How Much Is a Home Depot Paint Sprayer Rental?

If you are looking for a paint sprayer to rent, Home Depot is a good option. Home Depot rents paint sprayers for a reasonable price. How much is a Home Depot paint sprayer rental? 

Home Depot paint sprayer rentals can cost from $40 per hour to $120 per day. The cost depends on the paint sprayer’s size. Usually, smaller sprayers rent out faster, and some Home Depot locations do not have tool rental departments. So, you have to call the store first to know if you can rent out the paint sprayer of your choice.

Read on to learn more about renting a paint sprayer from Home Depot, the pros and cons of renting from Home Depot, and other tools that you could rent out.

How Much Is a Home Depot Paint Sprayer Rental?

Home depot paint sprayer rental

A paint sprayer rental from Home Depot costs between $40 per hour and $120 per day. The paint sprayer’s cost would depend on its size. Smaller paint sprayers are cheaper than bigger ones.

Smaller sprayers usually rent out faster. So, you have to ensure that the store has it. Also, not all Home Depot stores have a tool rental center.

What Is the Home Depot Tool Rental Center?

The Home Depot Tool Rental Center could provide all the paint sprayer rentals you need for small and large painting projects.

You can rent all the tools you require from the center to do your task efficiently. You may want a light-duty sprayer or a pro sprayer to do your paint job quickly and professionally. 

At Home Depot, various quality painting tools and equipment could provide all the tools you need to perform your home improvement projects. [1]

Home Depot Paint Sprayer Rental Pros

1. No Storage and Maintenance Costs

Since you will be renting your paint sprayer, you do not have to maintain the equipment or be responsible for storing it. 

You don’t have to worry about the sprayer’s maintenance as well. Home Depot’s well-trained mechanics and staff maintain the tools daily to ensure that they are working efficiently. 

2. Large Variety of Quality Tools 

You can choose any tool or equipment you need, as the center offers small tools, such as paint sprayers, or large equipment, or trucks. 

All the rental tools are of professional quality. You will not have to worry about the equipment or tool conking out during operation.

3. Rental Fees Are Cheaper than Buying

You do not have to buy the tools you need for your short projects or home improvement. You can save a lot as the rental fee is only half or less of the item’s purchase price.

In some Home Depot rentals, if you rent a tool after 6 p.m., you can rent it out for the 4-hour price instead of the 24-hour price. But you have to return the item before 9 a.m. the next day. [2]

Home Depot offers only first-rate tools at reasonable prices. 

4. Provides Several Renting Options

You can rent for an hour or a day, based on your workload. You do not need to spend more than you should. 

Yet, you should make some time allowance if you are a newbie in painting jobs. You may have to practice using the paint sprayer for a few minutes.

5. Provides DIY Videos and Expert Advice

The Home Depot Tool Rental Center provides step-by-step DIY videos that could guide you in your task. Using these tools, you could hone your skills in painting a wide range of projects. 

You can also consult experts about your task so that you can do the painting job efficiently.

6. Makes Painting Easier and Quicker

You can paint many surfaces easier and quicker using the paint sprayer. Home Depot guarantees that its paint sprayers are reliable and are high quality. You could surely paint faster and get a smoother, even finish. 

The result would be a more professional look than the result you get from paint rolling. Paintbrushes will work fine, but it could take you days to finish the task.

7. Renting from Home Depot Is a Great Way to Save Money

You could rent an expensive item from Home Depot for only a few dollars. There is no reason to buy costly items worth tens of thousands of dollars if you will only use them for a few hours. 

For example, at Home Depot, you can rent a full-sized pickup for only $19. The paint sprayers rental fees are inexpensive too. 

Home Depot Paint Sprayer Rental Con

Not Practical for Long Tasks

If you have long painting projects, renting out a sprayer is not practical. The longer you rent the item, the more it loses its value. Buying a paint sprayer is a smarter decision in this case. 

The video below is all about the Home Depot Tool Center, including info on renting Home Depot paint sprayers:

Should I Rent or Buy a Paint Sprayer?

home depot paint sprayer

Your decision will depend on your purpose. Will you be using the paint sprayer often or just need it for a few painting jobs?

If the reason is the former, then it would be best to buy a spray gun or a paint sprayer. If the reason is the latter, then renting a paint sprayer from Home Depot is your best option.

When you buy a paint sprayer or a paint gun, the initial high cost may take a toll on your budget. But the advantage is that you will not pay any rental fees for the rest of the tool’s life span. 

You could also take your time working on your major projects when you own the paint sprayer. This would mean more flexibility and quality painting.

With renting, the longer you use the item, the more expensive it becomes. In this case, buying the tool is more practical and less expensive than renting it for long periods. [4]

How much is a Home Depot paint sprayer rental? Home Depot can rent out a paint sprayer for as low as $40 per hour. If you want to rent it for a day, it could cost up to $120. 

Also, the cost would depend on the paint sprayer’s size. Typically, smaller sprayers rent out faster than bigger ones. If you have plans of renting out a paint sprayer, you should contact your local Home Depot first.

Some stores do not have tool rental departments, and sometimes the paint sprayers or paint guns may all be rented out.

Does Spraying Use More Paint than Rolling?

Spraying uses more paint than rollers do. If you want a budget-friendly way to do it, you can use rolling paint. Using rolling paint, though, can be messy, tiring, and longer than spraying.

