creates a thick safety barrier for insulation. It will especially come in handy when there is an electrical risk in your work area.