John Deere JX75 Specs and Review

John Deere has built its name by making high-quality and long-lasting tractors. Does its reputation carry over to its walk-behind mowers? In this John Deere JX75 specs and review, you will know.

The John Deere JX75 is a 21-inch walk-behind mower. It is a dependable and durable mower powered by a four-cycle Kawasaki engine and comes with a cast aluminum deck and a standard rear grass bag. Unfortunately, it has already stopped production. So, what you will get from the market are the used ones only.

Power from the engine is transferred to the wheels making the JX75 a self-propelled lawn mower. This lawn mower uses the typical way of starting the engine. It is not equipped with an electric starter, so you need to pull the string of the recoil mechanism. This lawn mower has a total of 5 gear speeds.

Read on to learn more about the John Deere JX75, its specs, features, and some customer reviews.

John Deere JX75 Overview

John Deere JX75

The John Deere JX75 is a walk-behind lawn mower with a 21-inch cutting blade. John Deere, for whatever reason, has already discontinued the production of this mower. So, the only JX75s you can buy from the market are used units.

But since John Deere is a reputable brand name regarding tractors and related garden power equipment, the used JX75s sold in the market are still worth your money. This machine has a cast aluminum deck and the typical rear grass bag.

Its starting system is the usual standard for walk-behind mowers. The John Deere JX75 mower uses a pull cord recoil mechanism to start its Kawasaki engine. There is no option for an electric starter for the John Deere JX75. But this machine offers five different speeds.

The Kawasaki engine that provides power to the John Deere JX75 lawn mower can produce 6 horsepower. It has a total displacement of 0.179 liters and is equipped with overhead valves.

This is a four-stroke engine that uses a full lubrication system that is designed to keep all the engine parts working smoothly.

You should inspect, clean, and have it serviced every 50 hours of operation to ensure that the JX75 will last long.

The service inspection should include the spark plug, oil, and air filters. Assessment should also include the mower blades and whether they can still be sharpened or replaced.

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Specs of the John Deere JX75

You need to know the specs of a lawn mower to see if it will satisfy your requirements. Here are the basic specs of the John Deere JX75:

TypeWalk-behind lawn mower
Propulsion typeSelf-propelled
Deck materialAluminum
Engine TypeFour-stroke
Size179 cc
Horsepower6 hp
Power4.5 kW
Fuel tank capacity1.6 quarts
Blade styleRotary
Cutting width12 inches
Included items:Cutting height settings, adjustable height, grass catcher, mulching
Custom Bundle 
Included items:Operator’s manual, rear grass bag, product improvement kit, oil drain tube, mulching plug
Weight100 pounds

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Features of John Deere JX75

john deere jx75 original price

If you want to be sure that the John Deere JX75 is the lawn mower that will satisfy your requirements, you have to consider its features. Here are some of the critical features of this walk-behind lawn mower:

1. Power Source

The power that moves a JX75 is a Kawasaki gasoline engine that can crank 6 horsepower. This engine has a total displacement of 0.179 liters and comes with overhead valves. It is also a four-stroke engine that uses a full-pressure lubrication system to keep all its parts running smoothly.

Power delivered by the engine is transferred to the wheels, so it is considered a self-propelled lawn mower. A pull cord recoil mechanism is used to start the engine. The John Deere JX75 has no electric start option. This mower also comes with five gear speeds.

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2. Deck

The deck of this lawn mower is made of Aluminum. It has only one blade, with a cutting width of 21 inches. This lawn mower gives the user three options to deal with cut grass clippings:

  • Discharge the grass clipping out the side: This is the easiest option but will make your lawn look messy.
  • Attach the optional mulching bag: Inside the bag, the grass clippings will rot quicker. This option will also make your work easier. However, it will still make your yard look untidy.
  • Use a rear bagger: The capacity of the optional bagger is 2.5 bushels. This bagger will collect all the grass clippings leaving your garden tidy and orderly.

3. BBC Safety System

The John Deere JX75 has a blade/brake/clutch system. This system allows the engine to run after you release the operator control.

