LeafGuard Gutters Cost [Are They Worth It?]

Once the leaves start changing color every autumn, expect many fresh fruits and vegetables to hit the stands. However, you may also be cleaning up any leaves from your yard and in your gutters. You can considerably lessen your workload and gain a lot of benefits by installing LeafGuard gutters. Just research about the actual LeafGuard gutter cost so you will know how much you will spend for it.

So how much do LeafGuard gutters cost per foot? If you are interested in LeafGuard gutters, expect to spend around $11 to $37 per foot. This includes the cost of materials and installation. A complete LeafGuard gutter system for a home with 150-200 linear feet of gutters may cost around $2100 to $7,400.

Read on to learn more about LeafGuard gutter cost, including the benefits of having it installed on your house.

About LeafGuard Gutters

LeafGuard Gutters cost

Englert Inc. Introduced the LeafGuard Gutter System

After many years of R&D, Englert Inc. introduced one of their most successful products, the LeafGuard gutter system. This one-piece gutter system quickly became one of the leading brands in the country. It even has thousands of residential and commercial establishments using it.

Traditional Open Gutters

LeafGuard gutters are different from conventional gutter systems because they excel where others fail. Traditional open gutters easily collect leaves and debris that can then prevent water from flowing. When water collects in the gutter, it will cause corrosion and extensive damage.

Mesh Gutter Guards

Meanwhile, mesh gutter guards prevent debris from collecting in the gutter, but they pile up on the mesh. This prevents water from going into the gutter as well. Rainwater will flow over the debris-filled gutter and cause landscape damage. The water can also seep into the basement and cause serious damage to the foundation of the house.

LeafGuard Gutter Clean Itself

LeafGuard gutters help prevent leaves and debris from collecting in the gutter while cleaning itself whenever it rains. In addition, it is much wider than conventional gutters, allowing water to flow much faster into the downspout.

LeafGuard Gutters Are Easy to Install

LeafGuard gutters are easy to install, too. They come with a lifetime no-clog warranty. If your LeafGuard gutters do get clogged with leaves, the company will clean them out free of charge.

Benefits of LeafGuard Gutters

Here are just some of the many benefits of installing LeafGuard gutters:

1. Custom-made

Unless you live in a planned neighborhood, your house’s roof is not the same as others. There will always be some nuances in construction that will make prefabricated gutters hard or awkward to install.

Less Waste and Easier Installation

This will not be a problem with LeafGuard because they will custom-make the gutter system specifically for your home. They will cut and shape the gutters according to your house’s dimensions. This means less waste and easier installation. Whether your house has perfectly square corners or obtuse angles, LeafGuard gutters will fit on it perfectly.

2. Minimal Chance of Leaks

Because LeafGuard gutters do not have any hinges or joints, the likelihood of leaking is low. These gutters are virtually made from a single piece of sheet metal. There are no spaces where water can potentially leak out from, thus greatly reducing corrosion and other problems.

One-piece Design

The one-piece design eliminates most typical failure points, making these gutters last much longer than conventional ones.

3. No Excess Materials Wasted

Unlike conventional gutters, where you need to buy more than what you’ll use, you’ll only pay for LeafGuard gutters installed. Aside from wasting money on excess materials, you will not also be the one to dispose of them.

Fabrication On-site

LeafGuard gutters undergo fabrication on-site. It is the reason why there is only very minimal excess material. It is also why LeafGuard gutters will always seamlessly fit on your roof.

4. Sleek Design Adds More Curb Appeal to Your Home

As mentioned earlier, LeafGuard technicians fabricate their gutters on-site to ensure an exact and seamless fit on your roof. This adds a lot to the aesthetics of your home. It is almost as if the roof slopes off the edges.

Pre-painted in Different Glossy Earth Tones

The gutters are also pre-painted in different glossy earth tones, complementing every style and paint scheme of your home.

5. Guaranteed No Clogs

LeafGuard’s seamless, one-piece design can keep out pine needles, leaves, and twigs from getting inside the gutter. They are confident in their design that the company will send over a technician if your gutter ever gets clogged. They will then fix it for you for free.

6. Adds Value to Your Home

LeafGuard gutter systems are so efficient that they can add more value to your home. The next owners will surely appreciate the hassle-free gutter system installed in the home. That said, they will not mind paying a bit more. Will you not want to own a home with gutters that you don’t need to clean ever?

Difference Between Conventional Gutters and LeafGuard Gutters

leafguard gutters reviews

Conventional Gutters

The problem with conventional gutters is that nothing prevents leaves and debris from falling inside and clogging them up. This can also prevent water from flowing out. It is important to clean the gutters regularly. If you don’t, the weight of the leaves and the stagnant water will rip off the gutters from the roof.

A Mesh Cover Makes Conventional Gutters Better

Placing a mesh cover over the gutter is just a bit better than conventional gutters. Although the mesh cover prevents leaves from reaching the gutter, nothing can prevent them from gathering on top. If the leaves completely cover the mesh, the water will flow over the gutter.

