Honda Harmony 215 Lawn Mower (HR215)

If you are looking for a reliable, self-propelling lawn mower, consider the Honda Harmony 215. In this article, I’ll describe the Honda Harmony 215 lawn mower, including its specs and features, so you know if it’s right for you.

The Honda Harmony 215 lawn mower is a self-propelled, powerful grass-cutting machine. It saves a homeowner much work in mowing the yard. With its 5 horsepower Honda engine, this lawn mower has more power than the average mower. It is also equipped with a strong blade that mulches grass easily.

The Honda Harmony 215 is simply one of the best lawn mowers Honda has ever made. Aside from its powerful gasoline engine, it is also equipped with several neat features that make it easy and safe to operate.

Read on to learn more about the Honda Harmony 215 lawn mower, its specs and features, and pros and cons.

Honda Harmony 215 Lawn Mower

Honda Harmony 215

The Honda Harmony 215 is a series of powerful lawn mowers manufactured by Honda. There are two kinds of lawn mower models in this series – the push mowers and the walk-behind mowers. This series is one of the company’s best lawn mowers that they have ever made.

These grass cutters have more power than the average standard mower. The Honda engine that powers these machines can deliver 5 horsepower.

There are several features in this machine that make it easy to operate. For instance, this lawn mower’s self-propelled and professional-grade is equipped with a hydrostatic 3-speed engine and transmission.

It also has a blade brake that enables the operator to turn the mower without ever spinning the blade. This lawn mower also has a yellow button that the operator can press if they want to bring down the lever that holds the blades to begin cutting the grass.

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Honda Harmony 215 Models (HR215)

The Honda HR215 series has four different variants. They have several common specs, but they also have their own respective specifications:

Mower Models

  • HR215PXA – Manual starting, manually propelled; no transmission
  • HR215HXA – You can manually start; self-propelled; hydrostatic transmission
  • HR215SXA – Same as above but with mechanical transmission instead of hydrostatic
  • HR215SMA – Manual & electric start, self-propelled; mechanical transmission


  • Engine Model – GXV140
  • Type of Engine – 4-stroke, overhead-valve, single-cylinder, forced air-cooled.
  • Displacement – 8.2 cubic in. (135 ccs.)
  • Bore and Stroke – 2.52 x 1.65 in. (64 x 42 mm.)
  • Ignition System – Transistorized magneto
  • Ignition Timing – 25° BTDC
  • Idle Speed – 2,000 plus or minus 150 rpm.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – 0.26 US gallon (1.0 liter)
  • Engine Oil Capacity – 0.63 US quart (0.6 liters)
  • Spark Plug – NGK BPR5ES; ND W16EPR-U; Champion RN 12V
  • Spark Plug Gap – 0.024 – 0.028 in. (0.6 – 0.7 mm.)


  • Maximum Length, Handlebar raised – 63.8 in. (162 cm.)
  • (handlebar extended) Handlebar lowered – 68.5 in. (174 cm.)
  • Minimum Length (handlebar folded) – 35.0 in. (89 cm.)
  • Width at cutter deck – 22.8 in. (58 cm.)
  • Maximum Height (handlebar) Handlebar raised – 44.5 in. (113 cm.)
  • Extended and cutting height Handlebar lowered – 38.2 in. (97 cm.), adjusted to 3 in=7.7 cm)
  • Minimum Height (grass bag removed, handlebar – 20.1 in. (51 cm.)
  • folded, cutting height adjusted to – 3/4 in. (2.0 cm.)

Dry Weight (Including Grass Bag)

  • HR215PXA – 91.5 lb. (41.5 kg.)
  • HR215HXA – 101.4 lb. (46.0 kg.)
  • HR215SXA – 100.3 lb. (45.5 kg.)
  • HR215SMA – 109.1 lb. (49.5 kg.)

Grass Bag Capacity

  • 2.36 bushels; 21.9 US gal (83 liters)

Cutting Width

  • 20.9 in. (53 cm.)

Cutting Height (Adjustable)

  • 3/4 in. (2.0 cm.), l-1/4 in. (3.3 cm.), l-3/4 in. (4.5 cm.), 2-l/4 in. (5.6 cm.), 2-5/8 in. (6.7 cm.), 3 in. (7.7 cm.)

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Features of the Honda Harmony 215 Series Lawn Mower

Honda Harmony 215 lawn mower

There are some common features of the Honda Harmony 215 series models, but there are also some features that are unique to each model:


One obvious difference is seen in the push mower model and the self-propelled mowers. The HR215PXA model is manually propelled and is not equipped with a transmission. The other three models, the HR215HXA, the HR215SXA, and the HR215SMA are all self-propelled.

Push mowers are usually more difficult to operate than self-propelled ones. They also tend to have fewer features than automatic mowers. You can operate self-propelled mowers more easily and conveniently, but they cost more. They are also equipped with top-tier features such as a blade-brake clutch or electric start.

Blade Safety System

The majority of lawn mowers made by Honda have the standard flywheel brake. When the brake is released, it will stop the engine and the rotation of the blade. An upgrade in this conventional system is the Roto-Stop Blade Stop System.

Some of the Honda Harmony lawn mower models have this system. The Roto-Stop system works similarly to a flywheel brake. The difference is that with this system, you can stop the blade by using its control lever and still keep the engine running.

This is a convenient feature because you don’t have to stop the engine from stopping the blade. It saves you from restarting the engine every time you stop the blade. 

Handle Positioning

The Honda HRS mower models have single-position handles, while the HRC and the HRR models have two-position handles. All HRX models have three-position handles which offer the most flexibility.

Electric Start

Some of the mower models of Honda are equipped with electric starts. This starting system offers a lot of convenience over the pull start or recoil start. Just by simply turning the ignition key, the engine will readily start.