4. Easy Oil Changes

The used or dirty engine oil from the deck top goes to a discharge tube that transfers it into a canister. This canister is placed next to the mower deck. You no longer need to turn the deck upside down or on its side to loosen the oil discharge plug.

5. Wheels

All the wheels of the John Deere JX75 are of the exact sizes. They are all 9 x 2.25 tires (9 inches in diameter and 2.25 inches in width). These tires are not pneumatic, meaning they are regular tires mounted on wheels.

6. Adjustable Cutting Height

The John Deere JX75 allows the user to adjust the grass cutting height from a high of 3.5 inches to a low of 0.5 inches from the ground.

7. Build Quality

Overall, the build quality of the John Deere JX75 is top-notch. Most of its components are built strongly.

Again, is John Deere JX75 a good lawnmower? The John Deere JX75 is a dependable and durable 21-inch walk-behind mower. It has a four-cycle Kawasaki engine, cast aluminum deck, and a standard rear grass bag.

Actual Customer Review

A better assessment of a John Deere JX75’s capabilities should come from its user. The review provided below will help you appraise the ability of this walk-behind lawn mower if it could provide what you need from it:

Can Run for About 90 Minutes

This owner ran the walk-behind mower for about 90 minutes. During its cold start, the engine only took two easy pulls to get started. Its choke worked flawlessly without any engine stall tendencies before the user could throttle it down a few seconds after starting the engine.

Excellent Vacuum Capacity

The user started cutting around their flower beds with the rear grass bag attached. They found that the machine’s vacuum capacity was excellent. The user was glad to see that there were no grass clippings, not even one, on the flower beds.

Good for Cutting Grasses with Varying Heights

After that, the user ran the John Deere JX75 along paths they can’t cut with their John Deere 425, a much bigger and heavier lawn mower that can crank 20 horsepower. They also used it to cut grasses on other smaller shrubs.

The user found that the JX75 is very good at cutting through various growth heights. Its tremendous power could cut through 6 to 7 inches of grass growth without difficulty stalling.

Suitable for Chopping Heavy Twigs

Since this was the first time the reviewer had used the JX75, they did not know its limitations. So they even cut several heavy twigs. They were surprised that the walk-behind lawn mower could chop through the heavy twigs without even experiencing a single engine stall.

Discharges Grass Clippings on the Left Side

The JX75 discharges grass clippings on its left side, not on its right side, which the reviewer used to do with their old lawn mower. So, it took them a while before they got used to its operation.

The reviewer had to adjust their walking pattern because of this feature of the JX75, especially when they were not using the bag but the side discharge chute.

They liked the different cutting heights, which allowed them to cut different types of lawns, from overgrown swamp grasses to putting greens.


This reviewer found that the JX75 is still a heavy mower with 100 pounds. They found it difficult to operate when performing close-up cutting around flower beds that need careful movements such as edging them.

Needs a Wide-open Space to Operate Well

It operated very well in wide-open spaces, though. At its top speed, the user had to jog to keep pace with the JX75.


Overall, this reviewer has given the John Deere JX75 their thumbs up. They gave it a rating of 9 out of 10 stars. The only reasons they didn’t give it a 10 over 10 are its weight and cost. The John Deere JX75 price is still too high for them.

They paid $713 for their JX75, including the side discharge chute, which they paid $18 since it is optional. To them, the weight of the unit is problematic. The JX75 is not easy to use for close-up cutting in delicate areas. They must also lift the lawn mower in and out of their car’s trunk.


However, they still decided to buy the JX75 because of the long service life that they expect from it. They thought they could still overcome the machine’s little shortcomings (from their viewpoint).

They were willing to pay for the extras because of John Deere lawn mowers’ reputation for being able to last from 15 to 20 years without experiencing significant problems. With regards to its weight, they will consider pushing the machine as their physical workout, just like going to the gym.

Easy to Start

Overall, this reviewer found that the JX75 is easy to start. They can usually start it on the first try. The machine also helped them groom out their lawn pretty well. They also found that the parts of this machine are of excellent build quality.

