Can I Put My Electric Bill in Someone Else’s Name?

If you want someone else to take over billing responsibilities for your electric bill, you may be wanting to put the bill in their name. Is this legal? Can you put your electric bill in someone else’s name?

You can legally put your electric bill in someone else’s name, provided that person lives in the same residence, or is somehow connected with the home’s rental or ownership. Some utility companies may change the name immediately after you call them, while others will request a “change of account holder information.”

If for some reason, you are not qualified to hold the account in your name or for other reasons, you can put it in someone else’s name. But the person must give their consent.

Read on to learn more about how you can put your electric bill in someone else’s name and how to do so.

Can I Put My Electric Bill in Someone Else’s Name?

can I put my electric bill in someone else's name

You can put your electric bill in someone else’s name. This action is legal, but the person must be an adult who lives in the same residence as you. The person should also be connected with the rental or ownership of the home.

While some companies accept name changes online or through phone calls, other service providers will request you to file a new account.

However, if you are only renting, the landlord typically requires you to put your bills under your name. You can always ask your landlord directly if it is permitted or check the lease contract before signing to make sure it is allowed or not. 

If you own the house, you can do as you wish; use your name or someone else’s name in your electricity bill. Ensure though that the person has consented. You should also inform your service provider of the change to avoid problems later on.

Some parents use their children’s names (without their consent) for their bills, which is illegal. Although they live in the same house, they still have the right to decide as they wish. A problem sometimes occurs when the parents can no longer pay the bills, and then they will damage their children’s credit reputation.

What to Do When You Experience Identity Fraud?

Someone may use your name without your consent instead of the other way around. When you learn about your name being used for another person’s electric bills, you must immediately take action.

You should know what to do. Surely, you would not want to pay for an electricity bill that you did not consume. Here are steps you can follow: 

1. Alert Your Service Providers

Alert your service providers: the electric company, banks, credit cards, and inform them of the situation. You should instruct them to stop all transactions immediately.

By alerting them, you give them the chance to help you track who may have stolen your identity and stop the person from doing any further damage using your identity. It would be best to close the account as it has been compromised.

2. Assess the Situation

It would be best to find out all the details so that you can act accordingly. Look into other aspects that may have been compromised, such as your bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, credit cards, and other services connected to your personal information.

3. Check Your Accounts

After alerting them, you should check your financial accounts for any unauthorized activities, such as withdrawals and purchases. 

4. Check for Any Possible Viruses in Your Devices

Typically, when identity fraud happens, it is usually because of your online activities where viruses can corrupt your devices. Therefore, if you had your identity stolen online, you should expect that there may be a possibility that your device is corrupted.

To check whether there are any viruses on your devices, launch your anti-virus to help you find the culprit. If that does not work, you should consult an expert or replace your device altogether.

5. Prepare Your IDs or Proof of Identity

After confirming that you are experiencing identity fraud, your service providers need proof of your identity when resuming your transactions. Nonetheless, do not resume transactions unless the service provider can assure you of your personal data’s safety.

6. File a Police Report

Some people may think this is unnecessary, but filing a police report could help you trace and catch the culprit. This incident could happen anew with scammers roaming around freely.

Can I put my electric bill in someone else’s name? You can legally put your electric bill in someone else’s name. However, the person must be an adult who lives at the same address as you do. The person must able be connected with the rental.

Some companies would change the name when you call them, and other companies may require you to file a change of account.

can I put my electric bill in someone else name

Is It Illegal to Pay Someone Else’s Bill?

The answer depends on the situation. If you are paying the bill to help the person, then it is entirely legal. However, filing out a check or using someone’s bank account or money to pay a bill is considered illegal.

When paying for someone’s bill, sign your name when you pay for it to avoid any problems.

How Can I Change the Name on My Utility Bill?

You can easily change your bill’s name when you get married, divorced, or acquired a new name. However, it is a different issue if you want to change the person’s identity holding the account.

The service provider may require you to create a new utility account. To help you change the name on your utility bill, here are some steps that could help.

1. Changing the Name 

You can call your service provider and explain the situation. Ask them if it is possible to change the bill’s name. Most of the time, they will allow you to change the bill’s name if your reason is valid.