No more pulling of ropes which oftentimes don’t make the engine start on the first few tries. One more thing that makes this system convenient is the electric start batteries of Honda. They are self-charging.

Transmission Control

Honda offers several transmission control systems that users can choose from. These options enable users to control push mowers in several ways:

  • Cruise control hydrostatic transmission – this system offers the most flexibility. The operator can choose any speed between zero and four miles per hour. This control can be set at a constant speed. If the operator wants to speed up or slow down the machine, they have to use the clutch lever.
  • Select drive transmission – this feature allows the operator to set a maximum speed before mowing the grass. As the mower is running, the operator can fully or partially engage a lever to modify the machine’s speed.
  • Adjustable smart drive transmissions – this feature is present in some HRX and HRR Honda lawn mowers. It has five-speed options from zero to four miles per hour. The operator can control the speed by using a paddle on the handlebar. It can be twisted by either the left or the right hand.


All lawn mowers made by Honda have decks that have a diameter of 21 inches. The HRX models are equipped with NeXite decks. This deck is made of rust-proof materials that can last longer than steel.

Other Honda lawn mower models such as the HRC, the HRR, and the HRs come with steel decks. These decks are also tough and rugged, even if they are not made with the same material as the NeXite decks.

Cutting Height

The grass-cutting height varies between each model in the Honda HR series lawn mowers. For instance, the cutting height of HRR mowers ranges between 1.125 and 4 inches, while that of the HRS models is between 1 and 3.5 inches. Both the HRC and HRX models have a range between 0.75 and 4 inches. That cutting height range can suit different kinds of lawns.

Clip Direction

There are Honda lawn mowers that come with clip directors. This feature allows the operator to switch from bagging, leaf shredding, mulching, or discharging.

HRX lawn mowers are equipped with a four-in-one clip director for mulching, bagging, discharging, or leaf shredding. If the machine has the Versamow system, the operator can mulch and bag simultaneously.

This system also allows the operator to control the amount of grass to mulch and bagged grass. These lawn mowers come with a leaf-shredding feature. They are incredibly efficient because they deposit leaves inside the bag, so the operator does not have to rake them in.

HRR lawn mowers come with a three-in-one clip director for mulching, bagging, or discharging.

Capacity of Bag

The HRR series of lawn mowers come with bags that can accommodate 1.9 bushels. Meanwhile, the bags of the HRX and the HRC series lawn mowers can carry 2.5 bushels. The larger bag, obviously, is more cumbersome to the operator. At any rate, the operator usually empties the bag several times while mowing the lawn.

Grass Handling Capabilities

The HRS lawn mower series can mulch and discharge grass, while the HRR series can mulch, discharge and bag. The lawn mowers can do all three activities in the HRX series, plus leaf shredding as well. The lawn mowers in the HRC series can mulch, bag, and discharge optionally.

Dependable and Powerful Engine

Several engines usually power Honda lawn mowers. They are the GXV140, the GCV160, and the GCV190. The first engine can deliver 5 horsepower, and the second can produce 4.4 horsepower, while the third can deliver 5.1 hp. All these engines are four-stroke with a fuel tank capacity of 1 liter.

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Average Prices of Honda Lawn Mowers

Honda offers lawn mowers that are efficient, long-lasting, and very affordable. Self-propelled mowers are typically more expensive than push or manual mowers. The higher price, though, offers you more convenience, ease of operation, and added features.

The majority of the push mowers of Honda are affordably priced. Even some walk-behind mowers have very affordable prices. Typically their prices range from a low of $375 to a high of $550 per unit.

Honda also manufactures lawn mowers that are moderately priced. They include most of the mid-range units and walk-behind mowers. Their prices usually range from $600 to $800.

Some of the most expensive lawn mowers of Honda belong to the HRX series, and their HRC series is designed for commercial use. These types of Honda lawn mowers have prices that range from $800 to $1,250.

About Honda Lawn Mowers

Harmony 215

Honda manufactures two general types of lawn mowers. One is the push mower, and the other is the walk-behind mower. Push mowers, as the word implies is a mower that you have to push for it to mow and cut grass.

If you don’t mind the effort, the push mowers of Honda can help you maintain your lawn clean, tidy, and with uniformly cut grass heights. They are also lightweight and durable and are very easy to transport.

It is the walk-behind lawn mowers of Honda that will give you the best performance. Operating a self-propelled Honda Harmony 215 lawn mower requires less effort. You will not experience strain if you will use a traditional manual or push lawn mower. Also, you can switch this lawn mower between manual and self-propelled operation.

They operate just like push mowers but more conveniently and easily. It is the engine that propels the mower, not the ‘push’ from the operator. You can vary the speed of mowing according to the speed that you want. Whichever way you choose to operate the lawnmower, you will maintain control and be comfortable mowing your lawn.

The weight of these types of mowers can range between 80 to 100 pounds. With all the convenience plus their added features, they are naturally pricier than push mowers. What’s a little more costly if it will give you ease and comfort in return?

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Conclusion: Honda Harmony 215 Lawn Mower

The Honda Harmony 215 lawn mower is a series of lawn mowers consisting of push mowers and self-propelled grass cutting machines. A walk-behind or self-propelled lawn mower can save a homeowner much work in mowing the yard.

Honda’s lawn movers use a 5 horsepower Honda engine offering more power than an average lawn mower. These machines are also equipped with killer blades that mulch the grass with less effort. Also, starting Honda Harmony 215 is pretty much the same as starting a traditional lawnmower.

Indeed, if you’re looking for a reliable and self-propelled lawnmower, then Honda Harmony 215 is the one worth considering.

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