Are Samsung Appliances Good?

Shopping for appliances for your home can either be stressful or enjoyable. This will also depend on whether you know what to look for or not. On that note, Samsung is one of the most recognizable brands for gadgets and appliances. Now the question is, are Samsung appliances excellent?

Samsung appliances have consistently ranked high among consumers and service technicians these past couple of years. In 2019, Samsung refrigerators were ranked third in terms of reliability among service technicians. Samsung also earned many J.D. Power Awards, including ranking first in customer satisfaction.

Read on to learn more if Samsung appliances are really good and worth investing in.

Are Samsung Appliances Good?

are samsung appliances good

Since you will need to spend money when buying appliances, you would want to know first if they are worth the price. The key to finding appliances worth investing in and that can withstand the test of time is the brand’s reputation. You have to purchase the appliances from a well-known and reliable brand. Samsung falls under that category.

Consumer Report’s Appliance Brand Rankings for Reliability

According to Consumer Report’s appliance brand rankings for reliability, Samsung is well within the top 20. Most of Samsung’s praises were for their kitchen and laundry appliances, specifically their cooktops and washing machines.

Also, based on many Samsung appliances reviews, most customers are satisfied with the quality of the brand’s products. Samsung appliances are good enough as they have features not present in other products. They also prioritize the quality of materials as well as craftsmanship. With that, there is a high chance that their appliances will last.

What Makes Samsung So Successful?

Here are some of the many reasons why the Samsung brand can stand out of the crowd:

1. High Technology

Since it started manufacturing electronics, Samsung has always been at the forefront of innovation. Their researchers and scientists are always looking to improve their products. This results in them creating some of the best-in-class appliances that can fit into everyone’s lifestyles.

2. Durability

Samsung takes pride in the durability of its appliances. You can expect durability from their comprehensive line of the following:

  • Washing machines,
  • TVs,
  • Smartphones, or
  • Refrigerators.

You will also receive a comprehensive warranty on Samsung products. Samsung does their best to ensure that everything they ship out can last long, even with continuous use.

3. Top Class Customer Service

One usually does not think about quality aftermarket service when buying appliances. However, you will be thinking about it later when you run into problems. Samsung has one of the best customer service departments among all electronics manufacturers. The company also makes warranty claims quite easily.

Short History on Samsung

Samsung’s Founder

In March of 1938, Lee Byung-Chull founded Samsung. Initially, Samsung was a grocery trading store, but it forayed into the electronics industry in 1969.

First Electronic Product

The first electronic product made by Samsung was a black-and-white television. The company saw rapid growth during that same year. Soon enough, it has started exporting its products to other countries. It even became one of the major electronics manufacturers in South Korea.

Invested Heavily on Research and Development Institutes

Samsung hit a growth spurt during the early 80s, so it created separate branches for each of its electronics divisions. During this time, Samsung invested heavily in two research & development institutes. This became the key that helped turn Samsung into a market leader in IT services.

Popular for Making Top-of-the-line Electronic Products

In the 90s, Samsung has cemented its hold on being one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers. It was mainly known for producing top-of-the-line semiconductors, LCD screens, and other electronic products.

Where Are Samsung Appliances Made?

Most of the Products Are Made in South Korea

Samsung is a multinational brand from South Korea. Therefore, most of their appliances and products are made in that country. The brand’s refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and washer dryer combos are manufactured in South Korea.

Other Products Are Made in Other Asian Countries

Some of their front-loading washing machines, on the other hand, are made in China. There are also certain models of Samsung refrigerators manufactured in Thailand. Also, Samsung has a curved TV model that is made in Vietnam. With the popularity and reputation of Samsung, it is no longer surprising to see it having various manufacturing centers worldwide.

Again, are Samsung appliances good? According to service technicians, in 2019, the Samsung refrigerator ranked third as the most reliable refrigerator brand. Plus, in 2020, Samsung appliances earned more J.D. Power Awards for kitchen and laundry appliances than their competitors, ranking first in Customer Satisfaction.

What Products Does Samsung Make?

are samsung refrigerators any good
Fron Control Slide-in Range

Are you planning on furnishing your home entirely with Samsung appliances? Because you certainly can with all the products that they offer.

Here are some of the appliances that come with the Samsung badge:

1. Refrigerators

According to Consumer Reports’ list of top refrigerators in the market, a third of their list of recommendations for 21 French door models came from Samsung. The report also had a three-door French-door category, a more common and popular design with 14 of the 80 models rated by CR from Samsung. One of them even came in second place.

Meet the Needs of Customers

An advantage of several Samsung refrigerators is that they meet the needs of those who love luxury and technology. You can even find smart refrigerators from this brand. This means you can use smart devices in controlling food climates. It is even possible to monitor the appliance even if you are not home.

Equipped With Flexible Storage Drawers

Selected Samsung fridges also feature flexible storage drawers that have various temperature settings. In addition, they come with an adjustable smart divider for better organization. With that, Samsung fridges may be more suitable for you if you love a more built-in and top-of-the-line design.

Stainless Steel Finish

Another unique feature of some of the fridges from Samsung is its stainless-steel finish. It is a new Tuscan finish that can transform the look of an appliance, making it appear high-end. Samsung also utilizes the Flexzone technology in several of its refrigerators. With this technology, you can switch the refrigerator into a freezer and vice versa.

Unique Features

Overall, Samsung refrigerators continue receiving good reviews because of their unique features. They also offer the following benefits:

  • Has energy-saving features
  • Provides a lot of storage
  • Promotes uniform cooling capability
  • Optional smart functions

2. Ovens and Stovetops

Different Fuel Types

Another set of appliances that Samsung takes pride in is the oven and stovetop. Otherwise referred to as the range, this brand has a lot to offer in the category. For one, you can choose from the ranges in different fuel types. There is the gas, dual fuel, and electric range.

