Lowes Carpet Installation – Reviews, Cost, Is It Free?

Lowe’s carpet installation is a great way to get the look and feel of your home just right. Whether you’re trying to match your new couch or want to give your room a fresh new look, Lowe’s carpet installation can help. But how much does it cost? And is it free? What do consumers say?

Lowe’s home improvement stores offer a wide selection of carpets, including the STAINMASTER. Lowe’s provides free carpet installation on this particular line. You should expect to pay between $4 and $6 per square foot for a Lowe’s carpet installation project.

The cost of labor for carpet installation averages $0.88 to $1.99 per square foot, while the carpet selection on lowes.com ranges from roughly 50 cents a square foot up to about $2 or more, depending on style and quality.

Read on to know if Lowe’s carpet installation service is good, how much it costs, its perks, and more.

How Lowes Carpet Installation Works

lowes carpet installation

Carpet Selection

You can browse available carpet samples on lowes.com or your local Lowe’s. If you decide to go to a local store, a Lowe’s sales associate will walk you through the selection of carpets.

You’ll be able to choose from different types, styles, and designs to find what works best for you. Once you’ve selected the carpet that fits your needs and wants, Lowe’s installation process will begin.

Booking Your Measurement Schedule

In this step, you’ll choose a schedule for an in-home appointment. A professional independent carpet installer will measure the area and assess the flooring needs of your space.

Getting a Quote

Once the measurement is complete, Lowe’s will follow up with a quote. It will include the price for the product and labor, including financing options to fit your budget. Lowe’s will also answer any questions you may have when getting a quote.

Carpet Installation

After installing the carpet, installers will clean up, review manufacturer care, and share maintenance instructions with you, ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with the service.

Lowes Carpet Installation – What to Expect?

Installation Process

The first thing that needs to happen is for all furniture and appliances to be removed before work can begin installing the new carpeting (if necessary).

Cutting Out Rooms with Damaged Flooring

The next step is cutting out any damaged rooms or an opening that needs covering up. This process depends on how much of a hole there is in your flooring.

This should do fine if it’s small enough for an adhesive strip or tape patching method. But if there are large gaps between pieces of wood, then patching may not be enough. So there might need more than just one layer laid down.

Measurements and Laying Down of Padding

Once everything’s been removed, Lowe’s will set up shop around your home to ensure everything goes smoothly. Depending on the type of carpeting installed, they’ll take measurements and lay down padding material as needed.

New Carpet Installation

The final step is completely covering up every inch of flooring with new carpeting that matches their chosen ones. This takes a little longer than just laying down one layer, so plan accordingly.

How Much Does Lowes Carpet Installation Cost?

Average Price for Lowe’s Flooring Projects

Prices for some of Lowe’s flooring projects can vary widely. The table below will give you an idea of the average price for a few common types of flooring projects from Lowe’s:

Lowe’s Carpet InstallationLow-End Carpet InstallationAverage Carpet InstallationHigh-End Carpet Installation
12×12 Area / Room$576$720$864
3 Bedrooms (around 132 sq. ft.)$1,584$1,980$2,376
Basement (around 1200 sq. ft.)$4,800$6,000$7,200

Depends on the Project’s Total Size

Lowe’s can install carpet in one room or furnish an entire basement. The cost of carpeting often depends on the total size of the project. The cost of carpeting will range from $576 for a small bedroom to $7,200 if the entire basement is outfitted with new floor coverings.

Carpet Padding and Flooring Removal Fees

Removing old carpeting, floor padding, and installation can be factored into the cost. Lowe’s cost estimate for an average 10×12 room is $600, including the new materials to cover it with and complete installation.

Use Lowe’s carpet measurement calculator so that you can estimate the cost of carpeting within minutes.

Average Carpet Installation Cost

On average, carpet installation costs between $2 and 8 dollars per square foot. DIYers can save money by installing their carpet.

However, they will not be able to take advantage of the expertise or material warranties normally provided in professional installations. A professional installation ensures you receive quality workmanship with a warranty.

Factors That Affect Lowes Carpet Installation Cost

lowes carpet installation reviews

The cost of installing carpet is often determined by the following:

  • Price of labor,
  • Installation difficulty,
  • Location, and
  • Whether or not the worker must remove the old flooring.

In addition, the type of carpet you choose will affect the overall cost.

Installation Cost per Square Feet Depending on the Carpet Type

Here’s a table showing the cost per sq. ft. depending on the carpet type:

Lowe’s Carpet TypeLow-End TypeAverage TypeHigh-End Type
Berber / Loop$0.79$0.96$1.13

Based on the table above, patterned carpets are more expensive per square foot than other carpet types. This shows that carpeting projects from Lowe’s can vary significantly in cost, depending on the type of carpet you choose.

So if you purchased the most expensive patterned carpet for a 10×12 room, its cost would be $704 in materials alone. A plush carpet of a similar size would cost only $118. Purchasing the cheaper option could save up to $586 from your bottom line.

Empire Today vs. Home Depot vs. Lowe’s Carpet Installation

You need a minimum of three estimates to get the best possible price for any carpet installation. Aside from Lowe’s, other companies like Empire Today and Home Depot also offer carpet installation services.

Average Price Breakdown for Each Company

The table below shows the average price breakdown of each company:

CompanyLow-End Carpet InstallationHigh-End Carpet Installation
Empire Today$1.00 per sq. ft.$5.00 per sq. ft.
Home Depot$1.60 per sq. ft.$5.00 per sq. ft.
Lowe’s$4.00 per sq. ft.$6.00 per sq. ft.

Companies Often Offer Special Incentives

Additionally, many companies also offer special incentives aside from the average pricing. One example of these perks is free installation if you have a $499-purchase from Home Depot.

