Dishwasher in Corner – Tips and Advice

What is the busiest place in the kitchen? It is usually the area between the dishwasher and the sink. If your kitchen space is limited, dishwasher in the corner, is it a good idea? 

You can put your dishwasher in a corner, just as long as you have enough distance between the dishwasher and the cabinet where you store your dishes and utensils. The dishwasher can be adjacent or opposite the cabinet, so there is no need for you to move far.

If you want to place your dishwasher in a corner, you should provide enough space between the dishwasher’s door once you open it and the adjacent or opposite cabinet or wall. There will be no freedom of movement if the space is small.

Read on to learn more about placing a dishwasher in a corner, how it will affect your kitchen working space, and tips and advice about its placement in your kitchen.

Dishwasher in Corner

dishwasher in corner

It is quite alright to place your dishwasher in a corner. But you have to give it enough space from the storage areas or cabinets where you keep your utensils and dishes. You can place the dishwasher near or opposite these cabinets to avoid moving far between them.

If you want to put your dishwasher in a corner, give it at least enough space between the cabinet or wall and the dishwasher’s side when its door is opened. When the space between the cabinet and dishwasher is not enough, you can’t open the cabinet when opening the dishwasher’s door.

Consider buying a small dishwasher if the corner is the only available space where you can put it. These are the types of dishwashers that are designed to be used in kitchenettes and small apartments.

A corner in your kitchen will not work with a full-size dishwasher unless you have a very large kitchen area. Most of these full-size dishwashers are 24 inches wide. A lot of space is taken when you open the door of this kind of dishwasher. A corner cannot provide that much space.

What Happens When Dishwasher Is In the Corner?

Leave at Least 21 Inches of Space Between the Corner and Dishwasher

Even then, many people have placed their dishwashers in a corner. While it seems unimaginable, it can be done. But you are advised to leave at least 21 inches of space between the dishwasher and the corner.

In this way, a person can stand in that in-between space to unload whatever is inside the dishwasher. You should remember that it may protrude as much as 30 inches when the dishwasher door is open. That situation will block a maximum of 54 inches of cabinet working space.

A Homeowner Have Two Dishwashers Installed in the Kitchen Corner

There is even a homeowner who has two dishwashers that are both installed in the corner. That means they can make it work out, although it may seem unusual at the outset. The arrangement or setup they did was dishwasher, sink, and dishwasher.

That means the sink is sandwiched between the two dishwashers. The only downside to this, the homeowner admitted, is that they lost one corner for storage. To some, that may be a deal-breaker, but not to this homeowner.

Dishwasher in a Corner and Perpendicular to the Sink

Another homeowner installed their dishwasher in a corner and perpendicular to the sink. They said it was not ideal, but they had to do it. It did not become a major annoyance to them either. They said that when opened, the dishwasher door blocks the trash pullout. So, they ensure that they throw out the trash before they do the dishes.

The dishwasher also blocks some of the under-the-sink cabinets too. So, they usually get the things they need from those cabinets before they do their dishes. In other words, they just adjusted their household chores to the fact that their dishwasher is installed in a corner.

Disadvantages of Putting the Dishwasher in a Corner

dishwasher in corner of kitchen

Some say that a dishwasher tucked away in a corner is, in fact, convenient. When its door is opened, it will rarely block the pathways. So, loading and unloading the dishes and utensils will be easy.

However, there are always two sides to a coin. Some say that putting the dishwasher in a corner will be very inconvenient. So, to see which setup is best for you, you have to choose the weightier option and find ways to work with the disadvantages.

Dishwasher’s Door Will Block the Cabinet Door

You should expect that there will be some minor inconveniences in placing your dishwasher in a corner. The most common disadvantage is that the dishwasher door will block your cabinet door. When the dishwasher door is open, it may prevent you from throwing the trash out.

Limited Access to the Cabinets

Washing the dishes also takes a lot of time. There will be times that you will need to take out the trash first and then go back to washing the dishes. In addition, since the opened door of the dishwasher prevents you from accessing the cabinets below, the unloading of the dishes from the dishwasher will be a bit difficult.

Again, can you have a dishwasher in a corner? Usually, kitchen corners are unused spaces. So, you can install your dishwasher in the corner. However, leave enough space between the dishwasher and the cabinet. This way, you can still access the cabinet while the dishwasher door is open.

Normal Dishwasher Location in the Kitchen

The usual placement of the dishwasher in most kitchens is next to the kitchen sink. It can be placed either on the left or right-hand side of the sink. Preferably, it should also be close to the storage units or kitchen cabinets.