Besides, spraying is best for a smoother and cleaner appearance. Once you get the hang of spray painting, the painting task will be a breeze.

Advantages of Paint Sprayers Over Paint Rollers

With paint sprayers, you can do all of the following:

1. Override Surface Imperfections

The paint sprayer can override gaps, bumps, and other surface imperfections. You will have a problem painting these surfaces with paint rollers or brushes.

2. Faster Painting Time

You can paint a large surface area within minutes using a paint sprayer. It would take you a long time when you use rollers or brushes. You could cover wide areas with one motion when you use paint sprayers.

3. More Even Coating

Paint sprayers produce a more even coating than rollers and brushes. Rollers and brushes are good for smaller areas and items.

4. Ideal for Large Painting Projects

Paint sprayers are best for big painting tasks as you can cover the area more quickly. You could cover broad surfaces faster and more evenly.

Disadvantages of Paint Sprayers over Paint Rollers

1. Not Ideal for Small Painting Projects

If you are working on a small painting task, such as painting a small area, paint rollers or brushes are the best way to go. When you use the paint sprayer, you may spend more time preparing than doing the actual painting.

2. You Should Clean Paint Sprayers Immediately

You have to clean your paint sprayer quickly and thoroughly, no matter how tired you are. The paint should not dry in the sprayers, tubing, or the gun. Dried paint can damage the sprayer, and you will have to pay for the whole product.

3. Longer Preparation 

It takes longer to prepare painting with a paint sprayer than painting with rollers. If you are painting a teeny-weeny area, use a paint roller instead. It will take you a shorter time to do that.

Is Renting a Paint Sprayer Worth It?

Now, you know how much it costs to rent a paint sprayer from Home Depot. However, is renting a paint sprayer worth it?

Yes, it is. Renting a paint sprayer is worth it. This is because you will not be wasting paint with ‘unfocused’ painting. 

With spray paint, you can quickly and conveniently paint any large surface, saving time, energy, and cost. Short but large painting tasks are ideal for paint sprayer rentals. 

Different Types of Paint Sprayers

rent home depot paint sprayer

There are three types of paint sprayers. These are airless paint sprayers, compressed air sprayers, and HVLP paint sprayers:

1. Airless Paint Sprayers

This paint sprayer forces the paint to the tip using an electric pump. Various tips for the paint jobs you can choose from include varnish, latex paint, wood stain, and lacquer. 

Note that you have to protect yourself from getting in contact with toxic paint. Avoid direct contact with the gun tip as it could shoot up paint into your skin that could be fatal to your health.

2. Compressed Air Sprayers

As the term implies, compressed air sprayers use compressed air to push the paint to the sprayer’s tip.

They are simple to use, so you can choose this type if you are a beginner. Ensure that you use protective gear, such as a face mask and eye protection. Paint is always toxic, no matter what paint sprayer type you use.

3. HVLP Paint Sprayer

High-Volume Low-Pressure paint sprayers use a steady air volume to push the paint through the gun’s tip. Many users prefer HVLP sprayers as they are easier to control. 

Experts recommend the HVLP paint sprayers for smaller interior projects, like painting an inner wall or door. They do not recommend it for thicker paints like latex and gloss paints. [5]

Tips for Renting a Paint Sprayer from Home Depot

1. Choose a Cup Gun Sprayer When Painting as a Newbie 

You may want to choose a cup gun paint sprayer if you are a beginner. Cup gun sprayers are less expensive, and you could learn how to paint as you use them. 

The cup gun is easy to operate. All you have to do is to plug it on, and you can start working. This is because it has its own air compressor.

You will have to fill up the reservoir more often, though, as the paint depletes quickly.

2. Use Paint Sprayers for Larger Painting Projects

Paint sprayers are excellent for big painting projects. Be smart and rent out a paint sprayer from Home Depot if you want to do the project quickly. You should purchase a paint sprayer if you have to work longer on the project. 

3. Buy a Paint Sprayer If You Own a Painting Business

It is only practical to buy a paint sprayer instead of renting it if you own a painting business or similar professional services. 

You should start investing in vital tools that could allow you to do your business competently. There are many types of paint sprayers that you can buy. Choose a suitable sprayer for your projects.

Other Home Depot Tools You Can Rent

Aside from paint sprayers, you could also rent the following tools for a minimum of 4 hours. You could rent most tools for a day, a week, or a month. These are only some of the most popular tools/equipment rented out:

  • Chainsaws
  • Leaf blowers
  • Augers
  • Tillers
  • Pressure washers
  • Lawnmowers
  • Car jacks
  • Trucks
  • Trailers

Home Depot offers indoor and outdoor tools and power tools, large equipment, and truck rentals. The store would directly deliver the rented items to your doorstep for a minimal fee. [3]

Conclusion – Home Depot Paint Sprayer Rental 

Making use of a Home Depot paint sprayer rental is cheaper than buying a can of paint. You can do the job efficiently with just a fee of $40 per hour to $120 per day. 

The cost depends on the size of the sprayer. Some Home Depot locations do not have tool rental centers. So, you have to contact the store first to know if they have a rental center. 

Whatever your project, whether big or small, the Home Depot Tool Rental Center could provide various quality tools to help you do the job perfectly. A Home Depot paint sprayer rental is the most practical choice for painting tasks that you need to do quickly and professionally.

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