Shop Around and Get Initial Quotes from Different Service Providers

Other companies also run sales on both their services and materials. So it’s wise to shop around and get initial quotes from different service providers.

Compare Prices

If you have found a brand that fits your needs, be sure also to compare prices direct from local contractors. With multiple quotes in hand, you can negotiate the best possible price.

Again, does Lowes offer free carpet installation? Lowe’s gives free basic carpet installation once you meet their minimum purchase requirements. However, they charge additional fees if the service you’re asking for is beyond the basic installation.

Free Lowes Carpet Installation – Is It a Scam or Not?

Lowe’s is a big company, so it’s no surprise they have many customers. But recently, some customers have been complaining about something strange: their free carpet installation service isn’t free.

So what’s going on? Lowe’s offers free carpet installation if you buy your carpet at their store. But that doesn’t mean they’re installing the carpet for free — they’re just taking care of all the details.

You still have to pay for labor, depending on the size of your room and how many rooms you’re covering with new carpeting.

If you’re thinking about getting new carpeting for your home and want to use Lowe’s as a source for good deals on quality products, don’t forget. If any hidden fees are involved in purchasing from them (like installation), ensure you’re aware of them before signing a contract!

Lowes Carpet Warranties

Lowe’s warranties for its carpets are among the most comprehensive in the carpet industry:

90-Day Satisfaction Warranty

Lowe’s will replace your carpet if you’re unsatisfied within 90 days of purchase. This promise doesn’t cover manufacturing defects or damage. But it does apply to all STAINMASTER products and other special-order carpets.

Non-Prorated Warranty

Unlike their competitors, Lowe’s warranty is non-prorated. After purchasing your carpet from Lowe’s, they will cover 100% of the costs for repair or replacement as long as you get a professional steam cleaning on it at least once every 18 months.

Lowes Carpet Installation Reviews

lowes carpet installation free

Many people have used Lowe’s carpet installation and received feedback through reviews. These reviews can help you determine if Lowe’s is right for you.

Here are some mixed reviews by customers:

Good Reviews

“I like how easy it was to find exactly what I wanted at a good price.”

“Great service! We had carpeting issues in our basement and called Lowe’s. They sent someone out right away to fix it.”

“Service was great! The installers were professional and did a great job.”

“I am very pleased with the quality of the carpet. The price was reasonable, and they did not try to sell me something that was not necessary.” 

“I’ve been shopping at Lowe’s for years, and I’ve always been pleased with their selection, quality, and prices on everything from flooring to countertops. However, I had never used their carpet installation services before this week.

“They were able to schedule me for the next day and got my entire living room done in about 3 hours. The installers were friendly and professional and did a great job! It was worth the price, which was very reasonable compared to other companies that offer similar services in my area.”

Bad Reviews

“Horrible install! Never buy and have Lowe’s install carpet. After just two years, the carpet was buckling badly. I had the living room, dining room, and hallway all buckled.

I contacted Lowe’s, but they refused to make good because it was not within their year warranty. They told me to contact the carpet company instead.”

“Customer service doesn’t exist. I ordered the carpet over a month ago. Lowe’s in Leesville, LA, will not help me discover what is happening. I had to call back when I had a pen and paper to write down the number they gave me for installation services. Still no information.”

“Hidden costs. We went to Lowe’s for an estimate on carpeting with dimensions on four in hand. After picking out carpeting, we were given an estimate of around $4k for carpet and installation. The cost for the carpeting and installation was $6.4k.

Worse than the carpeting being over 1/3 higher than the estimate, I was charged a $175.00 fee for soiled carpeting. I told the store rep that the stains were the reason we were getting new carpeting and asked him to explain why we were being hit with such a ridiculous fee. He would only say that the carpet installer wanted the fee. So, I walked out. Watch out.”

Frequently Asked Questions – Carpeting By Lowe’s

How Quick Can Lowe’s Install Carpet?

Lowe’s has two types of carpet availability: in-stock and special order sales. For in-stock carpets, they are available on the same day with an installation period of as little as 72 hours.

On the other hand, Special Order carpets may take up to 14 days to deliver with additional time for installation. However, Express Special Order Install styles are also available.

Does Lowes Remove Old Carpet?

Old carpeting removal is already included when you purchase STAINMASTER carpets and padding, which costs between $3 and $5 per sq. ft.

Does Lowes Install Carpet and Move Furniture?

They will gladly assist you in selecting the appropriate carpets and installing them. When installing the carpets, they will also move heavier furniture into other rooms for an additional fee.

How Do I Get a Quote From Lowes?

You must select “Request a Quote” rather than “Checkout” once you’ve put all the desired products into your cart.

Next, choose “Continue” after double-checking your billing and shipping information. Finally, select “Submit Quote” after reviewing the Quote Summary. This gives you a Quote Number, as well as the Status and Date of the transaction.

How Do I Cancel My Lowes Installation?

Locate your order and click on “Details.” Select “Cancel” in the delivery section of the item you want to remove. Choose a reason for the cancellation, then click “Yes, Cancel.” Soon after, you will receive an email regarding the updated order details.

Does Lowes Give Money Back If Price Drops?

Lowes will match if you find an identical in-stock item at a lower price from another local merchant. Show an associate the photo, ad, or printout so Lowes can verify the pricing on the competitor’s ad or website to complete the price match.

Conclusion – Carpet Installation from Lowes

Lowe’s carpet installation service is a great way to install your new carpet. It can be an affordable option, depending on the type of carpet you choose and how much work is involved in installing it.

The process is quick and easy since they do all the work for you, so all you need to do is sit back and relax while taking care of everything else.

But as with any big box store, you can expect to pay more than if you went directly through the manufacturer. While some people report it’s worth the extra cost for convenience, others prefer to do business elsewhere.

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