1086 International Harvester Specs and Review

The 1086 International Harvester is a classic piece of equipment that has been around since 1976. This tractor was produced in the mid-1970s and designed with the needs of its operators in mind.

The 1086 International Harvester is an all-purpose tractor that could be used for any number of tasks around the farm or ranch. This is why it is so versatile: you can use it for everything from plowing fields to moving hay bales or pulling a trailer full of cattle. It’s also useful for other work, such as snow removal or landscaping.

The table below shows the most important specifications of the 1086 International Harvester:

MakeInternational Harvester
Tractor Model1086
Country of ManufactureUSA
Years in Production1976 to 1981
Tractor TypeRow crop tractor
Chassis 4×2 2WD
Horsepower130.0 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity63 US gallons; 238.5 L
Engine Model & TypeIH DT414; Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Steering typeHydrostatic power
BrakesHydraulic disc
Transmission Model & TypeTorque amplifier; Partial power shift
Weight12,710 lbs. or 5,767 kg
Average Sale Price (Used)$9,675 to $11,241

Read on to learn more about the 1086 International Harvester tractor and what it offers.

About the 1086 International Harvester Tractor

1086 International Harvester

Introduced in September of 1976

International Harvester (IH) introduced the 86 series Pro Ag Line of row crop tractors in September of 1976. This lineup initially included other models:

  • 886 with 85 PTO hp
  • 986 with 105 PTO hp
  • 186 Hydro with 104 PTO hp
  • 1086 with 130 PTO hp
  • 1486 with 145 PTO hp
  • 1586 with 161 PTO hp

During the final year of production of the 86 series in 1981, the 80 PTO horsepower 786 was introduced to the line. This tractor was only available as an open station or 4-post ROPS model.

International Harvester Used the Marketing Term “Pro Ag”

Pro Ag was a marketing term used by International Harvester to highlight the new modern conveniences that the fully enclosed 86 series tractor cab offered.

Top-selling 86-series Tractor

This modern cab offered numerous new operator conveniences, including a computerized digital display dashboard on the tractor. 1086 was the top-selling 86-series tractor, with 54,947 units sold between 1976 and 1981.

The next best-selling 86 series model was 1486, with more than 21,000 units sold, followed by the 986 models, which sold just over 20,000 units.

Manufactured in IH’s Rock Island Illinois Farmall Plant

The 86 series line of tractors was manufactured by International Harvester (IH) at its Rock Island, Illinois, Farmall plant.

1086 International Harvester Specs

1. Features a Two-wheel Drive Front Axle

The majority of 1086 tractors manufactured by International Harvester look precisely alike. These tractors feature a two-wheel drive front axle and a fully enclosed Pro Ag cab with a heating and air conditioning system.

2. 1086 International Harvester HP

1086 was powered by a 6.8-liter International Harvester DT-414 6-cylinder 414-cubic inch diesel engine rated at 130 PTO hp. In the 1970s, most manufacturers rated their row crop tractors by PTO hp rather than engine hp.

3. Has a Torque Amplifier Transmission

The 1086 tractor features an International Harvester torque amplifier transmission. It has 16 forward and eight reverse speeds. This tractor can travel from 1.5 miles to 20.5 miles per hour. It is equipped with a split 540 / 1000 RPM PTO. This allows the tractor to power implements, including:

  • Round balers
  • Small square balers
  • Forged harvesters
  • Mixer mills
  • Manure spreaders
  • Snow blowers
  • Other various equipment

4. Equipped with a 63-gal Diesel Fuel Tank

1086 is fitted with a 63-gal diesel fuel tank.

5. Weight

When it rolled off the assembly line at the Farmall plant, 1086 weighed in at 12,300 pounds, and it can be field-weighted up to 15,715 lbs.

1086 International Harvester Tractor General Specs

Here’s a table showing the general specifications of the 1086 International Harvester tractor:

Length2WD: 4,260 mm (167.7in)
4WD: 4,190 mm (165in)
Hi-Clear: 4,290 mm (169in)
Width2WD/4WD: 2,590 mm (102in)
Hi-Clear: 2,480 mm (98in)
Height2WD/4WD: 2,920 mm (115in)
Hi-Clear: 3,200 mm (126in)
Wheelbase2WD: 2,660 mm or 104.7in
4WD: 2,510 mm or 99.0in
Hi-Clear: 2,690 mm or 106in
Weight5,767 kg (12,710lbs.)
BatteryTwo 12V; CCA 480
Fuel Tank Capacity238.5 L (63 US gallons; 52.5 Imp. gallons)
Cabin TypeCab standard

1086 International Harvester Engine Specs

Engine Model and TypeInternational Harvester DT414; Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Displacement6.8 L, 6,784 cm2; (414 cubic inches)
Fuel typeDiesel
Bore and Stroke109.0mm X 121.0mm (4.29in X 4.76in)
Horsepower130.0 HP
StarterElectric starter
Oil Capacity18.9 L or 19.97 US. qt; 16.63 Imp. qt.
Coolant Capacity23.7 L or 25.04 US. qt; 20.85 Imp. qt.