This means that the water would be falling on the ground surrounding the house. This would cause the water to saturate the ground and seep into your basement. It will further cause mold and mildew to grow in your basement. The final result would be plenty of structural damage to your house’s foundation.

LeafGuard Gutters Work Differently from the Traditional Gutters

LeafGuard gutters work differently from conventional gutters. The water goes over the cover instead of the rainwater running off the roof and into the gutter. It then flows inside through the power of surface tension. The rainwater also removes the leaves gathered on the roof. However, instead of going into the gutter, they will fall over the edge.

Again, how much do LeafGuard gutters cost per foot? On average, Leafguard gutters cost around $11 to $37 per foot. This estimate includes materials and labor costs. So, a home with a 150-200 linear feet Leafguard gutter system may spend around $2100 to $7,400.

How to Install LeafGuard Gutters

It does not matter how good a product is. If you do not install it correctly, it will not work as intended. With LeafGuard gutters, you will get a quality product and receive top-quality workmanship and aftermarket customer service.

A lifetime warranty also covers all installations of LeafGuard gutters. With that, you do not need to worry about the gutters sagging. You do not also have to worry if you find any unsightly seams in the installation.

1. Get a Free Estimate

A Professional LeafGuard Installer Will Visit Your Home

Before anything else, a professional LeafGuard installer will be visiting your home. They will then check on the current situation of your home and its current gutter situation. The professional install will also provide you with an honest assessment.

If your home does not need LeafGuard, the installer will likely not recommend it. One situation wherein the system is unnecessary is the absence of trees on or near your house.

LeafGuard Representative Will Measure the Roof’s Perimeter

Meanwhile, if your house benefits from LeafGuard, the installer will demonstrate how it works better than the others. They will also measure the perimeter of your roof. Also, the installer will then write up an estimate on how much it costs to have LeafGuard gutters installed. The best thing about this is that getting an estimate is completely free of charge.

2. Removal and Disposal of Existing Gutters

Installations Do Not Take More Than a Day

You would think that custom-making rain gutters would take a while to finish. However, LeafGuard installations usually do not last more than a day. Upon agreeing on the cost estimate and signing the contract, the installer will immediately dismantle your home’s existing gutters.

Installer Takes Care of Disposing Old Gutters

They will then proceed to dispose of your old gutters in a very responsible manner. After that, they will clean and prepare the fascia for installation.

3. Fabrication of Gutters

LeafGuard gutters are fabricated on-site during installation. The installers use a specialized roll-forming machine in their service trucks to form gutters in the exact amount needed. The gutters will then have the same dimensions as your home’s roof.

4. Fastening the Gutters

After the installers finish fabricating the gutters, they will insert LeafGuard’s patented hangers spaced two feet apart inside the gutter. The hangers will fasten the gutters onto the fascia and reinforce the gutters to retain their shape.

After that, the screwing of the gutters onto the fascia board using high-quality screws and fasteners comes next. Even a heavy torrential downpour will not knock the gutters off their anchor points.

5. Fine Tuning

After installing the gutters, the installers will then measure and adjust their pitch. This will ensure the proper flow of water into the gutter. They will then install downspouts and reinforce them so they will always remain in place.

Once everything is properly in place, the installers will pack up their equipment. They will then clean all the debris from your yard. Aside from the brand-new gutters on your house, you can’t find any trace of the LeafGuard team on your property.

LeafGuard Gutter Warranty

leafguard gutter installation

Covers All the LeafGuard Gutter Systems

The company’s lifetime warranty covers all LeafGuard gutter systems. This means that the gutters are under warranty provided the house they’re installed on still stands. It does not matter if you spotted the defect within a week or after a couple of years. Englert will still honor your gutters’ warranty.

Transferable Warranty

If you plan to sell your house in the future, you can transfer the lifetime warranty to the next owner. They need to show proof of transfer of ownership to Englert, and they will transfer the warranty. However, instead of a lifetime warranty, they will only be getting fifty years.

If your claim is valid and covered by a lifetime warranty, Englert will pay 100% of the costs of repairs. They will also pay for the repainting and replacement of the defective gutters.

Englert’s Will Not Shoulder Additional Costs Beyond the Original Price

However, Englert’s obligations will not go beyond the original purchase price of the installed gutters and labor cost. If you incur any additional costs, then you will be the one who is paying for them. These include additional costs for repairing or replacing a portion of the fascia board.

Conclusion – How Much Does LeafGuard Cost

So, how much does LeafGuard cost? If you are interested, note that, on average, gutters from LeafGuard cost around $11 to $37 per linear foot. This cost includes the price of the materials and labor. If your home has 150-200 linear feet of gutters, you’ll be looking at a total cost between $2,100 to $7,400.

Although the cost of LeafGuard gutters is a bit higher than conventional gutters, they are worthy investments. Note that they will save you from the annual chore of cleaning out the gutters. Aside from that, they can add value and curb appeal to your house.

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