You also need to place your dishwasher in such a way that you have freedom of movement. You can install it next to a slide-in or free-standing cooking range. But be sure to have at least two inches of clearance between the dishwasher and the range. You should never install the dishwasher next to a wall oven that is placed under the kitchen countertop.

Where Do You Put a Dishwasher in an Averaged-size Kitchen?

If you have an average-sized or a bigger kitchen, you can have the dishwasher installed directly next to the sink or near the cabinets or drawers where you keep your dishes. This way, loading the rinsed dishes is easier and faster while also having instant access to the cabinets.

Where Do You Put a Dishwasher in a Small Kitchen?

Since available space is limited in a small kitchen, you should choose the most practical spot to install the dishwasher. Here are some suggestions:

  • Buy a slim-line dishwasher
  • Hide it behind the door of a cupboard
  • Add it onto the end of the counter
  • Place it in a corner
  • Install it under the sink

Tips on the Proper Placement of Dishwasher

dishwasher in corner cabinet

Dishwashers are what you can call hefty kitchen appliances. For a large kitchen, choosing the right spot will not be very difficult. It is in smaller kitchens that the placement of dishwashers becomes problematic.

So whether you have a large or small kitchen, consider these tips on the proper kitchen placement of dishwashers:

1. Integrate the Dishwasher

When you integrate your dishwasher to the rest of the kitchen appliances, you compliment the kitchen décor. You may not want your dishwasher to be the focus of attention. It will be less evident if you will integrate it with the other kitchen appliances.

Put It Behind a Panel Where Its Color Matches the Cabinetry

But the best way to integrate it is to flush it behind a panel where its body color matches the rest of the cabinetry. The place could be in the center or the corner, just as long as the other factors like space and freedom of movement are not restricted.

Install the Dishwasher on the Kitchen Island

Another way of integrating the dishwasher is if your kitchen has a kitchen island. You can install the dishwasher on this island. This is the most practical option because the dishwasher will be close to the sink. After rinsing your utensils, you can place them in the dishwasher and then move them on their cabinets.

2. Place the Dishwasher Next to the Sink

Kitchen designers usually recommend for the dishwasher to be placed near the sink. There are two reasons for this advice. One reason is that most people are used to the dishwashing process of “scrape, rinse, and load.”

They usually scrape the leftover foods from the dishes into the trash can nearby, on the right or left side, or even under the sink. Then they give the dishes a quick rinse before putting them inside the dishwasher. So, the best place for the dishwasher is the opposite side of the sink.

Another reason why you should place your dishwasher near the sink is because this will reduce the cost of plumbing and make the plumbing work easier.

3. Ensure There Is Freedom of Movement

The placement of your dishwasher should not restrict your freedom of movement inside the kitchen area. So, the most important thing that you need to ensure is that when the dishwasher door is open, it should not block off the kitchen’s main passageway or walkway.

You should also locate it in a place where it won’t stand in the way of the person who is cooking or doing something in the sink. When its door is open, the dishwasher should not restrict you from accessing the cabinets, the refrigerator, and so forth.

4. Elevate the Dishwasher

If you are someone who has trouble bending, it will be practical to elevate the dishwasher. You can make a sturdy platform that will allow you to load and unload the dishes comfortably. Or you can place it on top of a stronger cabinet so that it can be at your eye level. But always remember that the place should not restrict your freedom of movement.

5. Place It at the Right Distance from Cabinets

The dishwasher should be placed at the optimum distance from the cabinets to store your dishes and utensils. It should be just one step distance from these cabinets. So, you can locate your dishwasher just opposite or adjacent to these cabinets and their drawers. The point is that you don’t have to move far between them.

6. Choose the Right Side

Let’s assume that you chose to place your dishwasher beside the sink. On what side of the sink will you install it? Is it on the right or the left? If you are a right-handed person, it should be on the left side of the sink.

A right-handed individual would naturally hold the dish with their left hand. They will scrape leftover foods with their right hand. So, it will be easier for the dishwasher to be installed at the left side of the sink for right-handed homeowners. The reverse will be true for left-handed individuals.

Conclusion: Dishwasher in Corner

It is alright to place your dishwasher in a corner. Many people have done that. But see to it that there’s enough distance between the dishwasher and the cabinet.

Place the dishwasher near or opposite the cabinet so that you won’t have to move far between them. The general rule is that the dishwasher placement should not restrict the freedom of movement inside the kitchen.

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