1086 International Harvester Transmission and Chassis

Chassis4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Steering TypeHydrostatic power
BrakesHydraulic disc
Transmission Model and TypeTorque amplifier; Partial power shift
Gears16 forward and eight reverse
SpeedForward: 33.0 kmh (20.5mph) 
Reverse: 16.3 (10.1mph)
Transmission Oil Capacity85.2 L (90.03 US. qt; 74.97 Imp. qt.)

Hydraulic System of the 1086 Tractor

Hydraulic TypeOpen center
Hydraulic Capacity85.2 L (90.03 US. qt; 74.97 Imp. qt.)
Pump flow12.0 GPM (45.4 LPM)

Power Take-off PTO Shaft

Rear PTO TypeIndependent
Rear PTO Speed540/1000 rpm


Front tiresAg: 10.00 16 (2WD); 13.6 24 (4WD)
Rear tiresAg: 18.4 38

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1086 International Harvester Price

international harvester 1086

Brand-new 1086 Price

The list price for a brand-new 1086 set up was $35,715.

With Powered Front Axle

1086 customers looking for more traction in the field could order a powered front axle. This front-wheel assist machine with four-wheel drive capabilities had a list price of $40,032.

Open-air Model with 4-post ROPS

1086 customers looking for a machine with fewer frills and a more economical price could order an open-air model with 4-post ROPS. The rollover protection model had a list price of $29,070.

Average Sale Price in Auctions

The 1806 International Harvester tractor, first released in 1976, has an average sale price in auctions of $9,675 to $11,241, with an average list price at a dealership of $17,166.

Again, is the International Harvester 1086 a good tractor? The International Harvester 1086 is a good tractor with a good engine. Its hydraulics are its weakest part but are overall excellent tractors.

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1086 International Harvester Problems

The 1086 International Harvester is known as a reliable and durable tractor, making it one of the most popular tractors in the world. But despite its popularity, some common problems come up with this tractor. These problems include:

1. Transmission Issues

The 1086 tractor can have problems with transmission. This can include issues with the clutch or shifting mechanism and internal wear and tear on parts like bearings, seals, and gaskets. If there are problems with these parts, it may be necessary to replace them.

2. Hydraulic Issues

Another 1086 tractor problem is hydraulic issues, which include leaks and broken seals. If you notice that your tractor has a hydraulic system leak, it’s essential to fix the problem right away.

Power Loss and Shifting Problems

Hydraulic problems can lead to severe issues with your tractor, including losing power and difficulty shifting gears. If any of your hydraulic hoses are cracked or broken, you may also experience problems controlling the steering on your tractor.

3. Has Vulnerable Parts That Require Regular Maintenance

Your 1086 tractor also has some vulnerable parts that can be damaged by improper maintenance. Also, changing the oil regularly or failing to keep up with scheduled repairs can cause problems with some internal components of your vehicle.

If you notice any problems with your 1086 tractor, it’s essential to have the tractor serviced right away. This will help prevent further damage and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

What Do Consumers Say About the 1086 International Harvester?

Positive Reviews

No Major Issues

“I have owned three 1086s and had three at one time. Honestly, I never had any significant issues with any of them. Two that I bought (used) were traded for larger tractors, but the 1086s were fine!

I kept and still have the one I bought new in 1978. It has around 11,000 hrs (tack broke twice for two years) and has had one new TA, one new hydraulic pump, and a clutch done simultaneously.”

Good Tractor

“Its only ‘downside’ is that the cab is a bit harder to enter. Otherwise, no issues. It’s a perfect tractor!”

Overheats Under a Hard Load but Works Well Overall

“After several repairs, I’m still dealing with an overheating issue under a hard load. Next will be rodding out the radiator, T/A is shot, and the failed electronic instrument cluster. However, this seems to be a solid running tractor at a 131 hp rating.

I couldn’t do without it around the place as it will cover much ground with my time restraints. Battery disconnect installed to eliminate battery drain when not in use. Works well.”

Decent Old Tractor

“I wouldn’t say there it’s without cons, but they are a pretty decent old tractor. It’s probably the best of the 86 series by far!”

Solid Engine and Drivetrain

“I’ve been pretty much a John Deere guy. But I am familiar with these tractors. I have had a few IH tractors over the years. I think this model is probably one of the better ones in the 86 series lineup.