They were satisfied that they bought this walk-behind lawn mower and expected it to give them a long time of trouble-free mowing. This reviewer is recommending the John Deere JX75 to homeowners who need lawnmowers that they can depend on.

Common Problems of the John Deere JX75

john deere jx75 manual

Like any consumer product, the John Deere JX75 lawn mower has its share of problems. We now turn our focus on the common John Deere JX75 problems that some of the users have experienced with their machines:

1. Carburetor and Fuel System Issues

Here’s a John Deere JX75 review from a specific individual who signs their name as AOD. They said they had been running JX75s for years, mowing lawns in municipalities. This reviewer noted that every machine that they used runs like crap.

They believe that the Kawasaki engine is good, but the carburetor and the fuel system were the ones causing the problem. This reviewer also said that the five-speed gear shift has no detents.

2. Difficult to Put the Lever

They added that must be why they keep popping out of gear. Plus, they find it difficult to put the lever exactly where it needs to be.

3. Not Suitable in Tight Spaces

They also find that this machine is tiring to use, especially when trying to cut grasses in tight spaces. The reviewer has to back up and maneuver just to put the cutting blade in the right places so that it can cut effectively. They said this is difficult because this lawn mower is very heavy.

4. Bad Cutting Quality

Another thing: they said that it bogs down quickly, and its cutting quality is like crap. They don’t know if it’s because of dull blades or the deck does not take well to mulching. This reviewer believes that 21-inch lawn mowers are not the forte of John Deere.

5. Transmission Issues

A user who signed their name as Nathan Fletcher wrote in a forum about their experience using the John Deere JX75. They mentioned that it is supposed to be a self-propelling lawn mower. But they didn’t expect that they would have to propel it themselves.

With their JX75, they find everything works fine, from the engine to the transmission. The belt is nice and tight, and the pulley can spin freely. However, they discovered that the axle could not change speeds while turning.

This lawn mower is supposed to have five speeds. But it turns very slowly, they said. They found that very little actual power is transferred to the wheels. This reviewer suspects this is a transmission issue since they have already tried adjusting the clutch.

6. Unable to Back Up

In the same forum, another user of the John Deere JX75 wrote that they had the same problem with their unit. The spur and the idler gears are all working fine, said this user. Their unit shifts through all five gears with exactness. However, it can’t be backed up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reading about the John Deere JX75 might have spurred some questions in your mind. If you still have questions left unanswered, perhaps reading the answers to the FAQs on this subject will help you get a better understanding of this topic:

What Is a John Deere JX75?

The John Deere JX75 is a 21- inch walk-behind lawn mower manufactured by Deere & Company, a well-established American corporation founded in 1837.

Its starting system is a pull-string recoil system. This lawn mower has stopped production. The units that you can buy in the market are used ones.

What Are the Key Specs of the John Deere JX75?

The John Deere JX75 is powered by a 179 cc, 6 horsepower Kawasaki gasoline engine with overhead valves. It has a cutting blade that is 21 inches wide. This blade can cut from a high of 3 inches to a low of 0.5 inches. It is equipped with a 5-gear transmission.

Why Did John Deere Stop the Production of the JX75?

The company needs to replace the casting machines that form the decks for the JX-75 units. They were already worn out and could no longer be used. But these machines cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So, Deere & Company decided to stop the production of the JX75s instead of continuing to make them for another ten years.

Who Makes John Deere JX75?

The manufacturer of John Deere JX75 is Deere & Company. It is an American corporation that builds lawn care equipment, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, heavy equipment, drive trains used in heavy machinery, and diesel engines.

In Closing: Specs and Review of John Deere JX75

The John Deere JX75 is a walk-behind mower with a 21-inch cutting blade. It is a dependable and durable mower that has unfortunately stopped its production.

The only JX75s that you will get on the market are used ones. A four-cycle Kawasaki engine powers this lawn mower. It comes with a cast aluminum deck and a standard rear grass bag.

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