However, sometimes other service providers will require you to file a new application. Hence, you will have to provide supporting documents for your application, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree.

If you are using online/ internet to manage your bills, you could edit your name online. Just log in, edit your name and give a specific reason why you are changing your name. Then click update info, and you are done. 

2. Changing or Removing Someone’s Name on the Bill

There are cases when two people share the bill. Nevertheless, if you want to change or remove the person’s name on the bill, you can call the service provider and follow their process of switching the bill to your name.

After that, the service provider usually asks you to provide a piece of evidence as to why you want to change the name on the bill.

You can show proof that you are now a solo tenant/homeowner or the death certificate of your previous partner if the person has passed away.

If the bill is now under your name, then the balance, current account number, and credit history will be yours.

3. Changing the Account Holder

Moving to a new home means having to pay new bills. When you move into your new house, you should not use the previous owner’s name. Doing that will only cause problems.

As soon as possible, you should create a new utility account for your new house under your name or your partner’s name. You can create a new account in person, over the phone, or online. 

Creating a new utility account is like applying for a new credit card. The service providers will ensure you have a good payment history and have not defaulted on any past utility bills. Be prepared to provide all the necessary documents to prove your identity.

Can I Put Two Names on My Utility Bill?

Yes, you can put two names on the bill. To do this, you have to inform your service provider that you will be putting two names under your bill. By putting two names on the bill, you two are sharing the responsibility for any transactions.

This would mean that either of you can make changes to the account and pay the bill if the other person is not available. Furthermore, if some emergency occurs and you are unreachable, then they can contact the other person.

You can put the name of either your roommate, partner, or family member. To help you further, here are some helpful steps for putting two names on your utility bill.

1. Inform Your Service Provider 

After deciding to put two names on your bill, you need to call your service provider to inform them about what you want your purpose. You could go directly to their company together with the person or choose to speak with customer service.

You can also choose other options like “billing management” or “billing representative.” If you are opening a new account, say that you want to set up a new account or choose the “set up an account.”

2. Provide All Necessary Information

put electric bill in someone else's name

Answer all the customer service questions and submit necessary documents. You should explain to your service provider why you want to put a second name on your utility bill or why you want to make a new account under two people. 

If you already have an existing account, prepare the name, address, account number, and password.

Service providers may have different procedures, so you have to ensure that you follow the instructions carefully. They may ask you to personally appear in their official branch/company to sign papers, or they may call you to confirm your identity.

3. Some Service Providers May Require a Personal Appearance

You have to comply if your service provider requires you to appear personally at their office. Bring all necessary documents to prove both of your identities. 

You should be ready to explain why you want to change the bill’s names or why you need to make a new account with two account holders.

If you are doing the transaction online, you should use a password that only you and the other person know.

If either of you makes changes, ensure that you inform the other person about it to avoid misunderstandings. Note that you are both responsible for your utility bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Pay an Old Bill for a New Address If I Am Moving In?

It is illegal not to pay your bills when you move into a new place. Many states consider this illegal. The only exception to this would be when the person is blood-related to you or was a roommate. 

But if the bill belonged to someone you do not know, then you have no obligation to pay for it. The downside is that you may not get a new connection if you do not pay the previous bill. You may want to contact your service provider to learn more.

What If Someone Else Got Electric Service in My Name and Did Not Pay the Bill?

If the person uses your name with your knowledge and consent, you have to pay the bill. However, if the person used your name without your consent, it is considered identity theft. You should report this illegal activity to the local authorities concerned.

Leaving this issue unresolved would make you liable to pay the service provider for the bill under your name, regardless of whether you knew about it or not.

Conclusion – Can an Electric Bill Be in Someone Else’s Name?

You can put your electric bill in someone else’s name. But there are conditions: the person should be an adult who is connected to the rental or who lives in the same residence. 

You may be able to complete the transaction online or do it in person. This step depends on the service provider’s requirements. Some companies may require you to fill out new account holder information. Whatever the requirements, make sure to comply with them, and you will not have any problems putting your bill in someone else’s name.