The engine is quite solid, and the drivetrain, I think, is also pretty reliable. Its non-synchronized transmission makes this tractor the one that probably doesn’t want to be shifting gears frequently.”

Negative Reviews

Bad Shifting If It’s Not Adjusted and Lubed

“The shifting tends to be bad if things aren’t lubed and adjusted. Also, they are not the most comfortable machine, but they are also more than four decades old now. If you can find a good one, maintain it well, and you will be fine.”

Bad Entry Points

“I think the majority would agree that the 86 series’ entry points suck! You have the door that opens the wrong way and the muddy tire to catch your pants on.”

Horrible Shifting, Cab Door on the Wrong Side, and Trouble-Prone Exhaust System

“I’ve been around two of these tractors, and that was enough to tell me I didn’t want to own one.

The shifting is just horrible, the TA’s don’t stand up, and the female hydraulic couplers are a 0000 after they get dirt in them. Also, the cab door is hinged on the wrong side, and the exhaust system is prone to trouble.”

Is the 1086 International Harvester a Good Investment?

Suppose you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, and durable second-hand tractor built by one of the world’s most excellent tractor manufacturers. In that case, the 1086 International Harvester could be for you. But as with any pre-owned tractor, there are some things to watch out for.

1086 is a reliable tractor but can be susceptible to problems if not properly maintained. For example, the engine tends to run hot and will need frequent coolant flushes to keep it running smoothly.

Additionally, this tractor is not a good choice for the casual farmer looking to get into the business, as it’s a tough tractor that requires frequent maintenance. However, if you’re an experienced operator who knows how to take care of their machinery, this could be your next investment!

Tips When Buying a Used 1086 Tractor

international harvester 1086 service manual

Buying a used tractor is a great way to get the necessary equipment without paying fully. However, there are also important things to consider before purchasing.

Here are some tips for making sure you get the best deal possible when buying a used 1086 tractor:

1. Always Check the Engine First

The engine is one of the most expensive parts of your tractor, so make sure it’s in good condition before you buy.

Also, the transmission should be in good condition and shift smoothly without any grinding noises or other issues. If you hear something like this when shifting gears, it may need some work done before being able to use the tractor again.

If it’s not running smoothly or starts making weird noises while you’re looking at it, walk away immediately. The last thing you want is an old clunker that needs constant repairs!

2. Check the Hydraulics

The hydraulic system should be in good working order, and you should make sure the fluid is clean and not contaminated with dirt or debris. If there are any leaks or drips, this could indicate a problem with the seals or hoses.

3. Check the Tires

When looking at the tires, ensure they’re all wearing evenly and have plenty of treads (ideally at least 75%). You should also check them for cracks or other signs of wear.

4. Go for a Test Drive

If you’ve found a 1086 tractor that looks good and is in good working order, it’s time for the test drive. This is where you get to see how well the tractor performs and if there are any issues with it.

You should go for a short test drive to ensure the tractor runs smoothly and there aren’t any leaks or drips from the hydraulic system. Also, note how well it handles and if there are any issues with shifting gears or starting up.

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Frequently Asked Questions – 1086 International Harvester Review

What Year Is a 1086 International Tractor?

1086 International Harvester tractors have been manufactured since the 1970s and have become a staple of American farming culture. The 1086 International tractor was first produced in 1976, with production ending in 1981.

Is a 1086 International a Good Tractor?

They’re an excellent tractor with a good strong engine and sound transmission. It sips fuel compared to a John Deere tractor of that era. Hydraulics is its weakest part.

How Much Hp Is the International 1086?

The horsepower of the International 1086 is 130 PTO hp.

Conclusion – 1086 International Harvester Specs and Review

It’s easy to see why the 1086 tractor is so popular with farmers and other agricultural workers. It offers plenty of power and versatility, including extreme durability.

Even if you don’t farm yourself, the classic 1806 International Harvester tractor is still worth considering because it can be used for many different purposes. If you want something that will last forever and perform well under pressure, this is one to think about!

In short: if you want an old tractor that will last for many years and do whatever job you need to be done without complaint, this is it!

As shown above, here’s a summary of the 1086 International Harvester specs:

MakeInternational Harvester
Tractor Model1086
Country of ManufactureUSA
Years in Production1976 to 1981
Tractor TypeRow crop tractor
Chassis 4×2 2WD
Horsepower130.0 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity63 US gallons; 238.5 L
Engine Model & TypeIH DT414; Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Steering typeHydrostatic power
BrakesHydraulic disc
Transmission Model & TypeTorque amplifier; Partial power shift
Weight12,710 lbs. or 5,767 kg
Average Sale Price (Used)$9,675 to $11,241

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