Single and Double Ovens

Aside from the type of fuel, you can also access single and double ovens from the brand. They offer various types of fuel and oven configurations to get what you need precisely.

Flex Duo Technology

The brand also offers a unique feature in its ovens – the flex duo technology. The presence of this technology is a big advantage as it lets you cook two things simultaneously. Note that you will need different temperatures when cooking different things. Baking cakes, for instance, require a specific temperature.

Dual Door

Fortunately, there is no need to wait for the oven to finish cooking each one with the flex duo technology. The only thing you should do is put the insulated divider. Another advantage is that the oven comes with a dual door. Accessing one dish using the top door without interrupting the other is possible.


In general, Samsung ovens and stovetops earned great reviews as they provide the following essential benefits:

  • Soft-close door, which is gentler and quieter to open and close
  • Well-designed while providing several custom options
  • Nice finish, including the Tuscan stainless steel
  • Features a warming drawer

Some also complained about the bulky controls and back guards of freestanding ranges. Despite that, it still does not drastically affect the overall quality of these appliances.

3. Washers and Dryers

PowerFoam Technology

The washers and dryers of Samsung are also among the appliances from the brand that earned plenty of positive praise. A unique technology in their line of washers is the PowerFoam.

It is an excellent feature as it works in deep cleaning your clothes. It works by mixing the water and detergent, creating a dense and thick foam capable of scrubbing clothes hard.

Steam and SuperSpeed Technology

Aside from that, the appliances utilize steam technology, further cleaning your clothes deeply. Samsung also integrates the SuperSpeed technology into these appliances, shortening the cleaning cycle. This is beneficial as it helps in saving money on water and energy.

VRT Plus Technology

One more advantage of Samsung washers and dryers is that they are generally quiet. The reason is the VRT Plus technology integrated into them. This technology works in reducing noise and vibration by up to 40%.

Large Washing and Drying Bins

Moreover, they have large washing and drying bins. With that, cleaning more clothes in just one load is possible—this aids in cutting down the risk of wasting too much water and energy.

4. Dishwashers

Auto-Release Door

Most homeowners also fall in love with the dishwashers offered by Samsung. They offer premium-level dishwashers that will save your time and labor since they efficiently wash dishes for you. One unique feature of Samsung dishwashers is the auto-release door, supporting the drying function.

Proprietary Spray-jet Technology

These appliances also use the proprietary spray-jet technology, featuring a WaterWall that aids in blasting water from one side. There is also what we call the StormWash. This feature refers to a specialized nozzle that provides your dishes with a powerful wash.

Zone Booster Function

 A Zone Booster function is also present. It refers to a specifically marked zone that has additional nozzles targeting a higher number of dishes. Samsung dishwashers also earned great respect because of their quiet operation.

Those are only some of the appliances that Samsung has to offer. It is quite possible for you to fully furnish your home using just the appliances from this brand.

Samsung Appliance Buying Guide

are samsung ranges good

Samsung appliances are famous for their top-notch quality. However, you still have to ensure that you do not buy blindly. Keep these tips in mind once you start shopping for new appliances from this brand:

1. Create a Budget

To prevent yourself from spending more than you should, give yourself a firm budget in advance. If you are thinking of getting an entire kitchen suite of appliances, find out whether Samsung offers discounts on bundles. This will help you stick to your budget and take advantage of discounts.

2. Ensure the Appliance Can Fit in the Kitchen

Imagine spending money on a refrigerator only to find out later that it does not fit anywhere in your kitchen. Yes, you can probably return it. However, you may also be paying for shipping. You may also need to wait a while before you get your refund. You can avoid all that through careful measurements beforehand.

If you are buying kitchen appliances, ensure that your kitchen space has enough space for it. There should also be a nearby electrical socket you can plug the appliance into. Also, make sure that the appliance, including the packaging it came in, can fit through your door.

Delivery people may be experienced and can figure out a solution. However, you will also be risking damaging the appliance and your property in the process.

3. Read Reviews

Never underestimate the importance of customer reviews. If you’re buying Samsung appliances, consult as many Samsung appliances reviews as you can find.

The nice thing about choosing Samsung appliances is that they are popular, so finding reviews will not be that hard. You can usually find many Samsung reviews in private blogs and many online forums.

Find Reviews from Different Sources

In addition, find reviews from different sources. Check both the positive and negative ones. All of them will provide you with valuable insight into the appliance that you plan to buy. With that said, note that some satisfied customers rarely leave reviews. Disgruntled customers may also leave overblown ones, so learn to discern viable ones.

4. Visit a Retailer

Although reviews are good sources of useful information, seeing the appliance you plan to buy firsthand is also important. Instead of buying Samsung appliances online, visit a retailer. Remember to bring a measuring tape and a notebook with you. Measure all sides of the appliance.

Also, if you buy a high-touch item, like a stove or refrigerator, it would be best to visit the store. The reason is that it lets you touch the appliances yourself. Make sure that the finish is following your expectations.

Moreover, many Samsung retail outlets are also service centers of the appliances they sell. This will let you get some insights into their reliability.

Conclusion – Are Samsung Appliances Good?

Samsung appliances are typically reliable and durable. This is why they always seem to rank high among customers and service technicians. In 2019, Samsung was third in terms of reliability among service technicians worldwide.

Samsung also received many J.D. Power Awards in the past couple of years. One is ranking first in terms of customer satisfaction. If you are thinking of buying Samsung appliances, you will be assured of their overall quality and durability. This is regardless of whether the appliances are for the kitchen or any other part of the house.